Top 10 Google Analytics Case Studies in 2023

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Google Analytics encompasses a number of tools, including Google Tag Manager,  Google Analytics 360, Google Big Query, Google Analytics, and others. With their novel and original approach, these goods have helped numerous large businesses accomplish milestones. These greatest Google Analytics case studies brilliantly showcase the capabilities of these systems. 

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Table of Content:
Brian Gavin Diamonds
Harrison Jansma
The Fairmont Hotels
Brian Gavin Diamonds:

Brian Gravin Diamond is a custom diamond jewellery manufacturer headquartered in Texas. Their e-commerce website accounts for the majority of their sales. They wanted to boost their internet shopping by better-knowing customer pre-purchase behaviour.


They opted to use Google Enhanced E-commerce in conjunction with Google Analytics to accomplish their goals. One of the most interesting discoveries was that the new range of designs piqued the curiosity of their site visitors, resulting in a 6% increase in sales. In the fall, they decided to create a new line of identical products.
They discovered that they had lost roughly $500K due to their cart abandonment pattern. They determined that there is no suitable approach to recovering card abandons. They provide a guest registration flow for these customers to follow. As a consequence, there was a 60% rise in checks to the payment gateway.

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Worldwide Business Research is a corporation that organizes and sponsors over 100 global conferences each year (both in-person and virtual). They also handle the promotion for those events, such as email marketing and internet advertising. WBR approached Inflow earlier this year for GA4 migration services as a companion to our current client IQPC.
WBR, like other clients, continues to provide the majority of its data through Universal Analytics. However, by finishing this configuration well before next year's deadline, we've given WBR's marketing department more freedom in not just mastering their new GA4 arrangement, but also in determining how to effectively report out of it to their future strategic requirements.
In addition to the configuration described above, we created a custom Data Studio template for the "segments" of each Event, removing the need for WBR's team to dig around in GA4 (and become even more confused) while providing them with all the tools they need to evaluate each Event's performance and make appropriate business decisions.

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Airbnb, which was founded in 2008, is an internet community market that links people wishing to rent out their apartments with people looking for lodgings all over the world. To link individuals with exceptional tourism experience in over 33,000 locations and 192 countries worldwide.
Google Tag Manager was used (a free tool that makes it easy for marketers to add and update website tags-comprising site analytics, remarketing, and conversion tracking.) I created a data layer.
  • Better accurate data, greater optimizations, and higher ROI
  • New apps, tools, and stores may be launched more quickly.
  • Website speed has been increased by 8%.
  • Tag dissemination was reduced from days to hours.
Harrison Jansma:

Harrison Jansma works at Capital One as a data process manager in the United States. His website has a significant interest in leveraging technology to automate time-consuming procedures. He is also active on Medium.
Harrison's data analytics portfolio exemplifies how to utilize a portfolio to demonstrate your individuality. While he shares some examples of his work, he focuses just as much on building a feeling of his self-image, which includes entertaining visuals, chosen phrases, and a taste of his passions.
On the site, we notice a huge portrait of Harrison's kind face, as well as a short quote: 'Contemplative coder and analyzer. 'I'm inspired by difficult situations.' This description intrigues us and keeps us reading. 
It is a clever strategy. It might be difficult to decide which things to share at times. Including exemplary projects on your site is a wonderful approach to showcase them while giving visitors the choice to explore more if they so choose. It's also worth mentioning that Harrison's website doesn't go into specific case studies. Instead, he provides direct links to his initiatives. This is a rather typical technique.
Nowadays, it is critical to create your personal brand. Harrison Jansma demonstrates how to inject individuality into your portfolio. He also has a website with photos of his dog! While it is entirely up to you how much information you choose to give about yourself, Harrison's approach humanizes him while staying unobtrusive and professional.
Promote your greatest work and give people the choice to read more. Portfolio samples don't have to be very sleek if you add a spice of individuality.
The Fairmont Hotels

Fairmont is a premium hotel chain with 60 separate properties throughout the world. The firm produces a lot of interest on social media platforms, particularly Twitter. Creating buzz is one thing; assessing the buzz's efficacy is quite another. Fairmont's strategy is explained in this top Google Analytics case study.
The corporation chose to monitor the quality of Twitter traffic. In analytics, traffic from third-party sites, including social media, is typically displayed as a referral. So, if someone clicks on a Fairmont link on Twitter, it is represented in the referral traffic of Twitter in analytics; but, if this link is copied and forwarded to other platforms such as email, WhatsApp, and so on, the referral traffic of Twitter is lost.
To ensure that the source aggregation is accurate, the firm opted to employ URL generator, that allows a link to be given criteria such as source, medium, campaign name, and so on, allowing the company to monitor the origin of Twitter traffic regardless of where the link is clicked.
 As a consequence, there is a better knowledge of social media traffic.

