How To Score Well In CBSE Class 12 Business Studies Exam?- Know The Complete Study Plan

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Looking for ways to achieve maximum marks in CBSE Class 12 Business Studies exam? Check out the complete study strategy in this article.

It's time to start studying Business Studies as the CBSE Class 12th exams approach. In today's world, when the public sector is giving way to the private sector, understanding the fundamentals of business is becoming increasingly important. Although it might be tedious at times, Corporation Studies is necessary for understanding the theoretical foundations of how a business operates. As an added benefit, this foundation will help you get better grades! Here are some study strategies to help you build a strong foundation in Business Studies, which will benefit both your grades and future aspirations.


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PART A: Principles and Functions of Management

1. Introduction to Management       5 marks
2. Principles of Management          6 marks
3. Business Environment               5 marks
4. Planning                                      6 marks
5. Organizing                                  8 marks
6. Staffing                                        6 marks
7. Directing                                      8 marks
8. Controlling                                   6 marks

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PART B: Business Finance and Marketing

1. Financial Management             12 marks
2. Financial Markets                       8 marks
3. Marketing Management            14 marks
4. Consumer Protection                6 marks

PART C: Project                            10 marks

                                           Total: 100 Marks

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- During class, pay attention and take notes. Teachers have years of experience discussing the same things, therefore it's the greatest method to grasp them.

- If they have any questions or concerns, address them as soon as feasible rather than waiting until exam time.

- Give it your all for the Business Studies project; it may only be worth 10 points, but it's a simple way to get a good grade.

- Make a self-study timetable, taking into account scoring topics, strong themes, and weak topics.

- Read through your notes as much as possible; even if you don't strive to memorise, you'll remember a lot.

- Try to comprehend everything point by point so you can respond quickly to queries.

- Underline and rewrite key concepts.

- Concentrate on NCERT books because they make up the majority of the exam.

- Complete all of the NCERT book questions.

- Make use of charts to recall and revise one topic in the shortest amount of time possible.

- After you've finished studying a chapter, try summarising the key themes in your own words to help you recap and revise the material.

- Practice prior year papers/sample papers to become familiar with the question patterns and trends, as well as to quickly identify your weak areas.

- Study with friends so that you may discuss the topics and recognise your strengths and flaws.

- The most prevalent issue is that the question paper is too long and there isn't enough time to complete it; to avoid this, practise writing your responses.

- When writing answers, keep in mind that clarity is the most vital component. Make your replies easy to read and understand by using headings and appropriate points. Overwriting is not a good idea.

- Carefully read the text.

- Make at least two revisions.

Recommended textbooks   

NCERT text books
Business Studies by C.B Gupta
Jagdish Sharma's Prachi Business Studies For Class XII
Richard Parsons' A2-Level Business Studies Revision Guide

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