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DSSSB Patwari Salary: Check in-hand salary, allowances, pay scale

Safalta Expert Published by: Deepesh Mehra Updated Tue, 29 Jun 2021 06:37 PM IST


DSSSB Patwari Salary:Check detailed salary structure, in-hand salary, pay scale, allowances, benefits, and more details at Also, get details on career growth and promotion.
On May 12, 2021 Delhi Subordinate Service Selection Board (DSSSB) released notification for various Grade B and Grade C posts under Delhi Government. Notification by DSSSB has total of 13043 vacancies. Which include 10 posts for Patwari under revenue department. Intreseted candidates can now the DSSSB Patwari Salary details, like in hand salary, allowances, pay scale and much more. DSSSB Patwari Salary is more lucrative for interested candidates based in Delhi and those who wish to work in Delhi. DSSSB Patwari Salary comprises of a pay scale around Rs.2000/-. To know the details read this article on DSSSB Patwari Salary.


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DSSSB Patwari Salary- In-Hand Salary

Patwari is a post associates with revenue matters. On initial joining successful candidates will work as probationary officers for a period of two years. During initial two years the probationary Patwari draws a in- hand salary of around Rs. 30000 - Rs.35000 per month.The in – hand DSSSB Patwari Salary includes basic pay, allowances , perks and other benefits. We can estimate the annual DSSSB Ptawari Salary to be in the range of  Rs. 4 lakhs to  Rs. 5 lakhs. The initial in – hand salary with time and promotion increases, as grade pay rises.

DSSSB Patwari Salary- Grade Pay

Patwari is a Grade ‘C’ level post. Nature of work is mixed field and office work in revenue matters. As per standards Patwari has a grade pay of Rs.2000/-.
Grade Pay Rs.2000/
In- Hand salary Rs.30,000- 35,000
Grade pay rises with time and promotion.

DSSSB Patwari Salary- Allowances

As per recommendations of 7th Pay Commission DSSSB Patwari Salary also comes with handsome allowances. Allowances in salary secure against inflation, day to day basic necessary expenditures .Thus Patwari working under Delhi Government can lead a secure life in a prime location like Delhi.
Allowances in DSSSB Patwari Salary after 7 th pay commission:
  • Dearness Allowance
  • House Rent Allowance
  • Fuel Expenses
  • Conveyance Allowance
  • Deputation Allowance
  • Medical allowance
  • Child Care and Education Allowance
  • Subsistence Allowance
  • Travelling Allowance
Thus people serving under DSSSB are financially secure. Allowance and benefits make DSSSB Patwari Salary more attractive.

DSSSB Patwari Salary- Job Profile

Patwari can be considered as face of revenue department. He is the first level of contact in revenue department for general public. He has to do complex tasks involving day to day field work and compilation record keeping in office. Role of Ptwari:
  • Maintaining and keeping records of the tehsil or region allotted to him.
  • Records of land deals, sale and purchase etc. are maintained by Patwari
  • No transactions can happen without the consent of the DSSSB Patwari be it a purchase or the sale of the land under the tehsil. 
Land records are most crucial documents from economic, social and revenue perspective in a district.

DSSSB Patwari Probation Period

Considering the sensitive and important nature of work in the hands of Patwari. Each selected candidate has to serve a probation period of two years. During the probation period the candidate’s honesty, integrity and ethical framework is accessed in real life. Once a probie is declared ethically sound he is employed permanently. The first 6 months are reserved for training purposes. Candidates avail DSSSB Patwari Salary but not the perks during this period. After 6 months the candidates can enjoy all the perks and benefits that a DSSSB Patwari Salary.

DSSSB Patwari Career Growth

Pawari is the entry level post in revenue matters in a district. The job in itself is a learning experience. Patwari is lucrative career option not only for DSSSB Patwari Salary, but also for chances to grow within the revenue department. By method of promotion a Patwari can even grow to few of the highest posts in revenue matters within a tehseil.
Patwari has to regularly go through workshops ,training  and often train juniors in department.
DSSSB Patwari Salary is best amongst states. Candidates should not let go of this opportunity. Learn with us at Safalta.


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