CBSE Syllabus For Classes 1 To 12 (All Subjects )

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The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has published the most recent syllabus for classes 9 through 12 on its official website. Check the lastest syllabus here at

CBSE Syllabus: The Central Board of Secondary Education has revised the syllabus for almost all the classes. Students should know the new syllabus and plan their studies accordingly. Unlike last year , the term-by-term exams has been eliminated and the board has once again established a single end-of-year exam. The exams will be conducted as per the new syllabus. Here we have provided the complete CBSE syllabus for all the classes. 

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Table of Content
  1. CBSE Syllabus : Class 12
  2. CBSE Syllabus : Class 11
  3. CBSE Syllabus : Class 10
  4. CBSE Syllabus : Class 9
  5. CBSE Syllabus : Class 8
  6. CBSE Syllabus : Class 7
  7. CBSE Syllabus : Class 6
  8. CBSE Syllabus : Class 5
  9. CBSE Syllabus : Class 4
  10. CBSE Syllabus : Class 3
  11. CBSE Syllabus : Class 2
  12. CBSE Syllabus : Class 1

CBSE Class 1 to 12 Exam Pattern 

The CBSE curriculum is based on the National Curriculum Framework 2005 and allows pupils to achieve academic achievement.

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The curriculum refers to the chapters and academic content that pupils are taught in school. It is essentially a planned package of instruction that includes the CBSE course of study, subject-specific curriculum, teaching techniques, and evaluation requirements. It also provides the practical exam grading structure and syllabus.

According to the redesigned CBSE syllabus for Classes 1–12, pupils will be evaluated in two important areas:

1. Scholastic - This includes subject enrichment, exam scores, and notebook maintenance, among other things.
2. Co-scholastic - All co-curricular activities such as art, music, dance, skill-based activities, and physical education are included.

There are two types of evaluation:
A. Formative Assessments (FA) - Formative Assessments are an informal means to track students' academic progress on a regular basis through class tests, assignments, visual testing, oral testing, quizzes, homework, and projects.
B. Summative Assessments (SA) - Summative Assessments (SA) are the pen-and-paper-based final assessments of students' performance that are administered by schools twice a year at the end of each term.

According to CBSE, all internal and external assessments for Classes 1 to 12 will be done in marks, but the overall results will be transformed into grades, which will be displayed on the students' final report cards. The grades are assigned on a 5-point scale and are based on a student's performance in six exams, four of which are FAs and two of which are SAs.

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What are the Main Objective of CBSE Syllabus Prescribed ?

Given below are the main objective of CBSE Syllabus :

1. Students should broaden their knowledge and acquire job-related skills. 
2. They must strive for cognitive, emotive, and psychomotor mastery.
3. Students should be physically active, healthy, and in good health. 
4. They could showcase their abilities in public while also recognising the efforts of others. 
5. They must instil morals and cultural knowledge in them. 
6. They might be able to promote life skills, make personal goals, and gain knowledge for lifelong learning
7. Students should develop their inner potential and increase their self-awareness. 
8. They learn how to use technology and knowledge to benefit humanity. 

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CBSE Syllabus : Class 12 

Subtopics, chapters, and a grading procedure are all part of the CBSE class 12th curriculum 2021-22. Students preparing for board exams can follow the CBSE Syllabus 2021-22 Class 12.

CBSE Class 12 Syllabus  2022

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Class Syllabus : Class 11

The transition from class 10 to class 11 is extremely overwhelming . This is because of the increased number of subjects and the extensive curriculum. Students usually have part 1 and part 2 textbooks for a single subject. They frequently become perplexed as to where to begin and what to study. In this regard, the class 11 syllabus is critical. Students must follow the syllabus and research the topics covered.


Class Syllabus : Class 10

For the first time, students in class 10 take the board exam. At this point, they require proper guidance to ensure that their efforts are directed in the right direction while studying. Knowing the class 10 syllabus will assist them in this endeavour.


Class Syllabus : Class 9

The class 9 curriculum emphasises creativity and self-learning. This is one of the main reasons why practicals have been added to class 9. As a result, before beginning their studies, students should review the syllabus

CBSE Class 9 syllabus 2022

Class Syllabus : Class 8

Syllabus for Class 8 is given below .

CBSE Class 8 syllabus 2022

Class Syllabus : Class 7

They should try to understand the essence and meaning of everything described in the class 7 syllabus. Syllabus for class 7 is given below .

CBSE Class 7 syllabus 2022

Class Syllabus : Class 6 

Syllabus for class 6 is given below .

CBSE Class 6 syllabus 2022

Class Syllabus : Class 5

The emphasis in the class 5 syllabus is on developing their ability to question. Students can learn more effectively if they ask questions.Syllabus for class 5 is given below . 

CBSE Class 5 syllabus 2022

Class Syllabus : Class 4

So, the class 4 syllabus is designed in such a way that it encourages students to explore the world around them.

CBSE Class 4 syllabus 2022

Class Syllabus : Class 3

Subjects such as English and Hindi are provided to help students develop the necessary language skills.Syllabus is given below .

CBSE Class 3 syllabus 2022

Class Syllabus : Class 2

The syllabus also aims to assist them in reading the book and developing writing skills so that they can express themselves clearly and confidently.Syllabus for class 2 is given below.

CBSE Class 2 syllabus 2022

Class Syllabus : Class 1

 The syllabus of class 1 is designed in such a way that it creates students interest towards studies. The textbook also contains poetry and short stories which are explained with infographics and pictures.Syllabus for class 1 is given below.

CBSE Class 1 syllabus 2022

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Is it compulsory to give pre boards in 2022?

As per the latest notification of CBSE regarding Pre-Board examinations, the pre-board examination will now be conducted twice and it is mandatory for a candidate to appear in any one of them otherwise he/she will not get the admit card for Board examinations.

What are the Main Objective of CBSE Syllabus Prescribed ?

The objectives are given above in the article.

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