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Air Force Group Y Salary: Check in-hand salary, benefits, pay scale, allowances

Safalta Expert Published by: Himani Mehra Updated Fri, 15 Oct 2021 11:53 PM IST


Air Force Group Y Salary 2021: Check detailed salary structure, in-hand salary, pay scale, allowances, benefits, and more details at Also, get details on career growth and promotion.
Air Force offers a handsome amount of salary to Air Force Group Y Airmen. Lakhs of candidates apply for Air Force Group Y Recruitment every year. It is a job which ensures various benefits such as great pay scale, job security with a fair amount of perks, benefits, and allowances. Candidates who are aspiring to appear for this exam should know all the details about the recruitment such as eligibility criteria, exam pattern, syllabus and so on. For more details, visit the official website of Central Airmen Selection Board. Air Force Group Y salary lies in the range of Rs. 40,000 - Rs. 45,000. The basic pay is Rs. 21,700. In this article, we have explained all the details about Air Force Group Y salary and job profile. Candidates who are preparing for Air Force Group Y Recruitment must be familiar with all of these details. Read this article to know all about Air Force Group Y salary, Allowances, Perks, Job Profile and more.  If you are preparing for competitive exams and are looking for expert guidance, you can check out our monthly FREE Current Affairs Ebook- Download Now.
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Air Force Group Y Salary

Candidates who clear Air Force Group Y Exam have to undergo training for 6 months during which they are paid a stipend of Rs. 14,600. On the completion of training when candidates are recruited they receive basic salary of Rs. 21,700 per month. Airmen also get Dearness Allowance which makes Air Force Group Y Salary that candidates receive equal to Rs. 40,000 - Rs. 45,000.

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Air Force Group Y Salary Structure

The salary structure of Air Force Group Y Airmen is as per 7th Pay Commission. The Air Force has various posts for Non-Technical Trades such as Accounts Assistant, Administrative Assistant, IAF Police & Security, Logistics Assistant, Cryptographer, Environmental Support Services Assistant, Medical Assistant, Ground Training Instructor, Meteorological Assistant, Musician, and Operation Assistant. All these posts are grouped in the IAF Group Y. Air Force Group Y Salary Structure is as follows:
Pay Level  Pay matrix-3 (Rs. 21,700 to Rs. 57,500)
Basic pay Rs. 21,700 
Military Service Pay  Rs. 5200
Technical Qualification Pay Rs. 6200
Total Air Force Group Y Salary (Basic) Rs. 26,900

Air Force Group Y Allowances, Perks and Other Benefits

The benefits that Airmen receive after clearing Air Force Group Y Recruitment are as follows:
  • City Compensatory Allowance
  • Transport Allowance
  • Accommodation
  • Rations
  • Medical facilities for self and dependents
  • Leave Travel Concession for self and family
  • Loans for education
  • Group Insurance covering disability and death
  • Pensions including service, invalidity, disability, war injury, etc.
  • Interest-free loan for house repair 
  • Interest-free loan for the marriage of sister/daughter
  • Scholarships (children)
  • Grants for natural calamities.
  • Composite Personal Maintenance Allowance
  • High Altitude Allowance
  • Field Area/Modified Field Area Allowance etc.
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Air Force Group Y Job Profile

There are different posts in Air Force Group Y Recruitment and the job profile- roles and responsibilities of Airmen differ as per the posts. The list of different trades and their respective job profile are as follows:
Trade Role and Responsibility
Accounts Assistant Record and manage various accounts of each personnel in the IAF. Also, manage the allowances, equipment costs of the IAF.
Logistics Assistant Manage the records of procurement, storage, and handling of the various inventories present at the IAF. 
Administrative Assistant Maintain and analyse records, files, and information of each personnel in the IAF. 
Operation Assistant Responsible for operating various systems such as the Air Traffic Control Centre, Air Field, and Air Defence System.
Medical Assistant Assist in nursing and first-aid of the IAF. 
IAF Police & Security Patrol in the IAF and perform various required investigations.
Ground Training Instructor Train new recruits on drill, parade, handling of arms, etc. 
Environmental Support Services Assistant Maintain the firefighting sector of the IAF. 
Meteorological Assistant Undertake weather observations and keep logs of each day.
Musician and Cryptographer Will be trained by the IAF to play various musical instruments. 

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Air Force Group Y Career Growth and Promotion

Airmen in the Indian Air Force have various opportunities for promotion to rise up in the heirarchy of ranks. Force promotion policy has three requisites - Annual Appraisal Report, Promotion Exams, and Minimum Service. On fulfilling these requisites, Airmen are granted promotion. The heirarchy is as follows:

IAF Group Y Rank

Minimum Service required for promotion

Basic Salary 



Rs. 26,900

Leading Aircraftman 

2 years (plus training)

Rs. 26,900


5 years 

Rs. 36,900


13 years 6 months

Rs. 40,600

Junior Warrant Officer

17 years

Rs. 46,800

Warrant Officer 

23 years

Rs. 53,400

Master Warrant Officer

28 years

Rs. 59,000

Thus we see that career as Airmen in Indian Air Force is a golden opportunity for candidates looking to serve the country by joining the Defence Forces. Besides being a reputed job, it has other benefits in terms of salary, allowances and career growth. 
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Air Force Group Y Salary FAQs

Ques 1: What is group Y in Air Force?

The Indian Air Force is recruiting airmen for Group X & Y. The Group X is for the candidates having a technical qualification, that who have completed their 10+2 with Science and Maths or Diploma holders. While Group Y is for candidates having a non-technical qualification.

Ques 2: What is the highest salary in Air Force?

The top 5 highest paying jobs at Indian Air Force with reported salaries are:
  • principal director - ₹26lakhs per year.
  • group captain - ₹25lakhs per year.
  • air commodore - ₹25lakhs per year.
  • chief operations officer - ₹24lakhs per year.
  • wing commander - ₹23lakhs per year.

Ques 3: What is the work of airmen group Y?

On the other hand, in the non-technical trades of Group Y, the posts are: Accounts Assistant, Administrative Assistant, Logistics Assistant, Operation Assistant, Medical Assistant, IAF Police & Security, Ground Training Instructor, Environmental Support Services Assistant, Meteorological Assistant.

Ques 4: What are the best jobs in Air Force?

Best Air Force jobs
  • Pilot. Pilots are responsible for completing missions by flying various Air Force aircraft. ...
  • Public affairs officer
  • Flight engineer
  • Security forces
  • Operations intelligence
  • Air traffic control
  • Tactical aircraft maintenance
  • Aircraft loadmaster

Ques 5: Is the Air Force a good career?

The Air Force can be an excellent career move if you pick a job that you would be happy at and also something that is valuable in civilian life. Is working for the USAF a good career move? There are Enlisted, Officers and Civilian personnel that work for the USAF.


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