Top Data Science Courses in 2022 - 100 % Assured Placement

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For aspiring data scientists and many other professions, data science has recently created a variety of job opportunities. The different elements and pieces of data science are something that both students and working professionals are eager to fully comprehend. They are constantly searching for online data science programmes from various colleges that provide a placement guarantee of 100% in respectable businesses. Let's look at some of the best data science online courses with 100% placement to register in 2022 and earn a high-paying annual compensation. I've whittled down the top data science courses accessible to the list below after spending several years and more than 100 hours watching course videos, participating in quizzes and assignments, and reading reviews on various aggregators and forums.
Learn data science online this year by taking one of these top-ranked data science courses-

There are a lot more data science courses and so there needs to now be a substantial filter to determine which courses are the best.


We hope you feel confident that the courses below are truly worth your time and effort because it will take several months of learning and practice to be a data science practitioner.


In addition to the data science courses listed below, we would suggest reading two books:

  1. Introduction to statistical learning — available for free — one of the most widely recommended books for beginners in data science. Explains the fundamentals of machine learning and how everything works behind the scenes.
  2. Applied predictive modelling — a breakdown of the entire modeling process on real-world datasets with incredibly useful tips each step of the way

These two textbooks are incredibly valuable and provide a much better foundation than just taking courses alone. The first book is incredibly effective at teaching the intuition behind much of the data science process, and if you are able to understand almost everything in there, then you’re more well off than most entry-level data scientists.

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Top data science programmes with a 100% placement rate-

Simplilearn's Data Science Master's Program

The data science online course includes special IBM hackathons, masterclasses, and interactive sessions to help you master technologies like R, Python, Hadoop, and others.

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Python for data science, data science with Python, machine learning, tableau training, and data science capstone are among the five courses covered in the online course with 100 percent placement.

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DataTrained presents IBM's Applied Data Science using R

R for data science, SQL and relational databases, utilising R with databases, and data visualisation with R are some of the topics covered in the IBM data science online course. This data science course is divided into five parts, each of which includes basic visualisation abilities, tools, and more.

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Skill Slash offers a Data Science and AI course with real-world experience
6 month duration

Students can employ six months of data science and AI courses with an internship for college students with an online course that guarantees 100 percent placement. There are more than eight projects in the 250-hour online live classes. With a six-month internship and a three-year course subscription, students or freshmen can gain experience working on real-world projects while learning data science from the ground up.

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360 DigiTMG offers a data science course

In four months, I was able to become a professional data scientist with real-world project experience thanks to the data science course. It includes 184 hours of classroom instruction and more than 150 hours of practical work, as well as two capstone live projects. Exploratory data analytics, statistical data business intelligence, plots and inferential statistics, and many more topics are covered in this online course with 100% placement.

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IntelliPaat has an advanced certification in data science and artificial intelligence from IIT Madras
Duration:7 months

The data science online course includes 1:1 mentoring in an intensive online Bootcamp as well as a valued IIT Madras certification. With 400 hours of applied learning, 218 hours of self-paced learning, more than 50 industry projects, and three guaranteed interviews, the course guarantees 100% placement.

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IIT Kanpur offers an advanced certification in data analytics
180-hour duration

The advanced certification in data science includes both live online and self-paced classes, as well as a certificate from IIT Kanpur. R, SQL, Tableau, data visualisation, data analytics, and assignments are all covered in the data science course. The course includes data analytics in R, SQL data analytics, and Tableau data visualisation.

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Data science is a vast, interesting, and rewarding field to study and be a part of. You’ll need many skills, a wide range of knowledge, help of these top data science courses online  and a passion for data to become an effective data scientist that companies want to hire, and it’ll take longer than the hyped-up YouTube videos claim. Thanks for reading, and have fun learning!



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