Air Force Group X Salary 2022, Check in-hand salary, pay scale, and allowances

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Looking for details on Air Force Group X Salary? Check detailed salary structure, in-hand salary, pay scale, allowances, benefits, and more details at

Air Force Group X Salary 2022: Air Force Group X basic pay is Rs. 21,700 and the total in-hand salary is Rs. 33,100 which includes Military Service Pay and Technical Qualification Pay. All the candidates aspiring to appear for this exam should know all the details about the salary and job profile as it will help you understand the profession better. Along with a good salary, airmen who are selected through Air Force Group X Exam also receive various allowances and benefits which further add to the lucrative nature of this job. Read this article to know Air Force Group X salary and other details. If you are preparing for competitive exams and looking for expert guidance, you can check our Airforce Group 'X' & 'Y' Free Video Course 2022.
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Table of Contents

1. Air Force Group X Salary 2022

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Air Force Group X Salary Structure
3. Air Force Group X Allowances and Benefits
4. Air Force Group X Job Profile
5. Air Force Group X Career Growth and Promotion


Air Force Group X Salary 2022

After candidates are recruited as Airmen after clearing Air Force Group X Exam, they have to undergo training before finally being given the desired ranks. During the training period, candidates receive a stipend that ranges between Rs.14,100 to Rs.16,200 per month.
At the end of the training period when candidates are finally commissioned in the Air Force, they are paid a handsome amount of salary as per the 7th pay commission. As per the 7th pay commission, personnel in the Indian Air Force receive only basic pay and grade pay is abolished for them. The Basic Pay for Air Force personnel under the 7th pay commission is given by the 6th pay commission's consolidated pay (Basic Pay+ Grade Pay) * 2.5. Air Force Group X's salary thus is Rs. 33,100 per month which makes the annual salary lie in the range of 4 lakh- 5 lakh. 

Air Force Group X Salary Structure

The salary structure for Airmen after clearing Air Force Group X Exam is as follows:

Pay Level 

Pay matrix-3 (Rs. 21,700 to Rs. 57,500)

Basic pay

Rs. 21,700

Military Service Pay 

Rs. 5200

Technical Qualification Pay

Rs. 6200

Total Air Force Group X salary (Basic)

Rs. 33,100 

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Along with this there are various ranks in the Indian Air Force for Airmen. The rank wise salary details are as follows:
Rank Basic Pay Pay Level Group X Technical Qualification Pay MSP Air Force Group X Total Salary
Aircraftsman Rs.21,700 Rs.21,700-Rs.57,500 Rs.6,200 Rs.5,200 Rs.33,100
Leading Aircraftsman Rs.21,700 Rs.21,700-Rs.57,500 Rs.6,200 Rs.5,200 Rs.33,100
Corporal Rs.25,500 Rs.21,700-Rs.57,500 Rs.6,200 Rs.5,200 Rs.36,900
Sergeant Rs.29,200 Rs.21,700-Rs.57,500 Rs.6,200 Rs.5,200 Rs.40,600
Junior Warrant Officer Rs.35,400 Rs.35,400-Rs.94,100 Rs.6,200 Rs.5,200 Rs.46,800
Warrant Officer Rs.44,900 Rs.35,400-Rs.94,100 Rs.6,200 Rs.5,200 Rs.56,300
Master Warrant Officer Rs.47,600 Rs.35,400-Rs.94,100 Rs.6,200 Rs.5,200 Rs.59,000

Air Force Group X Allowances and Benefits

Besides a handsome salary, Airmen in Air Force are eligible for various allowances and benefits which add to the lucrative nature of the profession. These allowances differ on the basis of the ranks of Airmen. Some of the allowances and benefits are as follows:
  • Dearness Allowance
  • Travel Allowance
  • Medical Allowance
  • City Compensatory Allowance
  • Field Area/Modified Field Area Allowance
  • High Altitude Allowance
  • Composite Personal Maintenance Allowance
  • Education loan
  • Pension etc.
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Air Force Group X Job Profile

