How to Run Linkedin Ads for the Client: Step By Step

Priya Bawa

She has started her career as a Content Writer and writes on blogs related to career.

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LinkedIn Ads is a paid marketing solution that provides users with access to LinkedIn social networking platforms via sponsored posts and other means. Linkedin Ads is a powerful advertising tool for B2B companies that helps them produce leads, increase online exposure, market data, and more. Companies must employ LinkedIn marketing to expand in the professional market, and LinkedIn Ads increase the company's visibility on the site. LinkedIn advertising provides several advantages to businesses, including the chance to enhance sales, employ great individuals, and be a part of an industry's social media presence. Being a member of LinkedIn might help you develop organically online. Boost your Skills by learning: Digital Marketing
Table of Content:
How to Run Linkedin Ads for the Client:

How to Run Linkedin Ads for the Client:
1) Make a Business Page as well as a Campaign Manager Account:
Creating a page dedicated to the animated company is a fantastic idea.

Source: Safalta

It makes you appear more competent and experienced while enabling you to carefully personalize everything for your business. If you don't believe you need a corporate page, you may run advertisements from your personal account; nevertheless, we highly advise you to develop a separate LinkedIn profile for your brand.

A LinkedIn Page allows LinkedIn members to discover more about your company, goods, services, and job openings. It enables you to communicate with LinkedIn members as a company and share links to your internet presence or landing page. The LinkedIn system where you can build advertising is known as Campaign Manager. Campaign Manager is the LinkedIn platform through which you can design, execute, and manage all of your LinkedIn advertising. After signing in, select Create Campaign and provide the essential parameters like the company line, campaign type, area, campaign ID, and ad period.

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2) Select Your Ad Objective:
Every campaign must have a goal. The first stage in goal-based advertising is to choose an aim. LinkedIn uses your aim to simplify and customize your campaign. An aim is the action you want your target audience to do after viewing your advertisement. An instance of a goal would be awareness of the brand, in which you strive to raise awareness of your brand and enlighten your audience about what you stand for. This is measured by the number of LinkedIn impressions you make.

Consideration is another instance of an aim. When you choose contemplation as your goal, you want your ad to generate website visits, interactions, or video views. It encourages your target audience to discover more about your company. Another option is to choose conversion as an aim. This goal focuses on creating leads and measuring website movements. Lead generation, site transformation, and job candidates fall within this category. Lead generation efforts often outperform Sponsored Content initiatives, but the outcome is still dependent on the type of content you advertise for the aim you pick.
3) Define Your Target Market:
Before you begin running LinkedIn advertisements, consider whom you would like to attract so that you can tailor your ad to their employment, requirements, and interests. Due to its precise targeting possibilities, LinkedIn is 277% more successful than other social networking networks in generating sales leads. If you want to see results, you must target your advertisements.

Ads succeed better when they are targeted and relevant. Choose your target audience's region and language, then select from a variety of audience categories such as your target audience's company name, size of business, position, job seniority skills, gender, age, member educational institutions, and more.
4) Select a Linked-In Ad Format:
You may create a LinkedIn ad using Text Ads, Sponsored Content Ads, Dynamic Ads, or Message Ads. The format you pick will be determined by the sort of material you want to display and the objectives you are seeking to accomplish.
  • Advertisements for sponsored content
  • Video advertisements
  • Ads with a single picture
  • Text advertisements
  • Carousel advertisements
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5) Establish Your Campaign Budget and Timetable:
After you've decided on your target demographic and ad type, you'll need to determine your budget and timeline. Don't be overly conservative with your budget. The greater the number of individuals you can reach, the greater the growth you can drive and assess. LinkedIn recommends testing with at least $100 per day.

There are three alternatives available to you: When you run Message Ads, you pay per send (CPS). You pay for every message that is sent to your intended audience. CPC is typically used for creating leads and other action-oriented advertising. When brand recognition is your aim, cost per impression (CPM) is employed. After selecting the option that corresponds to your ad format, you will be prompted to enter the amount you are ready to pay. Simply enter your daily budget as well as the start and finish dates of your campaign.
6) Analyze Your LinkedIn Ad:
When your LinkedIn ad is online, you can view its performance in the Campaign Manager. Statistics on your LinkedIn ad's impressions, clicks, budget, and so on will be available. Analyzing the success of your advertising will help you make them more effective by seeing what works and what doesn't. You may modify your advertising, change your targeting and budgets, and change the content of your ads based on how well they perform with your target demographic.

Three Girls Media recommends changing your advertising on a regular basis (at least once a month) since fresh LinkedIn ads acquire a greater number of views than old ones. This type of technique will assist you in maintaining a high click-through rate and allowing more people to read your content. This type of strategy will assist you in maintaining a high click-through rate, increasing the number of people who view your adverts, and finally increasing your conversions.
LinkedIn Ads is an advertising expenses solution that gives users access to the LinkedIn network of social platforms through sponsored postings and other methods. Linkedin Ads is a strong advertising platform for B2B enterprises that assists them in generating leads, increasing internet visibility, gathering market data, and more.

To gain a foothold in the business market, businesses must use LinkedIn marketing, and LinkedIn Ads boost the company's exposure on the site. LinkedIn advertising offers various benefits to organizations, including the opportunity to increase sales, hire exceptional people, and be a part of a sector's social media presence. Being a LinkedIn member may help you grow organically online.

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How does LinkedIn display advertisements?

On Linkedin, dynamic advertisements are dynamically personalised ads that may be viewed by your target demographic. Dynamic advertisements may be used to raise the number of followers on your company page and the number of views on organic content provided on the site.

Which LinkedIn ad format is the most effective?

LinkedIn Sponsored Content is by far the most popular and commonly utilised ad format on LinkedIn. It is quite simple to get set up. You only need an image banner and ad copy on either side of the banner to get started.

What is the bare minimum for LinkedIn ads?

The cost of LinkedIn advertising is determined by numerous factors, notably the target consumers, campaign aim, and bid. LinkedIn advertising, on average, cost $8-11 per click, $33.80 for 1000 perceptions, and $0.50-$1 per send.

What is the bare minimum for LinkedIn ads?

If possible, we recommend setting a daily budget of $25 - $50 per campaign. The reason for this is that if you spend less than this, you frequently do not collect enough data to draw relevant conclusions.

What is the bare minimum for LinkedIn ads?

At the absolute least, you may begin using LinkedIn advertisements with a budget of $500 to $1,000. However, in order for it to be an efficient use of spend, you need already have a solid amount of traffic to the website and utilise the LinkedIn ad spend only for retargeting.

Does LinkedIn advertising work?

Boost conversions.
Many people believe that LinkedIn advertising are solely useful for raising awareness, but nothing could be farther from the reality. LinkedIn advertising in the United States have a 6.1% conversion rate on average. This is more than double the 2.58% Google search rate.

What is the size of a LinkedIn ad?

The maximum file size is 10 MB. The maximum picture size is 4320 × 4320 pixels. Individual picture specifications should be 1080 by 1080px with a 1:1 aspect ratio.

For how much time should a LinkedIn advertisement run?

To assess the platform's usefulness, we suggest maintaining LinkedIn Ads for *at least* the same amount of time as your sales cycle (3 months minimum).

How do I control LinkedIn advertisements?

Configure Your LinkedIn Ads
  • At the top of your LinkedIn homepage, click the Me symbol.
  • In the left rail, choose Advertising data
  • Choose Settings & Privacy via the dropdown menu.


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