Salary of a RAW Agent: Check Salary Structure, Allowances and Other Benefits

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Are you looking for the Salary of a RAW agent? If yes, read this article to get all the details like salary structure and allowances given to a RAW agent.

RAW is also known as the Research and Analysis Wing is a foreign intelligence agency in India. RAW’s headquarter is located in New Delhi, IndiaA RAW agent might earn between Rs. 0.8 and Rs. 1.3 lakhs per month. The core duties of the agency also include gathering foreign intelligence, counterterrorism, advancing the interests of the country abroad, and counterproliferation. On occasion, RAW agents must perform their duties on both sides of the border. 20 years of experience working for the Indian government are required of applicants for RAW. The pay of a RAW agent in 2022, in addition to additional advantages like different allowances, will be covered in this article.

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Table of content 

Salary of a RAW Agent
RAW Agent Salary 2022: Various Roles in RAW
Qualities Required in a RAW Agent

Salary of a RAW Agent: Training Given

Salary of a RAW Agent:

A RAW agent's monthly remuneration ranges from Rs.80,000 to Rs.103 Lakhs due to experience and vast background. RAW agent salaries range from Rs.9.60 Lakhs to Rs.15.60 Lakhs each year. The following are some of the benefits that a RAW agent receives:
  • The RAW agent gets security allowances that are more that the basic pay, gross income, and dearness allowances.
  • RAW agents get 2 months of extra pay per financial year.
  • RAW employees who are posted for the overseas mission get a Foreign service allowance and DA.
  • The posting which is categorized as the hardship postings by the department gets a hardship allowance.
  • RAW officers can get themselves assigned to countries like Singapore, the United States, or a European country for ensuring a good education to their kids.
  • A RAW agent job is not a simple job. It requires great intelligence and courage to work as a RAW agent.
  • The children of a RAW agent can get admission to an International University /school and the agency will take care of all the expenses.

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RAW Agent Salary 2022: Various Roles in RAW

There are several roles in RAW (Research and Analysis Wing) like in any other organization. But there is no direct recruitment conducted by the organization because of the national security. The organization always selects individuals with great experience and background. Below is the list of topmost positions of the agency: May Month Free Current Affairs Magazine DOWNLOAD NOW
Job Role
Analyst This is a desk job but it is full of challenges and is a difficult job. The RAW analyst is a very important position as it provides all the required help and leads to the officers.
Field Officers The field officers are generally shortlisted from the military services, police services, intelligence agencies, etc. As they have to work under several difficult circumstances hence, it’s the toughest job role in the organization.
Director of RAW Director is the leading role of the agency like any other organization. It is the topmost position and also has a huge responsibility for the administration. This post helps to get useful information for maintaining national security.
RAW Experts There are several fields in which the agency Research & Analysis Wing (RAW) recruits. The various positions like Cyber Expert, a ninja computer program. Ethical hackers, Cyber Experts are recruited by RAW. The candidate must have great skills in their respective field.

RAW Salary 2022: Qualities Required in a RAW Agent

Apart from the salary of a RAW agent, there are several qualities that a RAW agent must include so that he/she can justify all the benefits and perk given:
  • The candidate must work for long durations.
  • The candidate must have the ability to travel longer distances.
  • The candidate must have radical and logical thinking.
  • The candidate should make quick decisions.
  • The candidate must be physically fit so that he/she can perform all the physical activities.
  • The candidate should always be ready to work in adverse conditions.
  • The candidate must be highly secretive.
  • The candidate must be intuitive and agile.

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Salary of a RAW Agent: Training Given

The RAW agent gets training which has two stages i.e. Basic Training and Advance Training. Below we have discussed both the training stages:

1. Basic Training:

The RAW Agents receive ten days of training. They learn about numerous espionage techniques and gain insight into the realm of espionage and surveillance during this initial training. Aspirants are given all of the basic information on numerous areas such as information security, scientific knowledge, defense techniques, space technology, geostrategic analysis, and so on during the basic training.

2. Advance Training:

The agents are sent to the Field Intelligence Bureau after finishing basic training (FIB). Advanced training lasts one to two years. Candidates are taught how to survive in difficult conditions, as well as other survival techniques and how to operate on a mission in cold weather, woodlands, and other environments. Candidates are also taught how to use high-tech gadgets during this round of training so that they can use them effectively when the time comes. They are also taught how to defeat the enemy's defenses without being detected during training. They're also taught how to deal with enemy interrogation and cross-examination, as well as how to keep the knowledge hidden in case they're captured.

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Are RAW agents rich?

During their employment, the salary of the RAW agent is between Rs.0.8-1.3 lakhs per month.

How I become a RAW agent?

For becoming a RAW agent first you have to be selected for a good government position like IAS, or IPS.

Is RAW a permanent job?

No, it is not a permanent job.

Can a girl Join RAW?

Yes, a girl can join the RAW.

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