After the candidate's clear Air Force Group X Exam, they join Basic Training Institute, Belgaum for Joint Basic Phase Training (JBPT) where they are given basic training about various trades and air forces. On the basis of their performance during the training period, candidates are allotted different trades. After candidates are given basic training, they are equipped with the training related to their trade. There are different trades for Airmen and their roles and responsibilities are as follows:

Mechanical System Fitter

The job profile includes performing the following tasks:
  • Maintenance of mechanical, hydraulic, and pneumatic systems of airborne missiles, engines, automobiles, and aircraft fuelling equipment
  • Maintenance of aircraft ground support equipment
  • Training in dealing with explosives and electrical systems

Weapon Fitter

Candidates look after the maintenance of armaments, ammunition, and safety equipment of aircraft, missiles and also service them. Candidates are trained to deal with explosives and arms and how to install them on weapon systems.

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Propulsion Fitter

Under this trade, Airmen are responsible for repair, maintenance, and preparation for use of the propulsion system of aircraft.

Automobile Fitter

Candidates are responsible for maintainence and repair of different vehicles that are employed by the air force.

Electronics Fitter

Candidates are trained in Digital Electronics, measuring instruments, radar technology, the latest electronic devices and they maintain and operate radar, voice, data transmission, and reception equipment.

Education Instructor

Candidates assist senior officers in various training programmes that are held for Air Force personnel.

Thus these were some of the trades and the roles and responsibilities they bring. Similarly, there are other trades as well which have diverse nature of work.
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Air Force Group X Career Growth and Promotion

There are various opportunities for the promotion of Airmen in the Indian Air Force. Airmen can also become officers in the Indian Air Force if they lie in the age of 19-20 years. The different factors are taken into consideration for promotion are as follows:
  • Annual Appraisal Report: This forms the basis of the promotion of the Air Force. This is raised by a senior officer under whom the airmen work.
  • Promotional Exams: There are departmental exams held in the Air Force which the Airmen need to clear if they want to be promoted to higher ranks. 
  • Minimum Service: This is a compulsory factor that is taken into consideration for promotion. Airmen need to have served for a specific number of years in order to be eligible for promotion. The details are as follows:


Minimum Length of Service

Leading Aircraftman to Corporal

5 Years

Corporal to Sergeant

13 Years 6 months

Sergeant to Junior Warrant Officer

17 Years

Junior Warrant Officer to Warrant Officer

23 Years

Warrant Officer to Master Warrant Officer

28 Years

We hope that our article on Air Force Group X Salary turned out to be useful for you. As Airmen are promoted along with this rank structure, their salary, allowance and other benefits also keep rising. Thus Air Force Group X is a golden opportunity for candidates seeking to work in the Air Force. It offers a very good amount of salary and along with that, the job profile is very good in which there are various opportunities for candidates to learn new things. 

Air Force Group X: Promotion

The Group X Airmen staff members progress to higher ranks as they gain experience and time during their career in the Air Force. The boards give qualified Airmen the chance to submit an application for selection as an Officer in the Flying Branch. For growth and promotion, Airmen must adhere to the following procedures.

(a) Annual Appraisal Report (AAR / AR / ACR): In Airforce Group X Trade positions, the "Annual Appraisal report (AAR)" is raised annually by the Superior Officer under whom the Airmen work serves as the foundation for advancement. It is relevant to all ranks.
(b) Promotion Exams: In addition to the AAR, Airmen who want to advance must pass exams given by the authorities. In addition to testing professional competence, these exams make sure that Airmen have a firm grasp of Air Force law, service writing, administration, and military history.

The following crucial factor is the Minimum service in a particular rank. This is a necessary requirement for advancement. The table below lists the minimum number of years of service required for the subsequent promotion.

What is the Air Force Group X basic pay?

Air Force Group X basic pay is Rs. 21,700.

What is Air Force Group X pay level?

Air Force Group X pay level is Pay matrix-3 (Rs. 21,700 to Rs. 57,500).

What is Air Force Group X salary?

Air Force Group X salary is Rs. 33,100.

Are Air Force Group X Airmen eligible to get allowances?

Yes, Air Force Group X Airmen are eligible to get various allowances and benefits such as Dearness Allowance, Travel Allowance, Medical Allowance and so on.

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