Solved NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Geography Contemporary India I; All Chapters Available

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NCERT Solutions for class 9 Geography are extremely helpful resources for the students. As it offers detailed exposure of the concepts to them. It allows students to evaluate their answers and can comprehend them easily. All the NCERT solutions are composed of expert faculty keeping in mind the latest syllabus and exam requirements. Students encounter challenges while solving the textbook solutions due to the complexity of understanding the theoretical concepts. If you too are facing difficulties in grasping the concepts and terminologies then join our Safalta School Online and start learning it from scratch. 

All questions in the NCERT Class 9 textbook are answered here. These answers can be used by students if they are having trouble figuring out the answer to the question. These answers include thorough, step-by-step explanations from the standpoint of the test.

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Referring to these answers will make it simpler for students to score higher on tests.

SST NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Geography 

Get chapter-wise class 9 Geography NCERT solutions free of cost. You can also download it in PDF format for revision purposes. All these solutions are of high quality and have been cross-checked by our in-house faculty. Students who face difficulties in composing the answers from the NCERT textbooks can take the help of these solutions. 

These NCERT solutions for class 9 aid to clear all the doubts of the students.

Click the link below to download the solutions. 

NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Social Science Chapter 1 - India - Size and Location

NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Social Science Chapter 2 - Physical Features of India

NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Social Science Chapter 3 - Drainage

NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Social Science Chapter 4 - Climate

NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Social Science Chapter 5 - Natural Vegetation and Wildlife

NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Social Science Chapter 6 - Population

However, before proceeding to the solutions directly, it is advised for the students to read the chapters from the Class 9 NCERT Social Science textbooks and try to solve the questions given at the end of each chapter. If you fail or are not satisfied with your answers then you should ask for these solutions. As it will help you to enhance your problem-solving skills and increase the chances of scoring high grades in the exam. 

An Overview of  NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Geography 

Class 9 Geography NCERT comprises 6 chapters. You will go on an insightful journey to comprehend India's geographic position, the physiographic divisions of India, drainage systems, and more with the help of the CBSE Class 9 Geography syllabus. 

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Chapter 1: India Size and Location 

India has made impressive strides in the areas of manufacturing, economic growth, agriculture, and technology. India made a huge contribution to the creation of world history. You will skim through the many India-related subjects in this chapter.

You will learn about India's location in this chapter. India, a sizable nation, is situated in the Northern Hemisphere. The Tropic of Cancer further divides the nation into two halves. India is the seventh-largest country in the world by land area, with a total of 3.28 million sq. km. 

Topics Covered: 

  • Location

  • Size

  • India and the World

  • India’s Neighbors

Chapter 2:  Physical Features of India 

India's landscape exhibits significant physical diversity. The peninsular plateau is one of the planet's older landmasses, according to geology. The most recent landforms are the Himalayas and the Northern Plains. Students will learn about India's geographical characteristics in this chapter. 

Topics Covered:

  • Major Physiographic Divisions

  • The Himalayan Mountains

  • The Northern Plain

  • The Peninsular Plateau

  • The Coastal Plains

  • The Island

Chapter 3: Drainage 

Here, the students will learn about the river system of India. Learn how the river originates and ends up reaching the sea or oceans. Understand the water divides, Himalayan and peninsular rivers, etc. Additionally, you will comprehend the functions of rivers in the economy, including irrigation, hydropower production, navigation, etc. This chapter also briefly discusses the issue of river pollution by outlining some of the factors that contribute to declining water quality. 

Topics Covered:

  • Drainage Systems in India

  • The Himalayan Rivers

  • The Peninsular Rivers

  • Lakes

  • River Pollution

Chapter 4: Climate

The climate of our nation is examined in Chapter 4, "Climate." The chapter briefly discusses key terminology including climate, weather, and monsoon. You will also become familiar with the six main factors that influence the climate: latitude, ocean currents, separation from the sea, altitude, relief features, and pressure & wind systems.

Topics Covered:

  • Climate Controls

  • Factors affecting India’s Climate

  • The Indian Monsoon

  • The Onset of the Monsoon and Withdrawal

  • The Seasons

  • Distribution of Rainfall

Chapter 5: Natural Vegetation 

In this chapter, the natural vegetation of our country has been covered. You will learn about the different terminologies and types of vegetation found in the different regions of the world.  You will come to know about the five categories of vegetation which include- Tropical Evergreen Forests, Tropical Deciduous Forests, Montane Forests, Mangrove Forests, and Tropical Thorn Forests & Scrubs. 

Topic Covered: 

  • Climate

  • Relief

  • Types of Vegetation

  • Wildlife

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Safalta’s Class 9 Social Science Solutions answers include thorough and precise explanations for challenging and protracted problems. Additionally, their answers are succinct, which makes them entertaining to read and understand. We consider the students' comprehension level when developing our NCERT Solutions. Our solutions are dependable and useful for test preparation because of all these distinctive qualities.

How can the NCERT solution for Class 9 Social Science help me to score 100% on the exam?

NCERT solutions for class 9 Social Science is an extremely helpful resource for the students. As it helps them to evaluate their answers and gain an in-depth understanding of the subject. Using this solution not only helps you to learn and deliver quality answers in the examination but aids to give your preparation a different direction. 

How can I read and study the NCERT Solutions for Social Science and Geography the most effectively?

It is a fantastic idea to choose NCERT Solutions if you are having trouble studying for the exam only by reading your class textbook. You should study these solutions frequently in addition to your class material if you want to get high grades. You may undoubtedly improve your test performance by consistently reviewing these solutions, which include answers to significant exam questions. You can also join Safalta School Online to start your preparation from scratch. 


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