Difference Between Growth Marketing and Digital Marketing

Safalta Expert Published by: Manisha Raj Srivastava Updated Thu, 03 Aug 2023 01:05 PM IST

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Most businesses need help with targeting customers and making revenue at large stages. The rate at which they achieve success is determined by factors such as money, branding, and scaling speed. Marketing is another major factor that contributes to business success it brings focus on every aspect of how people get attracted toward products in which the business is dealing. Is your company using the correct marketing mix to promote brand awareness? With intense competition in the markets, companies pour enormous amounts of time and money into marketing efforts to capture their target audience market. They are perplexed since there are so many marketing tactics to choose from, such as growth marketing, growth hacking, and digital marketing.

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Now every company follows a strategy that suits their process of working to scale their growth and operations.
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Table of Content

What is Growth Marketing
What is Digital Marketing
Component of Growth and Digital Marketing
5 Ways Why Growth Marketing Different From Digital Marketing

What is Growth Marketing?

Growth marketing is a marketing approach that tries to gain and keep customers by focusing on all stages of the buyer's journey using various marketing channels. As a process, growth marketing ensues a complete reevaluation of how business access, convert potential customer base and retain existing ones. Growth marketers are solely concerned with business growth and employ unconventional methods to identify creative ways to scale firms quickly. They use rapid recalculations to test new buyer journey hypotheses.

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What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is mainly a set of digitally applicable marketing strategies. Everything from SEO to email marketing to PPC is categorized as digital marketing. It also includes building relationships between patrons and brands to boost the conversation rate in no time, targeting and capturing new patrons through better brand awareness.

To assist businesses reach their marketing goals, digital marketers also focus on providing relevant content, multi-channel interaction, and search engine optimization. Digital marketing broadens the reach of services and products while also creating a terrific market for them; it is primarily used as the first stage of any sales funnel.

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Components of Growth and Digital Marketing

1.  Growth Marketing: 
       Growth marketing has two essential components:
       a. cross-channel marketing
       b. A/B testing

Cross-channel marketing:

  Cross-channel marketing is a strategy that involves interaction with both prospective and current customers through a variety of mediums or marketing channels. Businesses that employ cross-channel marketing figure out the best ways and approaches for reaching out to different types of clients. Marketing channels may include:
Email subscriptions, mobile apps, online forums or discussion groups, and social media posts. Podcasts, Networking events, Guest blogs, Text messages, public views, and many more.

 A/B Testing:

      A/B Testing is a method for examining the similarities and differences between two variations of the same thing also called a multivariate test. Growth marketers can use A/B testing to determine the best version of a particular marketing strategy, program, or type of content. Once growth marketer figures out which variation has the greatest success in gaining, engaging, or keeping customers, they can improve upon that variation during future campaigns. A? B testing typically involves testing the same two variations with multiple subgroups of your business’s target audience, as sometimes various types of customers may respond best to different tactics.

2. Digital Marketing:
      A digital marketing strategy has numerous components.
Content marketing
Email marketing
Mobile Marketing
Social media marketing
Search engine optimization and many more

Bidding and purchasing relevant ad units on third-party sites, such as display ads on blogs, forums, and other related websites, constitutes online advertising. Images, text, pop-ups, banners, and videos are all examples of advertisements.

Content Marketing:
Content marketing is a critical approach to gaining new customers. Publishing a regular cadence of high-quality, relevant content online will help establish thought customers about the problems your product can help them resolve, as well as boost SEO ranking.

Email Marketing:

Email is a direct marketing method that involves sending promotional messages to a segment group of prospects or customers. Email marketing remains an efficient method for sending targeted communications that are tailored to the needs and interests of clients. It is most popular for e-commerce businesses as a way of staying top of mind for consumers.

Mobile Marketing:
Mobile marketing is the promotion of goods or services through mobile phones and devices. This includes mobile advertising via text messages as well as advertising within downloaded apps. A thorough mobile marketing strategy, on the other hand, includes optimizing websites, landing pages, emails, and content for mobile devices.

Social Media Marketing:

Social media marketing is an important aspect of digital marketing. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, Linked In, and even YouTube offer paid opportunities for digital marketing managers to reach and communicate with potential customers. To reach a broader audience and boost brand lift, digital marketing initiatives frequently mix organic efforts with sponsored content and paid advertising promotions on important social media channels.

Search Engine Optimization:
Search engine optimization (SEO) is concerned with increasing organic traffic to your website. SEO efforts include both technical and creative approaches for improving ranks and increasing visibility in search engines. Google, Bing, and Yahoo are the most popular search engines.
To keep a high ranking, digital marketing managers focus on optimizing levers like keywords, crosslinks, backlinks, and original content.

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5 Ways Why Growth Marketing Difference from Digital Marketing?

1. A commercial focus in digital marketing is on collecting new customers, converting them, and engaging them effectively to increase retention rates for the brand. However, growth marketing is equally concerned with how you can use your existing client base to generate referrals and additional revenue.

2. Comparing growth marketing vs digital marketing, it's essential that digital marketing relies exclusively on digital channels for promotion, say social media, emails, and search engines, growth marketing leverages a strategic mix of digital marketing approaches to retain business clients.

3. Traditional digital marketing techniques include spending a set amount of money. They use Google Adwords and display advertising, for example, with uniform basic ad wording. Digital marketing methods can successfully increase web traffic and propel a company to the top of the sales funnel. Growth marketing, on the other hand, extends beyond the funnel's top. It emphasizes the entire funnel. It can attract, engage, and retain people, as well as turn them into brand champions.

4. While doing growth marketing vs digital marketing comparisons, it's important to note that growth marketing is highly data-driven when shaping strategies for the future but on the other hand digital marketing is not highly data-driven it works on lead generation strategy.

5. Growth marketing try experimenting with marketing techniques, which may fail at times, and figures out what works with hit and trial while digital marketing does not work like this as it follows a certain process to keep the right path so that customer is attracted by themselves only.

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While growth marketing and digital marketing do overlap, understanding their differences is critical for any company looking to enhance marketing success. In today's digitally driven corporate landscape, understanding and efficiently using varied methods is critical.

However, the best strategy, as always, depends on your unique business goals, resources, and target audience, It’s all about testing, learning, and constantly optimizing to figure out what works best for you and your customers.

Is growth marketing related to traditional marketing?

No, traditional marketing is focused on creating awareness and building brand recognition while growth marketing focus on data-driven tactics.

Is growth marketing interlinked with digital marketing?

Yes, both are interlinked growth marketing leverages various digital marketing channels and techniques to bring rapid scale and growth to the business.

Which marketing approach is more cost-effective?

Both growth marketing and digital marketing can be cost-effective if implemented strategically.

Is growth marketing only applicable to online businesses?

No, it is on every path whether it is online or offline business.

Can digital marketing and growth marketing be outsourced?

Yes, both can be outsourced to external agencies and specialists.

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