Career In Digital Marketing, Why To Choose A Career In Digital Marketing?

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Digital Marketing is emerging as the new buzz that is full of opportunities for everyone. This field offers various types of jobs and helps people master important skills. This field is bound to grow further and attract employment because of its trajectory of usage by businesses and companies. Lot of people are enrolling in different courses over various platforms to learn digital marketing and make a startling career in this field. Here, in this article we have provided all the information about career in digital marketing. 

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Digital Marketing has to deal with a lot of roles and skills to compete with other organizations.


It also provides handsome salary because of which the demand is increasing. Before starting your career in digital marketing we should know what it is and how it works. Digital marketing is just like traditional marketing, it helps in products sales and also in engaging the customers. It is undeniable that digital marketing is sweeping the globe. Most businesses are shifting to digital marketing, and because marketing is an essential component of any business, the demand for digital marketers is high.

It’s easy to confuse the terms digital marketing and online marketing, in particular with the boom in Internet traffic over the past decade. However, there are distinct differences between these two terms that have implications for any marketing plan. Digital marketing is an umbrella term that covers all types of marketing that involve electronic media, and it’s been around since the invention of the radio in 1896. 

Online marketing is the one subset of the digital marketing realm as a whole and includes:

  • Websites
  • Social Media
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Content Marketing

This particular subset of digital marketing is growing at an unprecedented rate. Change in the online marketing world happens quickly, and savvy marketers must stay on top of the latest trends and changes to continue to attract new customers and retain current customers. In this article, we will be discussing digital marketing and the topmost reasons why choose a career in digital marketing.

Table Of Contents

A Brief Overview of a Career in Digital Marketing

Before we get into the benefits and drawbacks of pursuing a career in digital marketing, let's take a look at the evolution of marketing. If you grew up in the 1990s or early 2000s, you may recall those amazing television commercials. A couple of them were truly inspirational, while the majority of them made me wince.

The majority of them, on the other hand, had a goal: to raise awareness of a product and persuade you to buy it. Companies invest a significant amount of money in promoting and marketing their products in order to acquire new clients and expand their customer base. You might have already guessed that marketing is highly dependent on consumer trends. So, now, where does digital marketing come in here?

Employers in the digital business are more interested in your capacity to adapt and build, and most importantly, the talents you bring to the table, so keep that in mind when applying for digital marketing positions. Given the current economic climate, organizations and the market will place a premium on digital and technology skills, which will allow employees to work from home. As a result, there is a high need for digital marketing positions and hence, digital marketing jobs for freshers.

As a result, We strongly advise you to master digital marketing abilities, which will enable you to obtain high-paying positions in the future. What does this mean for you as a recent graduate seeking for a job in digital marketing? You'll be spoiled for choice in terms of where to work if you have the necessary digital marketing abilities, some practical experience, and confidence. However, whatever expertise you choose, we believe you should first brush up on the fundamentals of digital marketing to lay a solid foundation. Digital marketing jobs/positions are also very appealing to freshers/recent graduates because the field is fast-paced, exciting, well-paying, and offers a somewhat rapid career path.

While there is a lot of room for career advancement and job prospects, the pay for digital marketing jobs for freshers is also reasonable. However, we advocate starting your digital marketing career with a digital marketing firm rather than a brand. Why? Because working in a digital marketing agency will allow you to work with a variety of brands and develop experience in a variety of digital marketing domains. When opposed to working for a brand, you'll learn more at an agency.


Digital marketing is required for-

Consider the last time you sat in front of a television for an extended length of time. It's possible that most of you aren't aware of it. People have switched away from television sets to the Internet as a result of the internet and easy streaming of TV programs. Companies have transitioned from traditional advertising to digital marketing as a result of this transformation, bringing commercials directly to your mobile or computer screen.

However, since the internet is almost endless, digital marketing has to deal with a lot of skills and roles so that you can cut through the competition. It has become a very lucrative option and the demand of digital marketers is increasing.

Future Scope of Digital Marketing

As previously stated, the scope of digital marketing has been phenomenal, and the data indicate that this trend will continue in the future. Simply put, digital marketing's scope appears to be bright and safe. As more chances arise, being creative, original, and up to date on the current trends will become the guiding concept for every digital marketer. The exponential growth that we have seen on the Internet in recent years, particularly after covid, is here to stay. People are adjusting to the new normal and are now extremely comfortable doing things online, whether it's shopping, ordering food, or purchasing medications.

Hence, to cater to these new-formed demands of the consumers, digital marketing is extremely essential. 

