List Of UPSC Chairman From 1927 to 2022 : Check the complete list here!

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Who is the UPSC chairman? , if you do not know, then get all the information about the UPSC chairman through this article?

The Union Public Service Commission is the premier recruitment agency in India. It is a constitutional body with Articles 315 to 324 of the Constitution. The most prominent examination conducted by the UPSC is the Civil services and other examinations like engineering services and medical services.  The candidates preparing for various examinations must be aware of details related to the constitutional body. The details related to the structure of the body, functions and responsibilities are important to know. UPSC consists of the Chairman and the members appointed by the President of India.

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The Chairman and the members of the UPSC hold the office for a term of 6 years or till the age of 65 years. The candidates must also be aware of the list of Chairman for the UPSC. The detailed list of the UPSC Chairman list is mentioned below.
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Table of content

  1. UPSC chairman list: Article In the constitution
  2. UPSC chairman listed the: How they appointed
  3. UPSC Chairman: Removal
  4. UPSC Chairman: Function
  5. UPSC Chairman list: Reporting
  6. UPSC Chairman List: Present time Chairman
  7. UPSC chairman list: List of chairman of UPSC from Independence till now

UPSC chairman list: Article In the constitution

Part XIV of the Constitution, Sections 315-323, titled Union and State Services, establishes a public service commission for the Union and each state. As a result, he proposes to create a Union Civil Service Commission at the Union level, according to Art. 315. Along with the country's top judges and, more recently, the Electoral Commission, the UPSC is one of the few institutions that work with independence and freedom.


UPSC chairman listed the: How they appointed

A member of the Public Service Union Commission is appointed for a six-year term, beginning on the day of his appointment and ending when he reaches the age of 65, whichever comes first. These are the possibilities. A person performing the position of president is ineligible for re-election when his mandate expires, according to article 319. Furthermore, nearly half of the members of the Commission must have served for at least ten years under the Government of India or the State Government at the time of their respective appointments. In the event of a vacancy in the chairmanship, one of the other members of the Commission will be appointed to fill the vacancy. But, a member other than the Chairman of the Union Public Service Commission shall be eligible for appointment as the Chairman of the Union Public Service Commission, or as the Chairman of a State Public Service Commission, but not for any other employment either under the Government of India or under the Government of a State.

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UPSC Chairman:  Removal

The President may also remove the Chairman or any other member of the commission if he/she/they:
• Is/are adjudged an insolvent; or
• Engage/s during their term of office in any paid employment outside the duties of their office; or
• Is/are, in the opinion of the President, unfit to continue in office because of the infirmity of mind or body.
• 317, the Chairman or any other member of a Public Service Commission shall only be removed from their office by order of the President on the ground of “misbehavior” after the Supreme Court, on a reference being made to it by the President, has, on inquiry reported that the Chairman or such other member ought to be removed.
The Chairman or any other member cannot hold an office of profit or otherwise they shall be deemed to be guilty of misbehavior. The President may suspend the Chairman or other member of the Commission until the report of the Supreme Court is received.

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UPSC Chairman: Function

The Union Public Service Commission shall be consulted:
• On all matters relating to
1. Methods of recruitment to civil services and for civil posts
2. Making appointments to civil services and posts
3. Making promotions and transfers from one service to another
4. The suitability of candidates for such appointments, promotions, or transfers
5. All disciplinary matters against officials exercising a public function, including denunciations or requests relating to such matters.
6. On any claim by or against a person exercising or having exercised civil functions, all costs incurred in defending proceedings brought against him for acts performed or supposed to be performed in execution of this person. The fees will be paid from the Consolidated Fund of India.
7. Any application for the allocation of a pension for injuries suffered by a person in the exercise of his civil duties and any question relating to the amount of this compensation.
The Union Civil Service Commission is required to give its opinion on any matter referred to it; provided that the President has not made regulations specifying matters on which it is not necessary to consult the Union Civil Service Commission.
Extension of functions
To modify By art. 321, an Act of Parliament may provide for the performance of additional functions by the Union Commission for Public Service w.r.t. Union services. 

