The Top Restaurant Digital Marketing Trends in 2023

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Restaurant marketing is growing increasingly popular (and difficult) in today's environment. To begin with, the amount of companies that are coming online is increasing at an exponential rate as individuals develop more faith in reviews online and orders. Furthermore, restaurant operators must devise novel methods of gathering data and attracting new clients. And without researching restaurant marketing trends, you're simply guessing.
Fortunately for both sides, we are ready to dive into a collection of product ideas that will satisfy both you and the foodies that frequent your establishment. From sanitation to online presence, here are the top ten restaurant digital marketing trends to watch in 2023. Boost your Skills by learning: Digital Marketing
Table of Content:
1) Make use of WiFi Advertising and Statistics
2) Guest decisions are influenced by online reviews
3) Customer Service
4) Safety and Hygiene
5) Marketing on Social Media
6) Chatbots for Restaurants
7) Email Marketing for Restaurants

Make use of WiFi Advertising and Statistics:
WiFi marketing and analytics are one of the quickest marketing methods in the restaurant industry.

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This guide has already covered WiFi marketing multiple times. A WiFi advertising and analysis platform, such as Bloom Intelligence, can essentially power every approach on this list. WiFi advertising should be at the forefront of your mind when determining how to sell a business. The system will be able to detect every visitor that enters your business premises with a connected home by utilizing your current WiFi access points. This will represent a sizable proportion of your attendees.
You will have real-time (and historical) footfall analytics like dwell periods and return visitors. This is true even if they do not connect to your WiFi. Should they connect to your WiFi, a full customer profile encompassing the guest's data and activity will be created. This file includes contact info, sociodemographic characteristics, and all of their previous activity. Over time, you'll amass a client base of thousands, if not millions, of genuine guests. The list may be sorted, sorted, and examined to determine your ideal client and the best visitors. The divided lists may then be used to send targeted, automatic marketing messages, boosting ROI while cutting expenses.

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Guest decisions are influenced by online reviews:
As previously stated, 28% of visitors indicated Facebook influences their decision to pick one restaurant over the other and. Friends and family to have the most effect on restaurant visitors' decision-making – 88% of guests stated they chose a restaurant based on suggestions from all those closest to them. However, internet reviews have the second greatest effect on guest selections, with 35% of guests indicating that online reviews influence where they order and eat out. Because online evaluations can make or break a restaurant — according to a Harvard Business School study, a one-star raise on Yelp may improve sales by 5-9% — it's critical to manage your online review accounts and respond to guest reviews and feedback.
Customer Service:
Among the greatest restaurant marketing tactics is to examine your consumer service methods and alter or improve them.
Safety and Hygiene:
Should we even emphasize the importance of cleanliness and hygiene in food-related establishments? Especially in the event of an epidemic! This is a popular issue right now. Concerns extend past hand sanitizer and masks. 90% of Americans regard hygiene to be one of the most important considerations in determining whether or not to return to a location.
  • Accepting all forms of hygiene:
Sanitation standards are growing and changing. You can't just wash the dirt off the countertops multiple times a day. UV sterilization and other types of air and surface cleaning are being adopted, raising hygiene to new heights.
  • Cleansing practices are being implemented at every turn:
To even further reinforce their image, numerous restaurants are creating and implementing cleaning practices across their establishments, trying to take care of both their personnel and their customers.
Marketing on Social Media:
Social media platforms are a crucial marketing avenue for all types of businesses, including restaurant marketing. Many guests may check for restaurants on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to get a sense of what to anticipate from the restaurant before making a reservation. The hotel's social media campaigns might contain photographs of your cuisine as well as video marketing content. This may include video restaurant tours or a glimpse behind the scenes at how the kitchen works. You may also share content marketing links, including blog posts.
Telephone numbers and, if feasible, menus should be included on your social media accounts. You can also utilize the channels to communicate with customers, monitor reviews, reply to recommendations or criticism, give answers, and highlight some of your more detailed brand values because then social media users have a good idea of what your restaurant is about.
Chatbots for Restaurants:
No restaurant digital marketing topic would be complete without even a section on restaurant chatbots. AI chatbots have gotten increasingly sophisticated in recent years, and their use has spread across all areas of the hospitality business. A restaurant chatbot is a software program that mimics a human operator by utilizing machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies. They can answer basic queries, give information, and point consumers in the direction of the services they require.
When personnel is absent, chatbots may manage bookings, take food orders, and give live customer assistance. As visitors place orders, they may push special discounts, recommend things, and upsell. Chatbots may also be used to ask inquiries and as part of a character management plan. 
Restaurant chatbots play a significant part in the industry, saving companies and consumers both money and time whilst allowing restaurants to provide 24 hour customer care.

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Email Marketing for Restaurants:
Example of a Restaurant Marketing Newsletter
You're wasting money if you're not compiling a client list with contact information. Set up a form on your website where visitors and future guests may sign up to receive a newsletter and special deals. This, paired with email collection from online buying, WiFi registrations, and bookings, allows you to quickly establish a big consumer database. Then, send out weekly emails, messages, or promotions with relevant, appealing information on a regular basis. To persuade readers to attend, several restaurants may provide coupons or specials in their newsletters.
Newsletters are an excellent method of restaurant email campaigns. It is critical to maintaining consistency. If you decide to send emails on a monthly basis, ensure sure they are sent on the same day each month. Make an effort to get as many email campaign customers as possible. Consider offering a complimentary dessert to all new customers as an incentive. Also, make the sign-up form as visible as practicable on every website or visitor engagement point.
In today's atmosphere, restaurant marketing is becoming increasingly popular (and tough). To begin with, the number of businesses that are emerging online is expanding at an exponential rate as people place greater trust in online reviews and orders. Furthermore, restaurant owners and operators must develop creative techniques of collecting data and recruiting new customers. And you're just guessing if you don't investigate restaurant marketing trends.
Fortunately for both parties, we are ready to dig into a selection of new products that will please you as well as the foodies that visit your restaurant. Here are the top 10 restaurant trends in digital marketing to watch in 2023, ranging from sanitation to internet presence.

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What is the restaurant company's future?

In 2022, total foodservice sector sales will reach $898 billion. Taking each sector into account, full-service restaurants are expected to generate $289 billion in sales in 2022, a 10.9% rise from 2021. The limited-service category is expected to reach $355 billion in 2022, a 7.9% growth over 2021.

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