NDA vs IIT: Compare Exam Pattern, Life and Academics, Career Prospects, Life After and Post Retirement Life!

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When it comes to NDA vs IIT , it's difficult to say which one is better because they both play important roles. While the National Defense Academy produces the best cadets, who devote their lives to serving their country, IIT produces the best engineers of all time. It's like comparing apples and oranges when it comes to choosing NDA vs IIT. The one thing that both organizations have in common is that only the most committed and talented applicants make it through the screening process. While it is difficult to tell may is the best, you would have a better idea based on these factors.  If you are preparing for competitive exams you can download our General Knowledge Free Ebook Download Now.

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The candidates who are preparing for the exams will get a clear idea of the exams. The space will cover important aspects related to both the exams.  The aspects covered are as follows:
  1. NDA and IIT - Exam Pattern
  2. NDA and IIT - Life and Academics
  3. NDA and IIT- Carrer Prosepcets 
  4. NDA and IIT- Self Growth and Aspect Of Becoming
  5. NDA and IIT - Post Retirement Life

Exam Pattern and Nature Of Exams

Everyone is aware of the high level of competition in both the NDA and IIT exams. Only 300–400 students are selected after the SSB for the NDA, while only 9–10 thousand students can pass the JEE exam out of 15 lakh students who apply. The aforementioned statistic can be used to estimate the exam's difficulty level.

In contrast to the JEE test, the exam syllabus is very extensive. Candidates should be proficient in subjects such as physics, chemistry, math, and biology, as well as English and current events.

Candidates with a decent understanding of concepts and average academic background too came out with flying colours. 

Candidates must keep in mind the NDA exam is sort of a generalist exam where all the aspects in moderate detail are tested which makes the NDA written exam relatively easy vis a vis IIT where in-depth knowledge of Sciences is put to test. 

When it comes to cracking the SSB, the fight continues.

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Only those candidates who excel in three subjects, namely physics, chemistry, and mathematics, have a chance to study at IIT. Unlike the NDA exam, students only have to concentrate on the written exam because they will not be subjected to any physical examinations.

However, in contrast to the NDA test is also why it is more challenging.

Coupled with the fact that the cut-off and difficulty level of JEE Advanced is unmatched anywhere in the world. The written exam of IIT needs more effort and is more difficult to crack. 

The time needed to prepare for this exam is slightly more than the time needed to prepare for NDA Exam. 

Candidates who are well versed with the IIT syllabus and are preparing for the same can get through the NDA written exam easily if they give enough time to English and General Knowledge.


Life and Academics

The nature of both institutions is different. While NDA Prepares young gentlemen cadets to serve in future as the Officers in the Armed Forces.IITs cater to the best minds in the technical fields and groom the best scientists, engineers, and business leaders. Candidates can earn a bachelor's degree from either college. Although the NDA not only focuses on academics, such as IIT but also on physical training, candidates must pass regular exams during their three-year training.
The three-year preparation cycle includes rigorous physical and mental conditioning, and it's a wild ride. 

The NDA in order to bring out the best in cadets instills courage, bravery and team spirit through the activities like - Team games, boxing matches, 10 km runs. and etc.

The cadets are even trained in basic weapons and military tactics. 

The academics though and important aspects are not as rigrous as the IITs.

The NDA cadets are trained to live in an environment based on the ethos of discipline and couarge.

IIT is a place where only the top academic performers will succeed. Students must schedule a variety of tasks, experiments, and notes, in addition to surprise exams.

The academic aspects of IIT is more rigorous than any other institution. 

The candidates must pass all the exams.

The IIT's have one of the best faculties and best infrastructure along with a plethora of opportunities to grow. That is what makes IIT's a special place to go to. 

IITs provide their students with the best possible exposure and with strong alumina Networks with the likes of Twitter CEO, Google CEO- the students at IIT are naturally instilled with a zeal to achieve something. 

IIT' s are not the place for strict physical fitness and overall development. But the candidates can make use of the best facilities available to keep themselves in shape and follows thier hobby in the other co-curricular fields too.

NDA Salary check here 

Career Prospects

Both organizations provide the best job opportunities to young people, which is one of the many reasons candidates work so hard to get in. Even though they are completely different domains, the results of both are extraordinary.
You will immediately feel respected as soon as you join the academy. Cadets have permanent employment in the Indian army, navy, and air force after four years of hard work and preparation. An army officer receives a pay package of approximately 60–70 thousand rupees per month, and promotions are issued regularly. Officers receive a monthly pension after serving in the Indian army for a long time. IITians earn far more than those with a B.tech degree from any other institution. MNCs visit the IIT campus in the last semester and recruit talented students. Although the salary package is not defined, students are usually paid lakhs, if not crores, per year. In the interview, the academic record is extremely relevant.


Self Growth and Aspect Of Becoming

Life is full of challenges, and anyone considering joining the NDA or IIT should be aware of the amount of effort required. Both organizations are involved in various areas. Although one institute presents obstacles in the form of tests, another simply puts the cadets through the most rigorous physical training possible.
Every day is different and challenging when you live in the academy. Working under strict rules over an extended period is extremely challenging. At the end of the day, the cadets' physical conditioning is well worth it. Cadets at the academy are sometimes driven to their limits to bring out the best in them.

Officers face many difficulties in their lives, including moving about and being unable to be with their families, even after completing their training. It is correct to assume that a police officer is never off duty.

Life in the army is about passion, dedication, and respect which make life beyond ordinary. 
The students' struggle starts in their first year of graduation. Students are under constant pressure to do well in their tests. Students' futures are entirely dependent on their academic success.

Only those who can think beyond the box will prosper in IIT. Engineers' lives are not easy because they must work extremely hard even in challenging situations.

Life after IIT is about aiming high and striving to be the best. With the likes of many CEOs and leaders in various fileds. 


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Post Retirement Life

Life after retirement is more meaningful for Army Gentlemen. The IITians working in the Private sector are seldom bothered by life post-retirement.  The army officers too after retirement can join the private sector firms with the most lucrative salary and job profiles.

Do you know if Girls are allowed in NDA?


NDA vs IIT: Compare Exam Pattern, Life and Academics, Career Prospects, Life After and Post Retirement Life!

Is IIT better than NDA?

Unlike the NDA exam, students just have to concentrate on the written portion of the exam because they would not be subjected to any physical testing. However, in contrast to the NDA test, this is also why it is more challenging. Many who have taken both exams say that the IIT entrance exam is much more difficult than the NDA exam.

Is the NDA a difficult exam?

Is the NDA Written Exam EASY or DIFFICULT to Pass? The first and most important thing you should know is that passing the NDA written exam is VERY Simple if you prepare properly. You may have heard phrases like "NDA published is difficult to crack," "It's not everyone's cup of tea," and so on.

One of the most difficult exams in the world is the IIT JEE?

In 2018, 11.5 lakh students took the IIT JEE exam, but only 11279 seats were available in all of the IITs combined. Even though JEE is one of the most difficult exams, the number of candidates who take it each year grows.

Is it possible for a JEE aspirant to pass the NDA?

Yes, every JEE aspirant should apply for NDA because it will be easier for them to answer questions in Math, Physics, and Chemistry. Other subjects available for NDA include English, geography, history, and politics.

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