Top 5 Reasons for a Rewarding Career in Digital Marketing

Safalta Published by: Ishika Kumar Updated Tue, 14 Feb 2023 08:16 AM IST


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Digital Marketing as a field has seen tremendous growth in the last few years. It is bound to grow more and is going to provide lots of opportunities to people to make a career in this field. Businesses are increasingly using digital marketing as their primary marketing strategy and this is opening up unbounded opportunities. If you are someone who is confused about pursuing digital marketing, then here we have provided top reasons why should go for it and make a career in digital marketing.
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1. Kinds of Job Opportunities in the Digital Marketing Industry-
As a digital marketing expert, you can work in one of the three types of businesses listed below, depending on your interests.

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The variety of work and job profiles make a career in digital marketing even more appealing.

Digital Marketing Agency: There are a variety of small, mid-sized, and major digital marketing firms that serve their clients by providing SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing, and other digital marketing services. Even traditional advertising agencies are compelled to provide digital marketing services. Working in such an agency allows you to work with a variety of clients and appreciate the variety of work. However, you are unlikely to develop depth because going deeper for a specific customer is nearly hard unless you are working for a certain brand.

Working for a brand or organization that is actively leveraging digital marketing for its own growth: You can also opt to work for a brand or organisation that is actively leveraging digital marketing for its own growth. When you work for a specific firm, as opposed to working for a digital marketing agency, you gain in-depth experience.
Working for a digital marketing tool or platform company, such as Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Adobe, or Salesforce, is another way to advance your career in digital marketing. Working in these types of firms will be very different from working at an agency or a brand in terms of the type of job and accompanying learning. Furthermore, such career prospects are restricted, but they will provide benefits.
2. Popular Job Profiles in Digital Marketing-
As said previously in this post, you might explore the following Job Profiles based on your experience, talents (both technical and non-technical such as communication, creativity, and analytical skills), and interests:
Digital Marketing Executive: You are most likely to begin your career as a digital marketing executive (or maybe an SEO executive, Social Media Marketing Executive, or Search Engine Marketing executive). You'll most likely collaborate with a team lead or manager on a variety of activities, such as research, content development, and testing.
Digital Marketing Specialist: You will be promoted to a specialist role such as SEO Expert, SEM Expert, Community Lead, or Content Marketing Expert after gaining reasonable (i.e. 2+ years) expertise in a certain domain such as SEO or SEM. While you will report to your manager in this job, you will be responsible for making many decisions on your own.
With 2-4 years of experience, you will work as a Digital Marketing Manager or Team Leader, such as SEO Manager or SEM Team Lead. You will be directing a team and directly contributing to the organization's strategic and tactical plans in this role.

Digital Marketing Strategist/Analyst: There is a demand for competent people in Strategic & Analytics jobs in firms or agencies that place a significant emphasis on areas such as SEO, SEM, and Social Media Marketing. While team leads or managers will continue to lead their teams, these profiles will act as consultants, advising them on how to increase their overall effectiveness. An analyst may also work with teams from several departments.

Head of Digital Marketing: A Digital Marketing Head is the highest-ranking position in this field. In companies with integrated marketing efforts, the Digital Marketing Head will report to the Head of Marketing or CMO, who is in charge of the entire marketing department.

Because the Internet Marketing sector is still developing, the aforementioned positions are not yet standardised and may vary depending on the type of company, such as an agency, a brand, or a tool supplier. For both students and professionals, continuous learning and growth opportunities for all of the profiles stated above constitute an excellent choice for creating a career in digital marketing.
3. Skills Required to Build a Successful Career in Digital Marketing-
The following are the talents you'll need to be a successful Digital Marketing professional, in addition to technical skills (e.g., SEO, SEM, and Social Media Marketing). As a digital marketer, you may expect success and growth to the extent that you have these talents.
Given the volume of content and conversations on the internet, creativity is critical in distinguishing a business from its competitors.
Analytical Ability: Being a great digital marketer necessitates analytical skills, as measurability is one of the major strengths necessary.
Communication Skills: Good communication skills, particularly written communication, are necessary for most of the profiles in this domain. Without effective communication, one must rely on an external resource, which is not always possible and inefficient.

A desire to learn: Given the dynamic nature of digital media, one must be open and hungry to learn emerging trends and abilities in order to stay ahead of the competition.

Passion for Digital Media: Digital Marketing experts that are genuinely enthusiastic about the medium will undoubtedly achieve more success in terms of campaign results and job advancement in the field.

Multitasking: The majority of online campaigns consist of many digital media channels and ongoing operations. Multitasking is another crucial ability for any digital marketer in order to successfully handle this spread of internet marketing initiatives.

Networking: As previously said, any digital marketing professional should have a drive to learn. Any digital marketer who wants to keep on top of the latest trends and approaches in internet marketing needs to have strong networking abilities (particularly online).
4. Resources for Building a Career in Digital Marketing-
Here is a list of resources connected to pursuing a profession in digital marketing that you might find useful. If you know of any more significant resources that I missed, please let me know in the comments area.
LinkedIn, Naukri, Shine, iimjobs, Social Samosa, Jobswitch, and Digital Defynd are all good places to look for online marketing internships. You can also search for and apply for Top Digital Marketing Jobs. If you're looking for a Digital Marketing Agency, our list of Top Digital Marketing Companies is a good place to start.

Letsintern, Internshala, and Twenty19 are three digital marketing internship sites worth checking out.

Freelancing Sites: Upwork,, and are some of the best freelancing sites for digital marketing.

Books: Because internet marketing is such a dynamic subject, no book about tactical issues (e.g., digital media channel-related) remains current for more than a few months. However, we urge that you study these 10 Must-Read Digital Marketing Books, which cover the fundamentals of digital marketing.

Check out our list of the Top 10 Digital Marketing Tools for the most highly recommended tools. You should also look at these Digital Marketing Tool Guides for tools relevant to certain topics like SEO and SEM.

Webinars: There are over 100 Digital Marketing Webinars led by industry experts that you should check out.
5.FAQs about Career in Digital Marketing
Given the high volume of questions posted on this site, I decided to compile a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) for your convenience:
Do I need to understand technology to be a good Digital Marketer? This is one of the most common inquiries concerning a digital marketing job. You don't need to understand technology to be a good digital marketer. It will, however, be handy if you grasp the fundamentals of HTML.

How crucial are communication skills? : Good communication skills, particularly in written English, are required for most roles, such as Social Media Marketing, SEO, SEM, and Email Marketing. HubSpot has compiled a list of the top 25 grammatical errors to avoid.

Should I look for a Digital Marketing certification that is recognised globally? Given that this business is constantly expanding and that practical/hands-on skills are the most vital, certification should not be a major concern. Industry certifications like HubSpot Inbound Marketing, Google AdWords, and Analytics don't hold much weight for the same reason.

Is it necessary for me to be a graduate? While your school background may help you advance in your digital marketing profession, especially in large businesses, it is not a major component in your success here. Surprisingly, businesses and agencies that need an MBA as a prerequisite for digital marketing positions miss out on some excellent candidates.
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