Top 10 Digital Marketing Course in Canada with Placement

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A digital marketing course can provide individuals with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in today's digital world as well as open up a wide range of career opportunities. A digital marketing course can be beneficial in today's time for several reasons:
  • High Demand
  • Cost efficient
  • Wide Range of Career Options
  • Data-Driven
  • Flexibility
  • Remote work opportunities
Also, you will learn about Canada's digital marketing colleges where you may enroll and learn digital marketing courses through a number of them.
If you are approaching learning any skill from abroad and enhancing your skill, then this article is for you. 

1) The Humber College: Humber College is Canada's largest college, including over 33,000 full-time pupils spread over three sites in the Greater Toronto Region. Humber's College of Media and Creative Arts offers a variety of digital certificate, diploma, and degree programs. Students participate in a unique work-integrated teachable moment called BuildingF at its media training hub, where students acquire experience and exposure to industry firms and creatives through a competing pitch process directed by faculty mentors. Humber has a proven track record of assisting students in obtaining job placements and hands-on experience in digital marketing disciplines like social media, media relations, content marketing, and others.

What You'll Discover:
Humber's social media certificate program is a top pick among Course Compare users.


Throughout four sessions, you'll master SEO tools, how to create "link bait," develop and promote site content, marketing approaches for most platforms —, social media analytics, and how to construct effective business plans. Students interested in pursuing a degree, diploma, or certificate program in advertising and marketing, creative advertising, web development, or digital communications can discover a variety of possibilities.
Boost your Skills by learning: Digital Marketing

Table of Contents:
1) The General Assembly
2) The Toronto School of Management (TSoM)
3) Morgan International
4) Jelly Academy
5) Centennial College
6) Cornerstone International Community College
7) George Brown College
8) University of York (School of Continuing Studies)
9) University of Alberta

2) The General Assembly:

General Assembly has swiftly established itself as a global pioneer in interactive digital education from its humble beginnings in 2011. What started as a founder space in midtown Manhattan has grown into a global learning experience with campuses across North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia, as well as over 70,000 alumni worldwide.
GA uses a strong pipeline of industry professionals to teach in-demand digital skills such as data analytics and data science, Python, JavaScript development, UX design, product management, and digital marketing in courses tailored to employer needs. Students may learn and develop their abilities in a variety of ways, including full-time immersion (12 weeks), flex immersion (24 weeks), and part-time programs, both in person as well as online. GA's digital marketing program is suitable for beginners, as there are no qualifications.

What You'll Discover:
Regardless, of course, delivery channels (immersive, flex, or part-time, live or online), GA's digital marketing course provides students with hands-on, project-based training that enables them to execute market strategies, measure and optimize digital performance, and accomplish fluency in vital digital marketing tools such as Google AdWords and Facebook.
Students perform some self-paced pre-work before such a class and learn from presentations, seminars, projects, and hands-on activities. Course topics cover objective-first marketing, consumer insights, social media, sponsored search, SEO, and content strategy. Students are given a real-world marketing scenario for their final project and asked to build and explain a successful marketing plan.
Download these Free EBooks:
1. Introduction to digital marketing
2. Website Planning and Creation

3) The Toronto School of Management (TSoM): This is a business management school in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. This institution offers a variety of degrees such as business, hospitality and tourism, cyber security, data analytics, and digital marketing, to mention a few. This business school is well-known for its extensive course offerings, which are overseen by highly qualified instructors. TSoM has been acknowledged in the industry for its relevancy, diverse course offerings, and career-focused education. The programs feature co-op placement possibilities for students to get the most out of the course. They tend to give courses in a way that maximizes the student's potential.
Course Description:
  • Certificate in Digital Marketing Expert Co-op
  • Duration: Full-time, 24 weeks offline program and 12 weeks Co-op
  • Class times: During the day
  • Fees: $14,495 CDN, with scholarships available.
  • In-depth knowledge of technologies such as WordPress, HTML, CSS, Google AdWords, and Google Analytics
  • Improving Marketing Writing and Content Production
  • Create and optimize campaigns
  • Work Experience in Canada
  • Extra certification in digital marketing
Modules Included:
  • Branding and Marketing Fundamentals
  • SEO Creating a website and Web Development
  • Google Analytics Administration of Social Media Ad Campaigns
  • Campaign Management for Pay Per Click Marketing
  • Job Experience in Copywriting