In addition to this, an important aspect to consider is the future generation will be a part of the already digital world and will be accustomed to everything being online. So to be able to deliver to these future consumers, companies must make digital marketing efforts starting today. 

An important takeaway from all this is that the scope of digital marketing is very promising and if you have an inclination towards digital marketing, now is the time to grab this opportunity to your advantage. 

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What Is Digital Marketing and How Does It Work?

The answer to the question "what is digital marketing?" is simple: any marketing activity that uses a digital platform to promote goods, services, or brands. It is, in essence, any marketing done on the internet. Digital marketers work in advertising agency or marketing departments, creating advertising campaigns for customers or for the organisation where they work in the marketing department. Knowing exactly what digital marketing is a pre-requisite for learning how to become a digital marketer.

Digital marketers' job duties include assisting in the creation of awareness and interest in the company's products and services. This can be accomplished through the use of a website, social media platforms, mobile devices, and even emails.

Apart from establishing marketing campaigns (and its components), digital marketers may conduct market research and data analysis to determine which marketing efforts are working and which need to be tweaked. They may also be involved in the financial end of the marketing spectrum, such as devising pricing plans for products or services and establishing marketing budgets and ensuring that they are followed.

To fully grasp what digital marketing entails, it's also necessary to be familiar with some of the most frequent types of digital marketing:
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Pay Per Click (PPC)/Paid Search Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Email Marketing
  • Digital Public Relations (PR)
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Sponsored Content
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
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 Skills In Demand And Required for Working in Digital Marketing

Before we move on to see how to become a digital marketer, its prominent to know the skills required for the same. Digital marketers may specialize in one area, but they are more likely to have a diverse set of talents connected to digital marketing. Content marketing focusing on search engine optimization (SEO), copywriting, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, including online advertising such as Google AdWords, social media marketing, and email marketing are all niche areas in digital marketing sector. You may also choose to specialize in data and analytics.

Digital marketing strategy includes content marketing as well as copywriting. While content marketing refers to written content with the goal of turning a visitor into a paying customer, copywriting refers to language prepared explicitly to sell something. Content marketing includes web articles that are optimized for search engines while copywriting is the text included in anything from web pages to social media ads with the purpose of hooking a client and getting them to buy something. 

Besides written content, digital marketers may focus on data analytics to see how their digital marketing campaigns are doing and whether they need to make some changes to encourage more conversions.


What is the purpose of digital marketing?

If you're considering a career in digital marketing, you might be wondering if you're cut out for it. Digital marketing, on the other hand, has something for practically everyone. If you enjoy coding, you will have no trouble finding work as a web developer. Even artificial intelligence (AI) is now being employed to assist with Interactive Technology.

Data scientists can also be useful in digital marketing because they can be used to identify client patterns. Digital marketing offers a variety of opportunities for creative people. Content generation and management are options for writers. The fields of graphic design and video editing are also significant in digital marketing.

However, since marketing is a dynamic field, if you enter it, you need to learn constantly. You have to be proactive and curious as well as understand how businesses work. The more adaptable and skillful you become, the better are your chances to move up the ranks in the digital marketing field.

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Why should you pursue a digital marketing career?

If you get into digital marketing, you'll find that there are a lot of different paths you might take. You can even advance up the ranks and become a manager if you want to learn something new every day. However, there are a number of other reasons why digital marketing might be a lucrative business for you:

1. Skill utilization: In today's environment, organizations are searching for persons who have soft skills. If you are in the middle-income bracket and have some digital abilities, you can advance your career by gaining more skills, particularly in this area. Planned skill development can help you advance in your future excursions.

2. Diverse field: It is difficult to change your course in many different fields if you have previously chosen a specialism. It's possible that you'll have to go through a lot of training. However, with digital marketing, you only need a little training to make the necessary switch. In most cases, there is something for everyone in the world of digital marketing. You can improve on your current abilities.

3. Evolving Industry: Digital marketing career seems exciting because its industry is constantly evolving. Many different platforms have been introduced and a digital marketing manager always scopes out trends and sees how they make difference in discoverability. The search engines always roll out a new update, hence, the digital marketing manager finds out how it impacts the website's ranking.