Renowned firms, including Panasonic, have recognized the value of digital marketing. Panasonic and the firm NRI Netcom agreed to combine all of their marketing data from all of their websites into a single platform, Google Analytics 360. They quickly gained two key insights using this single platform to analyze all of their marketing data; The majority of their goods purchases occur during life-changing events such as relocation to a new place, marriage, and so on.
They generated audience lists based on the goods that consumers expressed interest in and used this data to remarket with related content via ad words, double-click, and the Google display network. With the knowledge of the most popular combinations of purchases, they began remarketing additional related items for the customer in a specific category; for example, users who had previously shown interest in TV were marketed with speakers. The ultimate result was a 30% increase in Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

The Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) is a private, nonprofit corporation whose 353 PBS member stations are operated by noncommercial, educational licensee members. When looking for improved online analytics solutions, PBS resorted to Google Analytics and authorized partner LunaMetrics.
  • Personas for each part were created in depth.
  • Using online performances, we determined seven important audience categories.
  • Improved features and informed content

KEH is an E-Commerce company that resells professional, collector, and everyday photography equipment. They've been using Inflow for a range of services, including sponsored social, search engine optimization, and more, since 2019.
KEH's GA4 monitoring is operating as predicted by our team, despite its Shop and Sell complications. E-Commerce purchases in our reporting dashboards correlate closely across UA and GA4, with consumers experiencing a typical 10% variation owing to platform configuration differences (user- vs. event-based.) These findings are shared by all of our GA4 clients, both eCommerce, and non-eCommerce.
Fortunately, KEH had previously integrated BigQuery in their overall web analytics approach, which made the data warehousing required by GA4 much easier to install. To refresh your memory, Google Analytics 4 only saves 14 months of past data on its platform. To have access to additional historical data, your site will require a connection with BigQuery, which also will store your site's data and allow you to query it. to analyze larger time periods in apps such as Google Data Studio. BigQuery is also the most "reliable" source of GA4 data. Although Google Signals data does not pass through to BigQuery, we have been using the connection well for KEH's purposes thus far.
Top Tarif:

Top Tarif is a pricing comparison website based in Germany. The company's goal was to boost conversion while retaining the very same cost per conversion. They opted to fine-tune their retargeting strategy by making the lists increasingly granular. They created retargeting lists based on prior web usage, price comparison depth, keywords used to access the site, date of last visit, and so on. They targeted users who were more likely to convert. As a result, conversions increased by 130%, and conversion rates improved by 31.5%.

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GoPro is a manufacturer of extremely popular worn and gear-mountable digital cameras and gadgets. It enables people to record and relive their most memorable life events. Tags for digital marketing and evaluation must be organized and managed. Tag additions or modifications must be implemented swiftly and with little IT disruption. To improve site performance while reducing tag overhead. Use Google Tag Manager 360 across numerous technological platforms and online sites to measure, see, and enhance the effectiveness of your advertising on every channel and instant in today's users' journey. Complete data layers and various tracking automated scripts should be implemented. Allow advertising agencies and business partners access.
  • Decreased IT resource strain and expense
  • Tag use has been simplified.
  • Provided overall tag administration across all GoPro online media.
  • Lesser time constraints for new campaign launches

Watchfinder is a luxury pre-owned watch store established in the United Kingdom. Given that their typical order value exceeds 3,500 Euros, the organization was aware that the buy advance notice would take weeks to months. Furthermore, just under 1% of sales were made on the initial visit. Watchfinder needed to persuade people who expressed interest in the meanwhile.
Watchfinder worked with Periscopix, a Google Analytics Premium Partner, to design remarketing strategies that worked. They generated 20 remarketing lists depending on the user's location, stage in the buying funnel, and brand interest. They repackaged these groups and saw an increase in results. As a consequence, the ROI was 1300% and the average order value increased by 13%. Google Analytics is a collection of technologies that includes Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics 360, Google Big Query, Google Analytics, and others. These products have assisted countless huge enterprises in reaching milestones thanks to their creative and original approach. This collection of the best Google Analytics case studies perfectly demonstrates the potential of these systems.

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What is Google Analytics' future?

Google Analytics 4 replaces Universal Analytics as our next-generation measuring solution. Standard Universal Analytics assets will stop recording new hits on July 1, 2023. If you continue to employ Universal Analytics, we suggest that you plan to switch to Google Analytics 4 in the future.

What are the five basic Google Analytics reports?

  • Report on AdWords.
  • Report on All Pages.
  • Report on Traffic Acquisition.
  • Audience Feedback.
  • Report on E-commerce Tracking.

How many websites will be using Google Analytics in 2022?

Google Analytics is used by 28 million web pages. Therefore, you may choose your career growth or business through digital marketing.

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