4) Morgan International:

Morgan International has 25 years of expertise in education delivery and has successfully expanded to span over 32 countries globally. However, one program that they master is the top 5 digital advertising courses in Canada. With the assistance of professionals and enterprises, we provide career-changing solutions. The university has a solid cooperation foundation with several businesses. Their number one aim is to provide excellence by getting their client the greatest at what he does. Individuals and corporations may benefit from developing skills and world-class training solutions.
Course Description:
  • Modules in bite-sized pieces
  • CDMP Overage Fee: CAD 2211. (approx)
  • Includes more than 130 topics
  • There is a certification available.
  • DMI Pro Course Duration: 1 Year 5 Complementary Short Courses
5) Jelly Academy:

It is ranked sixth among our top digital marketing programs in Canada. Founded in 2015, Jelly Academy provides digital marketing training to huge corporates and upskilled its staff in digital marketing. They expanded their program offer to pupils as well as employed people after discovering the great significance of digital marketing and the rising popularity of their course. Their training is now accessible to the public. In select situations, Jelly Academy also provides scholarships. Have a peek at their 6-week digital marketing course curriculum.
Course Outline
  • Google AdWords
  • SEO for Social Media
  • Advertising on Facebook and Instagram
  • Google Analytics Public Relations Course Costs and Length
Their course on digital advertising lasts six weeks, with one session every week. The sessions are held both live and online using Zoom. The course price is $3250 CDN. (Scholarships are awarded based on eligibility).
Features of the Program:
  • Scholarships are available from Industry Expert Faculty.
  • Certificates Available

6) Centennial College:

Centennial College has evolved from a local community college to a global institution during the last 50 years. They prepare their pupils to get jobs and educate them to be tomorrow's leaders. They think their college provides learning without borders as the globe and they have progressed.
Course Outline
  • Content Promotion
  • Study of Web Properties (Strategy, Navigation, and Design)
  • Strategy for Digital Marketing
  • Online Business Models & E-Commerce 
  • Case-Based Learning for Client Acquisition and Conversion Consumer and B2B
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Marketing on Social Media
  • Web Analytics Intelligence Web Advertising
The Connection of Digital Marketing to Entrepreneurship Course Length and Costs:
Centennial College ranks seventh on our ranking of the greatest digital advertising courses in Canada. The course is divided into two semesters, totaling one year. Canadian students must pay a fee of $5,270. (INR 294,000). It is $16,099 for overseas students (INR 898,000).
Highlights of the Program
  • This Course Examines Digital Marketing from the Perspectives of Ubiquitous Access, Customer Engagement, and Media Democratization.
  • This course focuses on digital marketing strategies that are widely recognized as critical to clearly communicating with today's online customers.
  • The course focuses on three interconnected components: digital marketing, direct marketing, and relationship marketing.
7) Cornerstone International Community College:

This institute provides a co-op diploma program in digital marketing that is unique among Canada's leading digital marketing institutes. You spend 6 months on rigorous course material and another 6 months on a full-time work permit! The program is also designed to address current developments in the industry, so it's the whole deal.
Course Bundle:
  • One year (6+6 months) Web Analytics Content Marketing Email Marketing Course
  • SMM Online advertisements (Paid)
  • Enquire with the institute about course fees.
Canada University West:
Canada West provides a robust program in digital marketing training, with 10 unique modules that cater to every specific digital marketing sector. It is one of the most prestigious institutes in Canada for digital marketing training. It's an excellent alternative for students and businesses seeking the top digital marketing training in Canada.
Course Package:
  • SMM Google AdWords & PPC Email Marketing & Web Optimization Content Marketing SEO Strategy and Growth Marketing Course Length 30 hours (flexible learning scheme)
  • Course Fees: CAD 2500

8) George Brown College:

