What is Linkedin Marketing: Tips and Trick to grow your Business

Safalta Expert Published by: Kirti Singh Updated Thu, 28 Apr 2022 05:06 PM IST


Check all the details related to Linkedln Marketing and all the tips and tricks for Linkedin marketing. 

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There is a total of 774 million people across the globe that are using Linkedin. This is one of the topmost Social networks today. This can also be used to create relationships with consumers and also build brand awareness. Businesses can use Linkedin by posting engaging content and participating in industry discussions with potential partners and customers. Also, Business owners can use LinkedIn for growing their email marketing list with their professional network and connections.

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In this article, we will be learning what is LinkedIn Marketing and all the tips and tricks which will help you to boost your marketing efforts and also the connections with consumers. As we all know Linkedin is helpful for all job seekers and professionals but with the help of Linkedin you can grow your business too.

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Why Linkedin is Important?

Generally, when it comes to social media marketing we blindly follow the three resources i.e. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. No doubt these are great platforms for reaching the target audience but according to a survey, Linkedin generates 227% more effectively than Twitter and Facebook. So when it comes to marketing, Linkedin is a great platform. Linkedin focuses on networking, sharing ideas, and building careers. Hence, if you are having your business on Linkedin is powerful because it’s a great marketing tool.

Tips for LinkedIn Marketing:

With the help of Linkedin, you can grab traffics, share your expertise, identify quality leads through thought-leadership content, and also grows the network. It also helps in sharing job openings for attracting new talent for your company. These are some of the reasons why Linkedin is an ideal platform for marketing your business. Below are some tips you should follow to make a strong social media content strategy.

1. Place a Linkedin Profile vs a Linkedin Page Correctly:

You can follow the Linkedin page without sending a connection. It means that if a person is sharing your page with his connection, those will follow your page and see your business and it has a high engagement potential. In Linkedin Marketing The role of Linkedin profiles and Linkedin pages plays different role. Generally, the Profiles are used privately by an individual but a Page is public and primarily used by businesses.

2. Use of Hashtags:

With the help of hashtags, you can add more emphasis to your Linkedin Page. Also with the help of hashtags your marketing strategy would be changed in a better way. These will help you to grab new audiences, niches, and industries. But if you are using too many hashtags, then it can be worse for your reach. Hence, you have to make a balance between popular and relevant hashtags. This can be done by doing hashtag research on Linkedin.

3. Create Posts of different Lengths:

Stories with long content and short stories with bold post both creates a different effect on the audience. Hence, we should always make a balance between these two types of posts on Linkedin. By posting different lengths of posts you can also add images and videos to make your post more visible. Also, it will make your content more relevant and fresh to your network.

4. Keep a Consistent Schedule for Publishing:

You should always publish your content on a consistent schedule as LinkedIn has the longest content lifespans. Publishing the content with a schedule builds trust and the audience will expect your content regularly. Make a schedule and stick to it for a month that and your schedule should make sense for your business. Check which time gives you the best engagement and according to that publish your content.

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How to use Linkedin for Business and Marketing?

1. Add a Background Photo to your profile:

By adding a background image your Linkedin profile will get more personality. Also, update your profile picture regularly for showcasing your special interest, and personal brands, or catch the eyes of hiring recruiters and hiring managers. It is recommended to add a background photo of size 1584*396 pixels (must be a PNG, JPG, or GIF file 8 MB).

2. Customize your Public Profile URL:

By customizing your Linkedin Public Profile URL, make your profile more professional and share easily. A URL with a confusing number at the end will look confusing hence, making the URL more visible if you add your name or brand name. This can be done easily by editing your public and URL.

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3. Always Add and Rearrange the sections of your profile:

You can regularly edit or reorder your Linkedin profile and can highlight certain information. Doing this regularly will update your Linkedin profile and will make your profile more eye-catching.

4. Optimize your Linkedin Profile:

You can optimize your Linkedin profile for getting discovered by more people who are searching Linkedin for key terms for which you want to be found. You can add these keywords to different sections of your profile like your summary, your headline, or your work experience.

5. Add Blogs and Website Links to Your Linkedin Profile:

You can also add your social network links and your portfolio links on the LinkedIn page. Links containing your business information and content can also be added in your profile. This will make you draw greater attention to specific areas.

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