OLQ For SSB Interview: How to Develop OLQs for SSB and Join Defence Forces

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Want to clear the SSB Interview? Check the Officer Like Qualities (OLQs) here at Safalta.com and learn how to develop them.

UPSC has released NDA I 2022 result for the written examination on May 9, 2022. Candidates who have cleared the written exam should begin their preparation for the SSB Interview right away. The SSB Interview is one of the toughest stages of selection to the Indian Defence Forces. It is important that all the defence aspirants know about it and what are the requirements to help you clear this stage. The Selection Board thoroughly examines the candidates in the SSB interview and looks for what are known as the Officer Like Qualities (OLQs). Serving in the Indian Armed Forces requires you to have certain qualities as the nature of the profession is such that it tests you determination, strength and endurance. Having knowledge of these Officer Like Qualities is very important because they help you know the traits that the Armed Forces are looking for in an individual. If you are preparing for NDA/NA (I) 2022 Exam and are looking for expert guidance, then join our NDA Batch.

Table of Contents

  1. Officer Like Qualities (OLQs)
  2. How to Inculcate Officer Like Qualities (OLQs)

Officer Like Qualities (OLQs)

There are 15 Officer Like Qualities. Each one of them is a trait which makes one not only fit for the defence forces but also provides finis to the personality of a person.

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If you have these qualities, you will not only get selected in the Armed Forces but will also do well in every walk of life. Read about these Officer Like Qualities in the space given below.

1. EFFECTIVE INTELLIGENCE : Effective Intelligence refers to the ability of the person to deal with various complex situations using the available resources and find the best effective solution. 
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2. REASONING ABILITY : It refers to the ability of the candidate to be able to think rationally and logically. It requires the person to identify the essentials of a problem, analyze it logically and arrive at the best solution.

3. ORGANISING ABILITY : This refers to the clarity that a person has in his/her life. It tests the ability of a person to be able to arrange things in a systematic way and also possess skills to be able to lead a group of people in a way which leads to an effective outcome.

4. POWER OF EXPRESSION : This refers to the ability of a person to be able to express oneself clearly and with ease and confidence. 

5. SOCIAL ADAPTABILITY : It refers to the ability of an individual to be able to adjust with different surroundings, people and groups. It also includes the attitude that a person possesses in relation with other people.
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6. COOPERATION : It refers to the quality of an individual to be able to participate in a work along with other people and work in co-ordination. It implies the team spirit that one is supposed to have in order to be able to work effectively with a group of people.

7. SENSE OF RESPONSIBILITY : It refers to the quality of a person to recognise and be able to fulfill his/her duty faithfully. 

8. INITIATIVE : It refers to the quality of a person to be able to take the lead in any task. It requires a person to be able to take the first step in any task and fulfill it with complete dedication.

9. SELF-CONFIDENCE : It refers to the belief that a person has on himself/herself with respect to his/her abilities to complete a given task.

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10. SPEED OF  DECISION : It refers to making sensible and effective decisions in a short period of time.

11. ABILITY TO INFLUENCE THE GROUP : It refers the ability of an individual to be able to influence a group that he/she is leading and to be able to motivate them and inspire them to achieve the required objective.

12. LIVELINESS : It refers to the ability of a candidate to be happy and lively in every situation and have a positive attitude.

13. DETERMINATION : It refers to the ability of a person to not give-up despite facing odd situations.
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14. COURAGE : It refers to the ability of a candidate to be brave and pursue what is right in difficult situations.

15. STAMINA : It is the ability of  a person to be able to stand any form of mental or physical strain. It requires a person to possess endurance.

How to Inculcate Officer Like Qualities (OLQs)

Having understood that having these OLQs is a must to be able to qualify the SSB Interview, here we discuss the ways in which you can inculcate these qualities by working on yourself on a daily basis.

It is known that as we grow, we keep learning from our surroundings. The environment we are raised in, the decisions we make, how we react to different situations, the way we present ourselves, all these are habits/qualities which we keep acquiring and changing as we watch ourselves, others and as we face different circumstances in life.

