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Indian Navy MR Salary 2021: Check in-hand salary, payscale, allowances, job description

Safalta Expert Published by: Deepesh Mehra Updated Fri, 16 Jul 2021 09:16 PM IST


Get details on Indian Navy MR Salary 2021 at Know detailed salary structure, in-hand salary, payscale, allowances, job profile, career growth, and much more.
Indian Navy has started the process for Matriculation Recruitment. Being associated with defense forces is a matter of pride and rewarding in terms of remuneration. Candidates interested in the post will have to go through a written exam, physical test, and medical checkup. On successful completion of the process, they are eligible for various remuneration that the Indian Navy offers. Indian Navy MR Salary is one of the most attractive reasons to apply for the job for many. Candidates who are interested to join defense forces should also be aware of salary, allowances, job profile, and other aspects of the relevant entry. In this article, we have covered Indian Navy MR Salary and its components like in-hand salary, pay scale, allowances, job description.

Indian Navy MR Salary

Though salary might not be the driving force for many defense aspirants. Yet the knowledge of such details is important when it comes to applying for various posts under defense and civilian structure. Salary in the Indian Navy is offered based on legal provisions, nature of the job, and area of posting. Considering the Navy is engaged in oceanic operations, they are adequately rewarded for their services. Details of MR under training, allowances during training, and other details are covered below.

Indian Navy MR Salary- In Hand Salary

In-hand salary is based on basic salary, it is the net amount one would receive after adding various allowances like dearness allowance, house rent allowance, etc, and subtracting various deductions like pension and other coverage. As per our analysis, basic salary of Indian Navy MR is Rs 21800 per month,    

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and In-hand salary is around Rs 32,000 to 35,000.

Indian Navy MR Salary- Payscale

This is a level 3 job within the navy, after completion of the training period MR is eligible for the basic pay of Rs. 21800. While recruits under training are paid a monthly stipend of Rs 14000. The salary structure for Indian Navy MR is given below.
Salary INR 21,800 (Matrix level-3)
StiphenProvision Period INR 14,000

Indian Navy MR Salary- Allowances

As per provisions and decided percentage of basic pay. MR is paid certain allowances they are largely intended to cover living coats and maintain the standard of life. In forces, men are also rewarded for their service in hard areas. Following are the allowance attached with the Indian Navy MR Salary.
  • House Rent allowance,
  • City compensatory allowance
  • Travel allowance
  • Military Service Pay, etc.

Indian Navy MR Salary- Perks and other Benefits

Day-to-day regular expenditure, medical expenditure, and likes are well covered in the forces. MR will be eligible for the following types of additional benefits.
1: Medical Reimbursements: All the medical expenses of MR recruits are covered by the Navy. The Navy also provides access to naval hospitals and medical facilities.
2: Furniture Allowance: Not just housing but the furniture of the house, basic decorations are covered by Navy.
3: Other Reimbursements: Recruits are eligible to avail benefits of naval canteens and other facilities. The Navy from time to time provides renovation funds and maintenance of the living areas. The children of such posts can avail themselves of support during their studies and higher education.

Indian Navy MR Job Profile

The candidates are eligible to apply for posts after class 10. As per qualification, their role is of supporting staff within the setup of the Navy. Following are roles that they are supposed to fulfill.
1: Hygienist- look after cleanliness around naval facilities and mess area.
2: Steward-steward assists in keeping a restaurant, bar, or lounge clean and sanitary, assists in cleaning dishes, and tends to the needs of Officers and sailors.
3: Cook- Prepare good food for Officers and Sailors, including vegetarian and non-vegetarian food.
We hope our experts have Safalta have provided a fair understanding of Indian Navy MR salary and job profile. Stay tuned

Indian Navy MR Salary- FAQ

Q1) What is the probation period of the Indian Navy MR?

Ans) The probation period for Indian Navy MR is 2 years.

Q2) What is the basic pay of Indian Navy MR?

Ans) The basic pay for Indian Navy MR is INR 21,800.

Q3) What are additional benefits available for Indian Navy MR?

Ans) The major additional perks that the employees receive are, Canteen and loan facilities, Leave Travel Concession, Pension scheme gratuity on retirement, Insurance cover.

Q4) What are the expected role of Indian Navy MR?

The role is as follows
1: Hygienist: Their major work is cleaning. When required, they can be allotted to other duties as well. 
2: Steward: The major tasks of the Stewards are serving food in the officers’ mess, handling the functioning of accountants, etc. 
3: Cook: They need to cook both the vegetable and non-vegetable foods and take care of the ration. 
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