4. Compensation: Because digital marketing jobs are in high demand, you have a lot of room to negotiate your pay. One of the best aspects of digital marketing is that it does not require you to work in-house. You can also work from home or as a freelancer. If you have the necessary experience or expertise, as well as the ability to demonstrate your accomplishments, you can negotiate and obtain your desired pay in this sector. Different compensation scales exist in India for various professions in the digital marketing business. The following is a rough estimate of each top role's annual salary:

Role Salary in Rupees
Digital Marketing Manager 4 lakhs to 10 lakhs
SEO Manager 3 lakhs to 7 lakhs
SEM/PPC expert 3 lakhs to 5 lakhs
Web developer/designer 3 lakhs to 6 lakhs
Social Media Manager 3.5 lakhs to 7 lakhs
Content Writer 2.5 lakhs to 5 lakhs

5. Creativity: Digital marketing is a very creative discipline. Unlike many technical professional fields, digital marketing provides an opportunity for many creative people. There are jobs in writing, designing, and audio and video production. Plus, developing marketing strategies, solving problems, and finding ways to engage audiences to require creative solutions as well. 

6. Train whenever you want: It has already been established that digital marketing is a field in which you must constantly learn new abilities in order to advance. The best aspect is that you may train at your own pace and at your own degree of comfort. If you work as a freelancer or have a work-from-home contract, you can learn from the comfort of your own home.

You can improve your skills by enrolling in online classes. You can even volunteer to help develop a website or blog and manage your personal social media page. It will assist you in developing an outstanding portfolio for yourself.

7. Working in a diverse environment: It is no secret that networking is extremely beneficial, particularly when it comes to professional advancement. Because you will be meeting a lot of different people with diverse skillsets when you enter the digital marketing sector, you will have the opportunity to expand your creative side. Working with diverse individuals gives you the opportunity to not only learn from them but also to find a new course in life, such as learning a new talent that will expand your portfolio.

8. Roles for Future: Digital marketing is said to be the future of traditional marketing as its taking over traditional marketing because of its analytics and affordability. Now, with the help of digital marketing, the marketing managers can see the source from where the people are coming. Moreover, they can recognize the tactics that produce the top ROI.
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Like most other disciplines, digital marketing has its cons too. Some of the cons of digital marketing are:

1. Regular learning and flexibility – Ongoing learning in digital marketing can be both a pro and a con for this field. While learning new things is always beneficial, the extremely dynamic nature of digital marketing can make learning a bit hectic. You may have to stay on your toes as you try to understand the trends and learn something new. You also have to be flexible and change your methods frequently based on the changing trends of the market.

2. A lot of competition — Digital marketing, like any other field, has a lot of competition. However, because this is such a creative profession, the competition heats up even more. One of your primary aims as a digital marketer will be to rank your page or website on Google and have it appear on the first page. As a result, you'll be up against not only other top pages, but also other blog pages and websites. Because the competition is on a worldwide scale, breaking through is considerably more challenging.


How to start your digital marketing career?

You are probably wondering how you can start your digital marketing career. Since digital marketing requires a lot of transferable skills, a nice place to start is by learning a few skills useful for digital marketing. Honing your skills can set you on the right route down your career in digital marketing.

If you have a degree or a skill in web development, marketing management, designing and copywriting, then you already have a few skills which can be used in digital marketing. A good way to boost your exposure is by creating your personal brand and building a portfolio to develop your own digital presence. When you create your brand, you are most likely going to try to stay on top of the trends. This will help you understand how trends work and you will get a lot of information about trends like AI or virtual reality. Try to understand how these trends can bring a change in the marketing department.

Maintain consistency with your skillset on your Facebook page or other social media pages so that they can effectively display your abilities to the audience. Always remember to promote yourself. You can create a blog on Medium or join Facebook groups with similar interests. After that, you can enroll in a formal school or pursue a specific career route to ensure that your skill is properly recognized. While degrees, diplomas, and certificates are not always required in the field of digital marketing, they might provide a significant advantage in the long run.

Before hiring a digital marketing agency, it’s important to first assess your company’s needs. Do you need help with overhauling your content, implementing some SEO changes, or redesigning the UX for your website? Then you’ll want to evaluate your company’s own marketing skills, strengths, and capabilities to determine whether an agency and what type, can benefit your business. Do you already have an in-house team that needs some help or is all of your marketing outsourced? Once you've asked these questions, you’ll have a better idea as to whether or not working with an agency is the right choice. You’ll also know what kinds of digital marketing services your business needs.



If you play your cards well, a career in digital marketing may be very successful. You must keep your studying spirit alive and strive for the stars. When it comes to a profession in digital marketing, you should never be complacent; there is always space for improvement. After reading the above article we hope you are clear with the concept of digital marketing and you can be able to start a career in digital marketing

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