UP Board 10th Syllabus 2023-24: Download PDF for All Subjects

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Check out the syllabus of UP Board Class 10 Exams 2023 in this article here at Safalta.com

UP Board Class 10 Syllabus: The Uttar Pradesh Madhyamik Shiksha Parishad has released UP Board Class 10 syllabus on its official website. All those students who are in Class 10 in UP Board should know the complete syllabus. UP Board Class 10 syllabus will help you prepare in line with the prescribed directions of the Board. Questions in the Board Exam will also be from the topics mentioned in the syllabus. Read this article to check complete UP Board class 10 syllabus and other details. 

We have provided the UP Board Class 10th syllabus for students in Science, Arts, and Commerce streams.

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Source: Safalta.com

But in addition to knowing the syllabus of UP Board class 10exams, students should also download and practice the UP Board Class 10 Model Papers from here. In addition to getting hands-on with the UP Board Syllabus for Class 10, we also advise the students to make the best of the exam-taking strategies furnished in this all-inclusive article. Continue reading to find out more about how one can pass the board exams with flying colours—and, in the first attempt. Join Safalta School Online and prepare for Board Exams under the guidance of our expert faculty. Our online school aims to help students prepare for Board Exams by ensuring that students have conceptual clarity in all the subjects and are able to score their maximum in the exams. 

Modifications to the UP Board High School Syllabus

Students should study NCERT texts to prepare for their Class 10 board test, according to the UP Board. Students may take CBSE Class 10 Mock Tests and solve CBSE Class 10 Practice Questions for Science and Maths offered by Embibe to obtain the finest practise and preparation for their final examinations now that the board is using NCERT books. Students may use these mock examinations and practise tests to strengthen their problem-solving talents and time management skills, as well as prepare for other competitive exams.


UP Board Syllabus For Class 10 (Subject-wise) 

While studying for board exams, students should go over the UP Board Syllabus for Class 10 per subject. The updated UP Board Class 10 syllabus for all subjects may be found in the table below and students can get access to it by clicking on the links below-
UP Board Syllabus For Class 10 Math
UP Board Syllabus For Class 10 English
UP Board Syllabus For Class 10 Hindi
UP Board Syllabus For Class 10 Science
UP Board Syllabus For Class 10 Social Science


UP Board Syllabus For class 10 for Mathematics

The syllabus for UP Board Exams 2023 for mathematics is given below along with the marks-



Unit Name



Number system






Coordinate geometry












Statistics and Probability




Project work


Grand Total



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2023 UP Board Syllabus Science For class 10

Science is a worldwide discipline that uses experimental and observation abilities to investigate the behaviour and structure of the physical and biological universe. To gain comprehension of this subject, proper and regular revision is required.

UPMSP 10th Syllabus 2022 for Science

To prepare appropriately, go over the topics depending on the marks distribution. The following table shows the UP board's class 10 science syllabus for 2023, as well as the distribution of marks:




Chemical substances - Nature and behaviour

Chemical reactions

Acids, Bases and Salts

Metals and non-metals

Carbon compounds

Periodic classification of elements

20 Marks

World of Living

Life processes


Heredity and evolution

20 Marks

Natural phenomena (cultures)

Reflection of light


12 Marks

Current Effect

Potential difference and electric current

Magnetic effects of current

13 Marks

Natural Resources

Sources of energy

Our environment

Management of natural resources


5 Marks



70 Marks


Practicals and Projects

30 Marks



100 Marks

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2023 UP Board  Syllabus for Class 10 English

Check out the table below to learn about the themes contained in the UP Board Class 10 syllabus 2023 and the subjects that will be covered during the session. This section also shows the distribution of marks across different parts.



Section A – Reading

10 Marks

1. One long passage followed by two short-answer questions and two very short-answer type vocabulary based/language based questions

3+3=6 2+2=4

Section B – Writing

10 Marks

2. Letter/Application writing

4 Marks

3. Descriptive paragraph/report/article based on given verbal clues

6 Marks

Section C – Grammar

15 Marks

4. Ten questions (MCQs/very short-answer type questions) based on parts of speech, tenses, narrations, articles, voice, reordering of sentences, punctuation etc.

1X10=10 Marks

5. A very short passage in hindi for translation into english (5 lines)

5 Marks

Section D – Literature

35 Marks


15 Marks

6. Two Short answer type questions based on a given prose passage

2+2=4 Marks

7. One long answer type questions

4 Marks

8. Two short answer type questions

2+2=4 Marks

9. Three very short vocabulary based/match type questions

1X3=3 Marks


8 Marks

10. Two short answer type questions based on a given poetry extract

2+2=4 Marks

11. Central idea of any one of the given poems


Four lines from any poem prescribed in the syllabus

4 Marks

Foot Prints Without Feet – Supplementary Reader

12 Marks

12. Two short answer type questions

2+2=4 Marks

13. One long answer type question

4 Marks

14. Four very short answer type questions (True/False, Completing the sentence)

1X4=4 Marks


100 marks


Download UP Board Class 10th English Model Paper Now.


Syllabus for UP Board Class 10 SST 2023

The social science question paper will be worth 70 points and will take three hours to complete. History, Civics, and Economics are the three sections of this topic. While studying for tests, students should think about significant topics based on their importance.

UP Board syllabus 2023 Class 10 for Social Science


Unit Name



India and the contemporary world - 2 (History)



Contemporary India - 2 (Geography)



Democratic Politics - 2 (Civics)



Understanding of Economic Development (Economics)




70 Marks


UP Board Class 10 Exam Pattern 2023

Students should be aware of the question paper pattern in addition to the UP Board Class 10 syllabus 2023 for all topics. The UP Class 10 test is held in an offline format, and the exam pattern has changed.

The board has reduced the overall number of tests given. Previously, UP Board was divided into two tests, Exam A and Exam B, for each topic. However, from now on, each topic will only have one exam.

The weightage of the UP Board Class 10 exam is as mentioned below:

  • 70 marks for the theory exam. 
  • 30 marks for project work and internal.

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UP Board  Syllabus For class 10 2023 for History

Section 1 - Events and reactions (9 marks)

  • Rise of nationalism in Europe

  • Nationalism in India

Section 2 - Livelihood economy and society (11 Marks)

  • The Making of a Global World

  • Map work

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UP Board Class 10 model paper with solutions 
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UP Board syllabus 2023 Class 10  for Geography

Unit 1 (9 Marks)

  • Resources and development

  • Forest and Wildlife Resources

  • water resources

  • Agriculture

Unit 2 (6 Marks)

  • Mineral and Energy Resources

  • Life Lines of National Economy


UP Board Syllabus Class 10 2023 for Civics

Unit 1

  • Power-sharing and federalism

  • Democracy and Diversity & Gender, Religion and Caste

Unit 2

  • Popular struggles and movements

  • Outcomes of Democracy

  • Challenges of democracy


UP Board Syllabus Class 10 2023 for Economics

  • Development

  • Sectors of the Indian Economy

  • Consumer Rights


Is CBSE and UP Board syllabus same?

UP and CBSE board are different in syllabus but subjects are same. UP board is a state board governed by State Government which determines the rules and regulations of the schools in the State.

Is UP Board 2022 syllabus reduced?

UP Board Exam 2022: The Uttar Pradesh Madhyamik Shiksha Parishad (UPMSP) has reduced the syllabus for Classes 9, 10, 11, and 12 by 30% for the academic session 2021-22. The decision has been taken in view of the ongoing covid-19 pandemic.

Is there any reduction in syllabus of class 10 2022?

The 10th Syllabus for the academic year 2022 has not undergone any reductions by the Central Board of Secondary Education. 

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