Top 12 Google Digital Marketing Career: Job Roles, Career Opportunities, Eligibility, and Salary 

Priya Bawa

She has started her career as a Content Writer and writes on blogs related to career.

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Digital marketing has been critical in closing the gap between end users and enterprises. Statista reports that 658 million individuals are currently using the internet. Developing a profession in online marketing and becoming a digital marketer has also been one of the most popular job options in recent years. Before we get into the many occupations in online marketing, let us first define digital marketing. 
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Table of Content:
Google Digital Marketing
What Exactly Does a Digital Marketer Do?
How Do You Get Started in Online Marketing?
Google Digital Marketing Career
Digital Marketing Qualifications
Excellent Causes to Work in Digital Marketing
Working Hours
Google Digital Marketing:

The online program, certified by the Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe as well as the Open University, teaches the principles of internet advertising. There have been 26 courses to study, all designed by Google trainers and jam-packed with practical activities and order to ensure the accuracy to help you transform knowledge into action.

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  • Obtaining a certificate demonstrates to companies that you have a thorough knowledge of the fundamental ideas of digital marketing.


    You may also include the degree in your CV and quickly add it to your LinkedIn page.
  • A degree demonstrates that you have good digital abilities and are eager to learn: two important attributes in the business. Having these attributes might increase your chances of landing the position you want.
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What Exactly Does a Digital Marketer Do?

As previously said, understanding the significance and necessity of internet advertising for business success is critical. We'll have a greater understanding of the importance and function of digital marketers once we comprehend this. A digital marketer is in charge of spreading the word about a brand in the marketplace. To raise brand recognition and create leads, they employ a wide range of digital media. The company's website, as well as social media sites such as Google, Twitter, and Facebook, are examples of digital channels.
How Do You Get Started in Online Marketing?

The first and most important thing to remember is that Digital Marketing somehow doesn't demand a unique degree or a specialized graduate background. However, a basic understanding of digital marketing and how a business works is necessary. There are various firms that provide long-term and short-term digital marketing courses both online and offline. Select the best digital marketing course for your needs, time, and price.
Google Digital Marketing Career:

1) Search Engine Optimization Job Opportunities (SEO)

Many of us are well-versed in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) because of the hoopla around it. Those involved in SEO must deal with the procedures that impact the exposure of a page or a website in the unpaid results returned by a search engine. According to current trends, implementing organic SEO strategies in conjunction with a PPC campaign boosts the predicted click rate by 25%, while increasing the annual profit rate by 27%. According to these developments, there are several career prospects in the SEO industry. The annual compensation for an SEO Manager is 353,396.
2) Specialist in Content Marketing

A Content Marketing Expert customizes the brand's narrative in a distinctive and engaging manner in order to catch the audience's attention and manages all key digital media outlets for content broadcasting, including blogging, social networking sites, ads, website, and far more.
3) Managers of Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

These marketing experts optimize PPC campaigns by budgeting, phrase selection, copy optimization, thorough search methods, and so on. PPC managers are required to manage a wide range of ad formats, including Google Display, Bing advertisements, or other commercial search engine advertisements. Overall, they execute plans for their customers and support activities that help them achieve their objectives. The salary and demand for PPC managers make it one of the top-paying digital marketing professions in India. The annual remuneration is Rs 10,48,883.

4) Web Designer

A web developer is required to be up to speed on the many coding languages used and to have the artistic ability to construct a functioning and appealing webpage for the business. A good web developer examines customer requirements to ensure that the content, visuals, and navigation deliver a favourable user experience. A web developer must have a comprehension of computer software, HTML code, and visual design in order to construct a website that provides the greatest user experience while also meeting corporate objectives. In today's digital environment, it is one of several in-demand digital marketing abilities.
A Web developer with a little less than a year of experience may anticipate an entrance digital advertising salary of 2 lakhs per year in India, while individuals with more than 2-3 years of expertise can earn 3-5 lakhs per year in India.

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5) E-Commerce Expert

Over the last several years, e-commerce has grown into one of the highest-paying digital advertising occupations in the world, providing merchants with a viable choice. Since there is no requirement for physical space, a significant portion of the overhead expenditures may be saved. The majority of big companies adopt the omnichannel approach, which combines traditional advertising efforts with an internet presence.
However, in light of COVID-19, all firms have had to reassess their approach. It is currently one of the highest-paying roles in digital marketing. Due to the strong and growing demand, e-commerce professionals today occupy some of the highest-paying roles for e-commerce specialists in India. E-commerce specialists are adept at positioning the necessary buttons and creating acceptable product descriptions. Companies may increase conversion rates and improve the customer experience by doing so.
Workers also collaborate with cross-functional teams to develop lead generation and sales objectives. An E-Commerce Specialist's average annual salary is Rs 3,00,000 (beginning); Rs 10,86,571.
6) Expert in Brand Marketing

As consumers and companies increase their online presence, it is becoming increasingly important to invest time and money in digital brand design. Businesses can no anymore escape receiving unfavourable product reviews or poor customer service. Digital media also provides several opportunities for engagement and storytelling. An organization's story communicates its ideals to its target market via its social media and website channels. As a result, it is up to brand marketing experts to apply their creativity to ignite the attention and persuade the purchase intents of your target population. To perform these jobs, they must have a sharp eye for detail as well as good communication skills. A brand that is consistent with the overall vision and company plan has the potential to persuade and gain the confidence of your prospects. A Brand Marketing Expert's annual salary is Rs. 10,77,700.
7) Copywriter

