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30 January, 2021

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Serving as an officer in the Indian Defence Forces is a cherished dream for many however, out of lakhs of candidates appearing for the examination it is a few who are finally able to adorn the uniform and call themselves officers. The written exam is surely an important one to get through however it is a well accepted fact that beyond the written exam lies the more important and tougher stage of the selection process - the SSB interview . This blog aims to provide an insight into the SSB interview process and how to prepare for the same.


1. Introduction
2. SSB Interview Procedure
3. Preparation

1. Introduction
Service Selection Board (SSB) is the organization which conducts this interview to assess the candidates for becoming officers in the Indian Armed Forces. There is a standadized protocol of evaluation system in place on the basis of which, the board consisting of officers from the Defence forces, select the candidates. There are 13 service selection boards across India out of which 4 are for the Indian Army , 4 are for the Indian Air Force and 5 are for the Indian Navy.

2. SSB Interview Procedure
The interview spans for 4-5 days during which various tests are conducted to test the qualities and personality of the candidates. SSB interview has a pattern and procedure wherein the tests are conducted in a manner so as to reflect the actual personality and psychology of the candiate . There are certain established qualitites in the Indian Armed Forces called the "Officer Like Qualitites (OLQs)" which are usually looked for in a cadidate during this interview. So the five day procedure is an attempt by the Selection Board to observe the candidates and scrutinize their every quality to see if they have the required OLQs. The entire procedure as followed on different days is as follows :

DAY 0 - This is the day when the candidates have to report at their respective centres as allocated in the Call letters. After reaching the centre the documents of the candidates are verified.

Day 1- There are two tests which are conducted on this day- Officer Intelligence Rating Test (OIR) and the Picture Perception and Description Test (PPDPT). These two tests majorly focus on examining the candiates' aptitude, psychology and confidence level. On the basis of the results of these two tests certain candidates are shortlisted and retained for the further rounds of the Interview process.

Day 2- There are various tests which are conducted on this day which are Thematic Appreciation Test(TAT), Word Association Test (WAT), Situation Reaction Test (SRT) and Self- Description Test(SDT). These are aimed to test the psychology of the candidate as these tests require the candidate to express himself through his answers in a very short span of time.

Day 3- This day involves group testing . Candidates are distributed into different groups and then various activities are conducted in which the candidates take part in the form of a group. There is Group Discussion,Group Planning Excercise,Progressive Group Task, Group Obstacle Race and Half Group Task.

Day 4- Similar to Day 3 , groups tests are conducted on this day which involve Lecturette, Individual Obstacles, Command Task and Final Group Task .

SSB Personal Interview:
Personal Interviews are also conducted on the 4 days after Day 0 after the scheduled tests of the day have taken place. The personal interview can vary in its duration for different candidates however, the questions in the interview usually revolve around everyday work experiences, family, education, hobbies and general awareness etc.

Day 5- This is the last day of the entire process. A board conference is conducted wherein the officers who assessed the candidates discuss among themselves the suitability of various candidates and inform the candidates if they have been recommended or not and give a feedback of their performance in the interview. The candidates who are recommended have to further go through medical examinations to be finally selected for the Defence Forces.

3. Preparation 
1. As we know that on Day 0 documents of the cadidates are verified so it is is very essential to have all the documents ready before going for the interview .

2. BE THOUROUGH WITH THE PROCEDURE: Before appearing in the SSB interview it is very important to know everything about the various stages of the interview process. When you know the entire procedure it is only then that you can prepare and aim to get recommended.

3. KNOW YOURSELF WELL: SSB interview unlike others is a process where you cannot hide your true personality. After getting familiar with the entire procedure of the interview , it is important to understand that this interview requires a candidate to know himself/herself well before beginning to prepare for the interview. Hence it is important that candidates analyse themselves and try to understand themselves and depending on the OLQs try to rectify themselves. It is also important to know about the place you belong to, your family , school education, friends, hobbies etc. So know yourself and your surroundings well.

4. MAINTAIN PHYSICAL FITNESS: Physical fitness is very important for this interview. It is necesarry to exercise regularly once the candidates receive the notification for their interview dates. Being physically fit will help the candidates in the group tasks and taks involving obstacles which are conducted on Day 3 and Day 4. Besides physical fitness will also help candidates in their medical tests after getting recommended. 

5. DEVELOP THE HABIT OF READING NEWSPAPER, MAGZINES ETC: For SSB interview it is important to know basic english laguage to be able to express onself effectively in the group discussions. To establish oneself in group discussions and lecturette it is important to have opinions which one can develop by regularly reading newspaper and magzines etc. Regular reading will boost one's confidence in various rounds. It will also prove to be helpful while attempting the tests conducted on Day 2 wherein one has to form sentences, stories etc. Besides, newspaper reading will keep one abrest with the current affairs which will be helpful for the personal interview.

6. PRACTICE: After doing some basic work which are mentioned above it is very important to practice for the tests which are conducted in various rounds because they help you evaluate yourself and know if you are actually moving in the right direction. We, at Safalta.com, provide a comprehensive course to prepare for SSB Interview under the mentorship of experts who will help candidates recognise their mistakes and practice well enough to be confident during the tests.

7. BE CONSISTENT DURING THE ENTIRE PROCEDURE: It is important that candidates understand that how it is very important to be consistent during the entire procedure because that is what is thoroughly evaluated. Understand yourself, your psychology, answers etc on all days and try to maintain a positive attitude on all days.  

8. PERSONAL INTERVIEW: Personal interview is very important for all the candidates. In order to prepare for the personal interview join the course provided at Safalta.com for SSB Interview wherein we provide training for personal interview with a very detailed feedback . Along with this be vigilant during the interview. Understand the questions. Be very confident and express yourself effectively and maintain a very positive attitude during the interview.


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