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ITBP Constable Salary 2021: In-hand salary, allowances, benefits, payscale

Safalta Expert Published by: Deepesh Mehra Updated Wed, 28 Jul 2021 05:10 PM IST


Check ITBP Constable Salary 2021 details at Safalta. Know in-hand salary of ITBP constable, allowances, payscale, benefits, and other perks offered to the selected candidates
Indo Tibetan Border Police Force has issued a notification inviting applications for recruitment to the post of Constable (General Duty) Group C (non-gazetted and non-ministerial) on a temporary basis against Sports Quota. Earlier ITBP had released notification for various posts like Gardner, safai karmachari, Tradesmen, and driver. In this article, we have covered all the important aspects of ITBP constable salary including the overall pay scale, allowance and other benefits. It is a good opportunity for candidates from various backgrounds to get employed as constables on a contractual basis, which is likely to be made permanent later. The 7th Pay Commission has had a huge impact on salary in the government sector. ITBP Constable Salary as per the mandate of the latest pay commission is discussed below.

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An overview of ITBP Constable Salary

ITBP Constable is a level 3, non-gazetted, and non-ministerial post. Candidates who are recruited as constables in ITBP are offered a handsome amount of salary. Along with that, there are various allowances and benefits that ITBP Constable receives. The details of ITBP Salary such as structure, in-hand salary, allowances etc are discussed below.  

Salary of ITBP Constable - In Hand Salary 

As per the 7th pay commission, this is a level 3 post, where people serving are paid as per the formula fixed by the commission. ITBP Constable Salary structure is based on the pay scale. A person employed in ITBP as constable will be eligible for a pay scale of Rs. 21,700 to Rs. 69,100. In hand salary of Constable is around Rs. 24,000 to Rs. 30,000.

Payscale of ITBP Constable

Constables in ITBP are paid as the nature of job, not everyone employed as constable has the same pay matrix. ITBP Constable Salary is impacted by the pay matrix, which in turn affects the in hand salary. In grade c post under ITBP, the pay matrix is as follows:
Constable (Crew) Level-3 (Rs 21,700/-)
Constable (Animal Transport) Level-3 (Rs 21,700/-)
Constable (Tradesman) (Tailor/Cobbler/Gardener) Level-3 (Rs 21,700/-)
Constable (Followers) (Cook/Water Carrier/Barber/Washerman/Safai Karmachari) Level-3 (Rs 21,700/-)
Constable (Telecommunication) Level-3 (Rs 21,700/-)
Constable (Pioneer) (Electrician/Plumber/Carpenter/ Mason/Blacksmith/Welder/ Painter) Level-3 (Rs 21,700/-)
Constable (Motor Mechanic) Level-3 (Rs 21,700/-)
Constable (Driver) Level-3 (Rs 21,700/-)
While for head constable the pay matrix and salary is slightly higher, which is discussed below:
Head Constable (Education & Stress Counsellor) Level-4 (Rs 25,500/-)
Head Constable (Telecommunication) Level-4 (Rs 25,500/-)
Head Constable (Dresser Veterinary) Level-4 (Rs 25,500/-)
Head Constable (Motor Mechanic) Level-4 (Rs 25,500/-)
Head Constable (Master) Level-4 (Rs 25,500/-)
Head Constable (Workshop) Level-4 (Rs 25,500/-)
Head Constable (Engine Driver) Level-4 (Rs 25,500/-)

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ITBP Constable Allowances

Constables are eligible for various types of benefits and allowances, to maintain the standard of living, look after day-to-day expenses related to force and the basic needs of people serving in the force. Allowances are given as a percentage of basic pay , after the 7th pay commission, the allowances have naturally seen a steep rise as the basic pay has gone high. Following are the allowances that are given as a part of  ITBP Constable Salary:
Other allowances- The post will carry Dearness Allowance, Ration Money,  Washing Allowance, Special Compensatory Allowance while posted in specified border areas, free uniform, free accommodation or HRA, Transport Allowance, Free Leave Pass, Free medical facilities and any other allowance as admissible in the Force from time to time under the rules/instructions. 

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ITBP Constable Salary and Other Benefits

People serving in ITBP are entitled to other benefits like difficult area allowance, canteens by Home Ministry and sports person can peruse their passion while serving in a para military force. These posts will be covered under Restructured Defined Contribution Pension Scheme.
ITBP Constable Salary is rewarding and selected candidates can get permanent employment later on. Online application for the recruitment of sports persons under 12 categories of sports is open now. Visit the official website to apply for the same.

ITBP Constable Salary 2021 - FAQs

Q. Is ITBP Constable a permanent job?

A. No, ITBP Constable is a contractual job with, with high chances of getting permanent later.

Q. What is the pay scale of the ITBP Constable?

A. Pay scale is Level-3 (Rs 21,700/-) for ITBP Constable.

Q. What is the in- hand salary of the ITBP Constable?

A. In-hand salary is of ITBP Constable is in the range of Rs. 24,000 to Rs. 30,000.

Q. What are the allowances that an ITBP Constable is entitled to receive?

A. The allowances that an ITBP Constable receives are Dearness Allowance, Ration Money, House Rent Allowance, Special Compensatory Allowance etc.

Q. What level post is ITBP Constable?

A. ITBP Constable is a Level 3 post.


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