A copywriter's employment responsibilities are extensive. If you need to be a copywriter, you should indeed be prepared to collaborate with a large number of individuals on the digital marketing team. The copywriter may assist the content team in improving the quality of their material, the social media manager in posting better words on social media platforms, and the search engine marketer in writing better ad copy. Content has become one of the most sought-after Digital Marketing employment possibilities in India.
8) Marketing on Social Media

Social media managers promote companies on social media platforms such as Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, and others.
Marketing teams develop marketing strategies, videos, and images, as well as research consumer habits, in order to focus on the right people. It's a job that includes authoring, graphics, and project planning, and it frequently requires working after hours to respond to incoming communications. It is necessary to have past knowledge of online marketing and community engagement.
9) Graphic designers

It creates designs by hand or through digital technologies to present concepts that educate, enlighten, and attract clients. They design and lay out a diverse range of applications, such as advertisements, brochures, periodicals, and business reports. Education Requirements: Experience with a variety of digital branding tools and strategies, as well as a bachelor's degree in graphic design or a similar discipline, are frequently necessary. Strong visualization abilities, originality, attention to detail, and typographic skills are required.
10) Analyst in Marketing

Marketing analysts employ advanced analytics and report on a variety of market criteria to assist assure the efficacy of natural and paid activities. Marketing study and analysis are at the heart of any organization's business. Managing finances - your own and others - is the stuff of fantasies, and it has historically been one of India's most profitable digital professions. They must have good quantitative skills, statistical knowledge, and experience with data visualization. A Brand Marketing Expert's annual salary is Rs. 4,63,560.
11) Digital Project Managers

Digital project managers are in charge of designing, conducting, and reviewing digital marketing programs from start to completion. This involves creating timetables, collaborating with group members, and keeping projects on schedule and under budget. A bachelor's degree in program management, internet marketing, or a similar discipline is frequently necessary. Excellent project management skills, analytical abilities, and attention to detail are required.
12) Marketers who use Inbound Marketing

This sector is concerned with drawing users in rather than marketers going out to attract prospects' attention. With the aid of intriguing content, it captures clients' attention and lures them to the website. An Inbound Marketer's annual compensation typically varies between 4 and 6 lacs.
  • Look at new internet media possibilities that may be beneficial to the company, such as smartphones, social networking sites, and the establishment of blogs and discussion boards.
  • Offering clients and firm management precise statistics and analysis to demonstrate effective return on investment (ROI)
  • design and send campaigns for email advertising
  • employ web analytics tools to monitor client website performance and give suggestions for better
  • generate and upload content for the organization's website
  • Conduct keyword analysis and report on-site data to help with social media interaction and awareness of the brand campaigns
  • create website banners and help with web aesthetics
Digital Marketing Qualifications
  • Amazing attention to detail
  • Should be able to manage many tasks at once.
  • 2+ years of digital marketing experience Experience implementing sponsored social media campaigns
  • Problem-solving abilities
  • Understanding of content management systems
  • Bachelor's degree in advertising or business experience with video and image editing tools such as Adobe
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Excellent Causes to Work in Digital Marketing
It is simple to begin a career
There are no prerequisites for launching a career in online marketing. When you have the necessary abilities, you may simply begin a profession. Attending a digital advertising school is the greatest approach to mastering the abilities. Many folks I know are not in junior high yet are making seven figures. In digital marketing, no formal education is necessary. You may begin a career in this sector whether you're in high school, college, or working. This is the reason online marketing is a viable career option.
The World is Transitioning to a Digital
This point will assist you if you are concerned about the stability of your career. Tell me however many hours you spent on your phone each day. The typical individual spends almost 5 hours each day on their phones. This demonstrates that we are all going toward a digital economy. Because every brand today needs a digital marketer, online marketing is going to stay. This is not a six-month job. It will endure for several years. This is why online marketing is a viable career for you.
There are no Geographical Constraints
There are no geographical boundaries in digital marketing. There are equal opportunities whether you reside in a rural or a tier 1 metropolis. You may work with overseas clients while sitting at home. The entire project is done on a single laptop and PC. You may have observed that many organizations now enable employees to work from home. If you want to establish a business in online marketing, you may do so without leaving your house.
Working Hours:

They are usually 37 to 40 hrs a week, with hours increasing during huge marketing strategies and special projects. There is a part-time job available. Brief agreements are also possible, usually through staffing firms. Considering the relevance and significance of online advertisement for business growth, as previously said, is vital. Once we grasp this, we will have a better appreciation for the significance and role of digital marketers. A digital marketer is in responsible of disseminating data about a company in the marketplace. They use a variety of digital channels to increase brand recognition and generate leads. Digital channels include the company's website as well as social media outlets such as Google, Twitter, and Facebook.


Will I obtain a job at Google after studying digital marketing?

Minimum requirements: To be considered for this position, candidates must have a bachelor's or comparable practical experience, as well as 5 years of expertise in internet advertising, sales, and/or multi-functional project quality management with experiences shared.

Which career position in digital marketing pays the most?

The highest-paying digital marketing position in India is Digital Marketing Manager. A online marketing manager's responsibilities include designing multi-channel business models and voting on marketing efforts for various businesses based on their service or item.

What qualifications are required for digital marketing?

Essentially, Indian candidates should have graduated (10+2+3) from a reputed educational institution/university in any field before enrolling in online courses provided by Indian colleges and universities.

How could a 12th degree engage in digital marketing?

Candidates who want to pursue digital marketing just after 12th grade can enrol in UG courses for a three-year duration. There are also various sorts of courses, such as a certification that lasts six months and a diploma that lasts one year.

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