George Brown College, one of Canada's oldest schools, offers a mix of study and hands-on practice. They give students the chance to interact with industry experts in practical research and field training by emphasizing real-world learning. Their industry relationships provide students with the most recent trends and technology in the sector.
Course Outline:
  • Search Marketing Optimization Paid Media Marketing
  • Content Promotion
  • Strategic Marketing Project Analytics for Digital Marketing Strategic Marketing Webinar Series
  • Database Marketing Strategies Applied to Business Communication Marketing Foundations And IMC
  • Welcome to OMNI Channel Marketing Owned Media Marketing Social Media Marketing
Highlights of the Program:
  • Create Strategies for Creating New and/or Improved Products, Ideas, Commodities, and Services to Meet Changing Market Requirements
  • Create a marketing strategy to fulfill the requirements or goals of a company or organization.
  • Create Strategies for the Efficient and Successful Placement/Distribution of Products, Ideas, Goods, and Services in Changing Markets.
  • Create an Integrated Marketing Communications Strategy for a Product, Idea, Item, or Service Based on a Known Market Need or Target
  • Evaluating the Effect of Employing Various Marketing Techniques for a Product, Idea, Item, and/or Service on an Organization's Finances, Return on Investment (ROI), and Business Objectives
Determine the feasibility of a concept, product, good, and/or service in a local, national, or international market. George Brown College is ranked #8 on our ranking of the best digital marketing courses in Canada. The training is available for twelve months and costs USD 4,331.
9) University of York (School of Continuing Studies):

This university's digital marketing certification is thorough and straightforward. While the course is delivered online, it is designed to meet the hectic schedules of both students and professionals. The course also includes a tonne of webinar content and certificates, rounding out its attractiveness as one of Canada's finest digital marketing institutions.
Digital Marketing Certification Program Course Bundle
  • SEM Automation Fundamentals
  • Course Cost Enquire with the institute for additional details.
  • 6 months course duration (Part-Time instruction)
  • Fundamentals
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10) University of Alberta:

The University of Alberta, situated in the regional capital of Edmonton, is a top-ranked institution with a reputation for educational leadership. Together, U of A instructors have earned more coveted 3M National Teaching Fellowships for excellence in higher ed than any other university in Canada. The University of Alberta's Department of Extension has launched six new technological certificate programs in high-demand fields such as full-stack development, Python, and digital marketing. In 2021, digital marketing students acquired valuable real-world experience through a collaborative initiative with municipal and provincial governments in which students served as digital marketing advisers to local companies impacted by the ongoing epidemic. There are no requirements for Alberta's digital marketing degree.
What You'll Discover:
The digital marketing certificate program comprises five 12-hour courses that may be completed entirely online and on your own time. Digital marketing methods, analytics, and reporting are among the core courses, as is a capstone project that requires students to apply their knowledge by developing and carrying out a real-world digital marketing campaign. Courses can also be taken in any sequence, except the capstone project, which is completed last.
After that, students select three of five optional courses, including integrated marketing strategy, intellectual property and copyright, and eCommerce sales and marketing. The risk management and crisis response course is a one-of-a-kind service in which students learn best practices for identifying, planning for, and mitigating possible risks to online business and social media.
  Course Compare users like Humber's social media certificate program. You'll learn SEO tools, how to produce "link bait," how to create and market site content, advertising tactics for most platforms —, analytics for social media, and how to establish effective business strategies over the course of four hours. Students who want to pursue a degree, diploma, or certificate program in advertising and marketing, innovative advertising, web development, or internet technology can do so.

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Is there a significant need for digital marketing in Canada?

In compared to other businesses, digital marketing is completely thriving in the Canadian employment market right now. According to the Canadian employment opportunities web, it has outstanding job openings in all of Canada's main cities.

Is there a competent career in digital marketing in Canada?

In the Canadian job market, digital marketing is in great demand. Learning digital marketing and working as a digital marketer might help you become a skilled professional and move to Canada.

What is the finest form of digital marketing course?

  • Google Universal Analytics Training is essential.
  • Small Company Social Media Marketing.
  • Specialist in digital marketing.
  • Wise People's Internet Marketing.
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Digital Marketing.
  • Marketing and digital media.

What exactly are digital marketing placements?

A placement can relate to a complete website, certain pages from a website, an individual ad unit placed on a single page, a video, a mobile phone app, and other things.

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