The Indian Defence Forces require the officers to be multitasking, leaders who can make reasonanle and quick decisions and brave hearts who are confident about themselves. It is very important that aspirants have these qualities in order to become a part of the defence forces.

You can inculcate OLQs by following these tips on a daily basis:
Effective Intelligence To acquire this quality, aspirants should evaluate their daily lives and judge the situations they are facing. You must try to solve those day to day problems in an effective way. Try to picture yourself as an officer who would have to make decisions with minimal time and effort.
Reasoning Ability To induce this ability in yourself, you should look around at different things in the society and try to ask questions like how, why. You should read the Editorial section of the newspaper and articles on different websites and listen to ethical TV News and have logical conversations with people who are learned. 
Organising Ability You can assess this quality of yourself by actively participating in different activites that happen in your school or college and try to be a part of the organising commitees of those events. You can improve this quality be involving yourself in various events and simultaneously also work on how you keep upto your life. Try to become an organised person.
Power of Expression To develop this quality, you should participate in coversations, talk to people and have discussions with them. You can also participate in debates, elocutions and declamations that take place in college and school. Try to understand yourself and your thoughts well and then talk with people to be able to convey them effectively.
Social Adaptability For this, you must try to get out of comfort zone and talk to different people as much as possible and learn how varied people can be and have empathy to be able to accept people as they are while not getting swayed by what others are. 
Cooperation This quality is very important for Group Tasks in SSB. To inculcate this quality, try to participate in activites and play different sports and work in those teams with complete selflessness with the ambition that your team must perform well at any cost and you have to give in all that you have for your team. 
Sense of Responsibility You should believe in yourself firstly to inculcate this quality and accept that you are capable of any work that can be allotted to you. Thereafter, it is important to learn to stay completely dedicated to the work and try to have it done before time and also you must possess the courage to take responsibility if anything goes wrong. You should volunteer for different works that can be given to you at home, school, college or work.
Initiative To inculcate in this quality, try to be creative and take the initiative for any task in school, college or work. Have faith in yourself, take up any opportunity, and try to achieve the target.
Self-confidence This is a very important quality not only for SSB but even otherwise. To have self-confidence, you should accept challanges that come your way and try to perform your best. Along with that it is important to learn as much as possible from different sources, because it is knowledge which helps you have a lot of self-confidence, Participate in different activities, meet new people and learn as much as possible to become self-confident.
Speed of Decision To develop this quality, you should imagine yourself in different situation and try to work it out in your mind the way you would reach the solution and then analyze your solution. Whenever you come across different situations in life, try to understand them and the options available to you and choose the optimal one. 
Ability to Influence the Group Become a lively person. Read and learn as much as possible. Try to have a charismatic personality, wherein you can easily impress people. Get into activities involving team work and have a good nature and do not be hesitant to pur forward your ideas and at the same time do not be dominating over others.
Liveliness Try to have a positive bend of mind. Do not cry, crib or worry in difficult situations. Believe that hard times do come in everyone's life but they also pass away. Be optimistic and focussed. 
Determination Set short term goals for yourself and see how you work towards them. Try to remain focussed despite the situations and try to adopt the habit of never giving up.
Courage To develop this quality always be ready for different situations. Do not say no to any work that is being given to you. Accept and face the challanges that are thrown at you.
Stamina To develop stamina, come out of your comfort zone and with every passing day try to go one step ahead of the limit that you had set for yourself. Plan your life on a daily basis and do something additional every day so that you keep growing as days pass by. 

How many OLQs are there?

There are a total of 15 OLQs.

What are some of the Officer Like Qualities?

Some of Officer Like Qualities include effective intelligence, reasoning ability, power of expression, cooperation and others.

Are Officer Like Qualities a must to have to clear SSB Interview?

Yes, Officer Like Qualities are a must to clear SSB Interview.

Can I inculcate OLQs?

Yes, you can inculcate OLQs by following the tips given above in the article.

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