CLAT 2021: Check the 30-day study plan for preparation

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Crack CLAT 2021 with 30 Days CLAT Study Plan. Clear this exam in the first attempt by following this CLAT study schedule curated by our Experts.

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CLAT is India's most popular law entrance exam, which is held once a year. The exam has been rescheduled for July 23. With the revised exam date announced, it is critical that applicants have a CLAT study plan in place so that they can cover the whole curriculum on time. Candidates could also practice solving sample papers and previous year's CLAT exam papers to improve their speed and accuracy.

Safalta has put together a CLAT Study Plan to assist candidates in achieving high scores on the final exam. To acquire the timetable, recommendations, and techniques for CLAT preparation, scroll down the page. If you are preparing for competitive exams and are looking for expert guidance, you can check out our monthly FREE Current Affairs Ebook- Download Now

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Highlights for CLAT Exam

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A few highlights from the CLAT 2021 exam are listed here.

Source: Amar Ujala

It is recommended that applicants read it before beginning their exam preparation.
Parameters CLAT UG CLAT PG
Mode of Exam Offline Mode Offline Mode
Type of Questions Objective Objective & Subjective
Medium of Instructions English only English only
Exam Duration 2 Hours 2 Hours
Total Questions 150 Questions 100+2 Questions
Total Marks 150 Marks 150 Marks
Marks per Correct Attempt +1 +1 for each Objective Question, +25 for each Subjective Question
Marks per Incorrect Attempt -0.25 -0.25
Exam Sections 5 Sections 2 Sections

How to prepare for CLAT in one Month?

Apart from your LST classes, a 30-day schedule expects you to dedicate 5-6 hours every day. CLAT preparation takes a lot of time and effort, but your perseverance in sticking to this plan will pay off! The strategy implies you've completed your board examinations and are now solely focused on CLAT.

Week 1:

  • Studying and Practicing A high-frequency word list of 100 to 120 words.
  • Work on each subject's fundamentals. Make sure you understand the fundamentals.
  • Every day, read one newspaper, including the editorials.
  • Do a drill-down analysis after writing two CLAT Mocks.

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Week 2:

  • Write a CLAT Mock to begin the week. Take a day or two to think about it. Perform a drill-down examination of your performance, identify your deficiencies, and put greater emphasis on those areas.
  • In Test Gym-Topic Tests, answer at least 1000 questions.
  • 200 Legal Terms, 200 Business Idioms, 100 Proverbs, and 100 Root Words are all required from competing books.
  • On the weekend, write another CLAT Mock. If you're taking the AILET, take a practice test first.

Week 3:

  • In Test Gym, answer at least 1000 questions.
  • By now, you should have completed Module 2. You must have gone through each of the practice books.
  • Write two CLAT Mocks and analyze them in-depth. For AILET and SLAT, at least one mock is required.

Week 4:

  • With barely six days to go, panic will almost certainly set in. Do not surrender. It's fine to be stressed.
  • This period occurs before the start of major law school entrances in 2019.
  • Now is the time to finish the Test Gym- This would have aided you in determining your grasp on the subjects, as well as assisting you in devising a plan and selecting questions quickly.
  • Attempt two CLAT mocks. Analyze.
  • Keep reading the newspaper-
  • CLAT has a knack for catching you off guard.

Important Instructions for CLAT Study Plan 2021

  • CLAT study plans are determined by the number of days till the exam. Applicants must concentrate on their strengths and shortcomings and schedule their time accordingly. Here are a few pointers on how to approach the CLAT exam when preparing for it.
  • Sort the subjects from most significant to least important based on their importance and your comprehension. For example, Advanced Jurisprudence, Constitutional Law, and International Law are the most significant topics in CLAT PG, whereas Environmental Law and Contract Act are the least important.
  • Every day, keep up with current events by reading the news and staying informed on amendments, legal updates, and new developments.
  • While studying legal concepts, devote effort to the relevant mapping of cases. Learn about contemporary cases, advances, and historical milestones.
  • Mock tests and plenty of comprehension-based exercises are recommended. They boost productivity and cultivate the habit of reading more quickly, saving time.
  • Solve as many practice exams, sample questions, and previous year's exam papers as you can. While doing so, set a timer.
  • Examine your weak spots and invest extra work in places where you might improve.
  • Allow enough time for revision at the conclusion.
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