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UPSC Chairman list: Reporting

According to art. 323, the Union Commission is required to submit an annual report to the President on the work carried out by the Commission. Upon receipt of this report, the President lays a copy before each House of Parliament; accompanied, if necessary, by a memorandum explaining why he did not accept the opinion of the Commission.

UPSC Chairman List: Present time Chairman

On 5 April 2022, Dr. Manoj Soni was appointed as the Chairman of the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). He succeeds Pradip Kumar Joshi. Previously, Drs. Manoj is Vice-Chancellor of two universities and has won several national and international awards and honors. Soni was the youngest Vice-Chancellor in India and MSU. Dr. is a researcher in political science specializing in international relations studies.

UPSC chairman list: List of chairman of UPSC from Independence till now

  • Name of UPSC Chaire man
  • Sir ross barker
Oct 1926-August   1932
  • Sir David Patric
August 1926-1936
  • Sir Eyre Gorden
  • Sir F. W. Robertson
1942 – 1947
  • H. K. Kripalani
April 1 -1947 January 1949
  • R. N. Banerjee
January 14-December 1955
  • N. Govindarajan
May 10 1955-December 9,1955
  • V. S. Hejmadi
December 10 ,1955 -December 9,1961
  • B. N. Jha
December 11,1967-February 22,1967
  • K. R. Damle
April 18 ,1967 -March 2,1971
  • Randhir Chandra Sarma Sarkar
May 11,1971- February 5,1971
  • Akhlaqur Rahman Kidwai
February 5,1973-February 4,1979
  • M. L. Share
February 16,1972 -February 16, 1985
  • H. K. L. Kapoor
Feb 18 ,1985-march 5,1990
  • J. P. Gupta
March  5,1990-June  2 1992
  • R. M. Mathew
September 23,1982-August 23,1986
  • S. J. S. Chhatwal
August 23,1986-September 30,1986
  • J. M. Qureshi
September 30,1986-December -11,1998
  • Surendra Nath
December 11,1998-September 25, 2002
  • Purna Chandra Hota
June 25,2003-September 2003
  • Mata Prasad
September 2003-January 2005
  • S. R. Hashim
January 2005- April 2006
  • Gurbachan Jagat
1 April 2006- 30 June 2007
  • Subir Dutta
30 June 2007- August 16, 2008
  • D. P. Agrawal
16 August 2008-august 2014
  • Rajni Razdan
16 August 2014 -21 November 2014
  • Deepak Gupta
22 November 2014-20 September 2016
  • Alka Sirohi September
21 September 2016-3 January 2017
  • David R. Syiemlieh
4 January 2017-21 January 2018
  • Vinay Mittal
22 January 2018-19 June-2018
  • Arvind Saxena
22 June 2018- 24 August 2020
  • Pradeep Kumar Joshi (incumbent)
25 August 2020- 4 April 2022
  • Manoj Soni
5 April 2022-…

Q1.Who is the first Chairman UPSC?

Answer - Mr Ross Barker , October 1926

Q2.What is full form IAS?

Answer -The full form of IAS is Indian Administrative Service.

Q3-.nWho is the founder of UPSC in India?

Answer. Ross Barker was the first UPSC Chairman and he joined the services in October 1926.

Q4. Who can remove UPSC chairman?

Answer-Subject to the provisions of clause (3), the Chairman or any other member of a Public Service Commission shall only be removed from his office by order of the President on the ground of misbehaviour after the Supreme Court, on reference being made to it by the President.

Q5. Which state gives highest number of IAS?

Answer-As seen from the table, the maximum number of IAS officers in India is from the states of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. This is mainly because these two states (before Jharkhand was formed in 2000) are the most populous in India.

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