How Artificial Intelligence helped T.V. increase pageviews 63% from Twitter: A Case Study

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is a vast subject of computer science concerned with developing intelligent machines capable of doing tasks that would ordinarily need human intellect. While AI is an interdisciplinary discipline with many techniques, advances in machine learning and deep learning in particular are causing a paradigm change in almost every sector of the IT industry. Artificial intelligence enables robots to mimic, if not outperform, the skills and abilities of the human mind. AI is quickly becoming an integral component of everyday life — and a sector in which organizations of all sorts are investing. From self-driving cars to the rise of generating AI tools like ChatGPT and Google's Bard. Boost your Skills by learning: Digital Marketing
Table of Contents:
1) AI is altering the way you watch television
2) Where AI live production may be found

AI is altering the way you watch television:
  • Home entertainment is being transformed: Humans now interact with their future robot rulers on a regular basis thanks to Siri, Google Assistant, Cortana, and Alexa.

    Source: Safalta

    Human-computer interaction is a blossoming new sector for the use of AI, and it's an important component of the latest home entertainment technology. We used to wait for DVDs to come in the mail or trek through the snow to our local Blockbuster, but today's viewers spend just 60 to 90 seconds browsing for anything to watch. Traditional TV stations are increasingly streaming the internet to stay relevant, and streaming services on the internet have become the norm for a fast-rising audience. AI algorithms on big cable networks, such as HBO, will most certainly propose new series in the same manner that Netflix connects viewers to its library of titles, providing personalized entertainment to the vast majority of viewers across all networks and providers. Human-computer interaction is already altering the DVR, your home entertainment system's supercomputer. For example, Dish Network's Hopper DVR is Alexa-compatible, allowing you to order your favorite episode of Black Mirror while you're preparing dinner. The next generation of DVRs may potentially use machine learning to record episodes entirely based on your watching tastes, removing the need to search for anything.
  • The world is being taken over by AI: The applications of artificial intelligence appear to be unlimited. Morgan's creators recently requested IBM's Watson to analyze 100 horror movie trailers and utilize the visual and audio data to choose moments for the video, saving hours of work and input for human editors.  AI is gaining creative power in fields ranging from journalism to advertising, gradually replacing human features in all forms of media. Soon, AI may serve as the foundation for user-customized virtual reality situations, interactive computer programming, and novel postproduction techniques. The technology is causing quite a stir in the business. "If you can teach somebody your job in a matter of days, it will be automated [via machine learning]," says Philip Hodgetts, creator of two firms that use artificial intelligence in the entertainment industry. AI might have far-reaching implications beyond your Netflix homepage. Because big data is prevalent in practically every industry, the technology can be utilized to enhance nearly everything we deal with on a daily basis. This new era of integrated AI is just around the next bend, and most of us have already contributed to the equation with our own data. Health care, the global warming epidemic, transportation, and scientific discovery are all undergoing transformations thanks to AI and ML, and the revolution will be broadcast live.
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Where AI live production may be found:
AI technology is not yet developed enough to be employed for high-value output at this time. However, it does have the potential for low-cost broadcasting. A virtual multi-camera setup might be used instead of a low-cost one-camera broadcast. Panel discussions, vloggers, and other live broadcasts might benefit from this. This technology, with some modification, may be utilized for live acts like comedy, music, and even sports coverage.
  • Sophisticated facial and speech recognition technology: Face recognition technologies are being utilized to aid in the cataloging of performers in various television series. AI advancements enable greater detection even in situations where low illumination or unclear angles would previously make recognition impossible. Speech recognition may also be used to catalog news stories. Currently, the program can auto-transcribe standard broadcast speech. However, it continues to struggle with some interviews in which the person is speaking quicker or less coherently.
  • Using AI to find news: The Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) created a smart production system. This is intended to scour social media and environmental monitoring systems for newsworthy events. These are then categorized so that the production team can access high-frequency reports. The device may also monitor water levels from government systems and send out alerts in the event of severe rain or flooding.
  • Other uses of AI in broadcast: The applications of AI and machine learning in broadcast are continually developing in order to improve the user experience. AI is also being utilized to accelerate the process of recoloring black-and-white film. It makes use of archive material as well as color information from related frames. This reduces the time required to colorize five seconds of footage from 30 minutes to 30 seconds. In the March 2020 issue of the SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal, you can learn more about the firms that are employing AI in video production.
Artificial intelligence (AI) is a broad field of computer science concerned with creating intelligent computers capable of doing activities that would normally need human intelligence. While AI is a multidisciplinary field with several methodologies, breakthroughs in machine learning and deep learning in particular are driving a paradigm shift in practically every sector of the IT industry. Robots can emulate, if not exceed, the human mind's capabilities and capacities thanks to artificial intelligence. AI is increasingly becoming an essential component of daily life — and an area in which businesses of all sizes are investing. From self-driving vehicles to the advent of AI tools like ChatGPT and Google's Bard, the future is bright.

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How does Twitter employ artificial intelligence?

An AI system predicts which tweets a user would be interested in the most. Twitter analyses millions of tweets every second using natural language processing (NLP) and tweet-ranking algorithms. It improves over time in predicting which tweets the user would find most interesting.

What impact is artificial intelligence having on the television industry?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly significant in the broadcast industry. AI helps broadcasters to make better informed decisions, increase productivity, and develop innovative new experiences for their audiences.

How can artificial intelligence help social media?

AI's Social Media Advantages, Making the social media environment more friendly in order to identify hostile or unlawful content. Obtaining client feelings in order to identify good and negative comments or postings. Based on user data, displaying targeted advertising to users who are most likely to engage with a brand.

Who should you follow on Twitter if you're interested in artificial intelligence?

Marcus Ramsey (@themarcusramsey) is a Twitter user. was founded by @themarcusramsey. He offers his knowledge in AI, business, and technology through his newsletter and Twitter account.

What technologies is employed by Twitter?

Framework for technology, The Ruby on Rails framework is used to power the Twitter online interface. Twitter messages are handled with software developed in the Scala programming language. The framework enables other online services and apps to interface with and collaborate with Twitter.

What are the advantages of artificial intelligence in the entertainment industry?

The Role of AI in Entertainment
AI algorithms may be used to create new types of content, such as virtual reality experiences, interactive video games, and personalised news articles. AI may also help human producers with jobs like video editing, sound design, and special effects.

What are the benefits of artificial intelligence in the entertainment industry?

Personalization: AI systems may analyse user data to provide personalised movie, TV programme, and music recommendations. This assists entertainment organisations in retaining consumers and increasing customer engagement with their content. Artificial intelligence can produce material for the entertainment business.

What is a social media example of artificial intelligence?

LinkedIn use artificial intelligence to provide job suggestions, identify individuals you might want to connect with, and serve you particular content in your feed. Snapchat uses computer vision, an AI technology, to detect your characteristics and overlay filters that move in real-time with your face.

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