Top Websites/Platforms To Prepare For Data Science Interviews

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Giving interviews is a nerve-wracking chore in today's technology-driven society. With the rapidly growing popularity of Data Science and Machine Learning, more aspirants and enthusiasts are interested in learning more about these subjects. Data science is exploding in practically every corner of the globe. Data scientists are in high demand because they appear to possess a magical capacity to extract value from data for data-driven businesses and organisations. The top eight websites/platforms for data science interviews are included in this post so you can go into your interview feeling confident and prepared to answer any queries.

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Machine Hack

Testing yourself is an important part of preparing for a data science interview.


Machine Hack provides a mock interview with numerous short and long simulated data science interviews to help you assess your position. Different data science careers such as data scientist, associate data scientist, deep learning engineer, and more are available with packets as explicit as meetings for firms such as AWS, Microsoft, and Google.

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Glassdoor is a fantastic resource for preparing for a data science interview. Their website has over 4000 data science interview questions, as well as questions from specific firms.

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When you scroll down, you'll find data science interview questions from organisations like PayPal, Facebook, Amazon, Deloitte, and others. The questions are also tailored to certain data science positions, such as front-end engineer, iOS developer, software engineer, and lead data scientist. The main point of difference from most other sites is that they are real questions people ask during data science interviews, and they cover almost all aspects of the discipline. is a numerical website with seminars on topics such as computer programming, applied software engineering, software engineering fundamentals, quantitative money, polynomial math, and more. The site is recommended by Facebook for practising measures and probability before a meeting. Understanding likelihood, irregular factors, factual testing, club likelihood, confusing likelihood, dissemination, and that's only the tip of the iceberg in the Probability and Statistics portion, which is followed by a few quizzes on comparable subjects.


Leetcode's mission statement is to help you develop your data science skills and prepare for interviews by providing resources to help you work on yourself and land the most amazing job you could possibly dream for. The stage was created to help PC researchers and programming designers prepare for meetings, and it includes a data set part where you may practise SQL. LeetCode has become a popular destination for developers looking to improve their coding skills. Clients can use the stage to practise typing SQL code that will be executed and yielded. LeetCode's inquiry library has over 20,000 questions that can be used to practise calculations and data structures. In addition, their superior section includes study packs, discussion with recreations, and organization-specific inquiries.


StrataScratch is a platform dedicated to assisting data scientists in the development of inquiry questions, focusing on coding inquiries from 500+ massive corporations such as Google, Airbnb, Twitch, Postmates, Amazon, Microsoft, and that's only the beginning. The customer can also choose between coding questions based on SQL or Python, as well as coding and non-coding questions. Probability, business cases, and product sense types of queries, exhibiting questions, insights, numerous specialist inquiries, and framework plan are among the topics covered. In general, its inquiry library contains 1000+ enquiries with issues, all of which include video clarifications.

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AlgoBay, created by Clement Mihailescu, a former Google and Facebook software engineer, is said to be a valuable tool for coding interviews. The stage provides coordinated building, itemised layouts, video explanations, and intense data structure instruction in a short amount of time. While the library only has 160 questions, it covers the most important concepts throughout fifteen classes, including string, parallel trees, dynamic programming, arranging, calculating, and so on. Engineers from huge tech companies like Google, Facebook, and Microsoft have also given the stage excellent feedback.


The 'Data Science Interview Prep' course from Udacity is a one-stop shop for breaking down the many aspects of a data science interview. Normal inquiries, answering expectation questions, measures and likelihood, and data structures and calculations are all covered in this course. In addition, the package includes an unlimited number of fake meetings and ways to react to open-ended enquiries. Jimmy Lafontaine Rivera, an ex-Facebook computer programmer with a Ph.D. in substance design from UCLA, is in charge of the course.

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