CBSE 12th English Syllabus 2022 (Term 2) PDF Download

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Check out the CBSE English Class 12th Term-2 Syllabus For 2022 Board exams here at

Class 12 English Term 2 Syllabus 2022: the Central board of secondary education (CBSE) releases the English syllabus for Class 12 Term 2 2022-2023. This academic year, the class 12 board exams will be administered by the CBSE in two terms, Term-I and Term-II. On this page, students can find out the entire syllabus for Class 12 English (Term 1 and 2). Language papers, such as English, have the same weight as other subjects in terms of marks. Therefore, students shouldn't disregard them and should begin their English preparation with other course books. You can refer to the NCERT books. Since English questions are simpler than those in other disciplines, this factor can help candidates increase their total percentage. We have covered every aspect of the English Term I and Term II syllabus in this article. Term I and Term II of the Class 12 English exams are 80 marks, or 40 marks each.

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Moreover, speaking and listening skills hold 20 marks, 10 for each term. The Class 12th syllabus for the academic year 2021-22 has been issued by the CBSE. On April 26, 2022, term 2 examinations for classes 10th and 12th began. This article contains the CBSE Class 12 English Syllabus 2022 for Term 2. The most important and one of the highest-scoring subjects on the class 12th board exams in English. As a result, the learner should not overlook this subject. The student must know the entire syllabus of the disciplines in order to prepare an effective preparation approach. The CBSE 12th English Syllabus PDF is available for download here. They can also look at the links for the top books for CBSE Class 12th board test preparation. Join Safalta School Online and prepare for Board Exams under the guidance of our expert faculty. Our online school aims to help students prepare for Board Exams by ensuring that students have conceptual clarity in all the subjects and are able to score their maximum in the exams. 

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CBSE 12th English Syllabus 2021-22 (Term 2): CBSE Board Exam 2022

The CBSE 12TH English Syllabus is given below in the table and you can access it in details from the PDF Link given at the end of this article-
CBSE 12th English Syllabus 2022 (Term 2): CBSE 12th English Board Exam 2022

Reading Comprehension: (Two Passages)


(8+6 Marks)

Unseen passage (factual, descriptive or literary/ discursive, or persuasive)

Case-Based Unseen (Factual) Passage

Creative Writing Skills:


(3 + 5 Marks)

Short Writing Tasks

- Formal & Informal Invitation Cards or the Replies to Invitation/s

Long Writing Tasks(One)
- Letter of Application for a Job
- Report Writing


18 Marks

(11 Marks for Flamingo + 7 Marks for Vistas)

Questions based on extracts/texts to assess comprehension and appreciation, analysis, inference, extrapolation

Book-Flamingo (Prose)

- The Rattrap

- Indigo

Book-Flamingo (Poetry)

- A Thing of Beauty

- Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers

Book-Vistas (Prose)

- Should Wizard Hit Mommy?

- On the Face of It

- Evans Tries an O Level





Grand Total

40 + 10 = 50

Download the complete CBSE 12TH English Syllabus for term-2 from the following link-



Prescribed Books

  1. Flamingo: English Reader published by National Council of Education Research and Training, New Delhi
  2. Vistas: Supplementary Reader published by National Council of Education Research and Training, New Delhi

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What is syllabus in English grammar?

A grammatical syllabus is based on a language's structures. It can be contrasted with other types of syllabi that are organised around tasks, vocabulary, functions, or topics.

Reading Comprehension comprises of how many marks ?

14 marks

Literature Comprehension comprises of how many marks ?

18 marks

How can I get full marks in English 12?

Tips and Tricks to Score 100% Marks in English Literature Section C Class 10
  1. Identify the Name of Lesson.
  2. Identify the Name of Author/Poet/Dramatist.
  3. Read the given extract carefully.
  4. Identify key words/key concept.
  5. Identify the speaker/character.
  6. Recall the theme of poem/prose lesson.

How can I study for English exam?

  1. Understand the content and format of the exam. 
  2. Concentrate on your flaws. 
  3. Make a study schedule (right now!) that works for you. 
  4. With the help of a tutor, you may prepare for your exams faster. 
  5. Increase your vocabularies. 
  6. Keep a daily diary in English. 
  7. Regularly practise speaking. 
  8. Read everything you can.

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