NCERT Syllabus for Class 6 All Subjects 2022-2023, Check Details

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Here is the information about NCERT Syllabus for Class 6 2022-2023. You can give a read to this blog and get all the information about the NCERT Syllabus for Class 6. 

The NCERT Syllabus for Class 6 2022-2023 consists of the syllabus for all subjects, including Maths, English, Hindi, Science, and Social Science. Students in Class 6 refer to the Class 6 syllabus for all subjects so that they get to know the details of the chapters to be covered during the academic year. It will help them prepare well for their examination. This blog will help you understand the details regarding the NCERT Syllabus for Class 6 for all subjects. It is designed by the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) as per the latest CBSE pattern. Therefore, candidates belonging to CBSE or other state boards can get benefit from the curriculum by referring to the same. Not only school students but also candidates preparing for scholarship exams, competitive exams, and entrance tests can also refer to the NCERT Syllabus for their preparation. Students aiming to appear in scholarship exams should also refer to NCERT Syllabus.

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Read the complete blog to know and understand the NCERT Syllabus for Class 6 All Subjects 2022-2023.  

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Table of Content
NCERT Syllabus for Class 6 2022-2023
NCERT Syllabus for Class 6 Science 
NCERT Syllabus for Class 6 Maths
NCERT Syllabus for Class 6 English 
NCERT Syllabus for Class 6 Social Science
NCERT Syllabus for Class 6 Hindi
Significance of NCERT Syllabus for Class 6

NCERT Syllabus for Class 6 All Subjects 2022-2023

Here are the details for Class 6 Syllabus for all subjects for the recent academic session. The curriculum includes chapter details for Science, Maths, English, Social Science, and Hindi. Let's have a look. 

NCERT Syllabus for Class 6 Science 

Science is one of the crucial subjects for Class 6th exams. It not only helps to achieve good grades in examinations but also boosts the understanding of students in daily life. There are 16 chapters in the NCERT book for Class 6 science. The chapters contain chemical equations numerically and formulae.

You should know the NCERT syllabus for Class 6 science to prepare for your examinations in a well-structured way. You can see the syllabus below.

NCERT Syllabus for Class 6 Science 
Chapter 1: Food
Chapter 2: Components of Food
Chapter 3: Fibre to Fabric
Chapter 4: Sorting Materials into Groups
Chapter 5: Separation of Substances
Chapter 6: Changes Around Us
Chapter 7: Getting to Know Plants
Chapter 8: Body Movements
Chapter 9: The Living Organisms Characteristics and Habitats
Chapter 10: Motion and Measurement of Distance
Chapter 11: Light, Shadows, and Reactions
Chapter 12: Electricity and Circuits
Chapter 13: Fun with Magnets
Chapter 14: Water
Chapter 15: Air Around Us
Chapter 16: Garbage In, Garbage Out

Learn more about NCERT Syllabus for Class 6 Science, Click here.   

NCERT Syllabus for Class 6 Maths

Maths is also one of the vital subjects in Class 6th. It requires analytical and problem-solving qualities to solve the questions as they are in the form of numerical and need formulae to be solved. There are 14 chapters in total in the Maths book according to the NCERT syllabus Class 6 maths. Students must learn the formulas to solve the mathematical questions.

NCERT Syllabus for 6 Maths
Chapter 1: Knowing Our Numbers
Chapter 2: Whole Numbers
Chapter 3: Playing With Numbers
Chapter 4: Basic Geometrical Ideas
Chapter 5: Understanding Elementary Shapes
Chapter 6: Integers
Chapter 7: Fractions
Chapter 8: Decimals
Chapter 9: Data Handling
Chapter 10: Mensuration
Chapter 11: Algebra
Chapter 12: Ratio And Proportion
Chapter 13: Symmetry
Chapter 14: Practical Geometry

Learn more about NCERT Syllabus for Class 6 Maths, Click here.   

NCERT Syllabus for Class 6 English 

English is a globally spoken language and is very important for students' future. According to the National council of educational research and training, two books are proposed for Class 6. You can see the syllabus for these two class books, along with the chapter's name in the table given below. Besides these literature books, grammar is an inseparable part of the English language, which students should have command of.
NCERT Syllabus for Class 6 English 
Section Syllabus
Literature Honey Suckle

Unit 1: 

  • Who Did Patrick’s Homework?
  • A House, A Home

Unit 2: 

  • How the Dog Found Himself a New Master!
  • The Kite

Unit 3: 

  • Taro’s Reward
  • The Quarrel

Unit 4: 

  • An Indian – American Woman in Space: Kalpana Chawla
  • Beauty

Unit 5: 

  • A Different Kind of School
  • Where Do All the Teachers Go?

Unit 6: 

  • Who I Am
  • The Wonderful Words

Unit 7: 

  • Fair Play

Unit 8: 

  • A Game of Chance
  • Vocation

Unit 9: 

  • Desert Animals
  • What if

Unit 10: 

  • The Banyan Tree

A Pact with the Sun

  • Chapter 1: A Tale of Two Birds
  • Chapter 2: The Friendly Mongoose
  • Chapter 3: The Shepherd’s Treasure
  • Chapter 4: The Old-Clock Shop
  • Chapter 5: Tansen
  • Chapter 6: The Monkey and the Crocodile
  • Chapter 7: The Wonder Called Sleep
  • Chapter 8: A Pact with the Sun
  • Chapter 9: What Happened to the Reptiles
  • Chapter 10: A Strange Wrestling Match
  • Determiners

  • Passivisation

  • Linking words

  • Adjectives (comparative and superlative forms)

  • Adverbs (place and types)

  • Tense forms

  • Word order in sentence types

  • Clauses

  • Reported speech

Learn more about NCERT Syllabus for Class 6 English, Click here.     

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NCERT Syllabus for Class 6 Social Science 

Social science makes students aware of the country and the world. It includes history, geography, and political science as its subjects. History deals with historical events and their importance. Geography explains the boundaries and physical distribution of the globe. On the other hand, political science teaches the students about the functions of government and the structure of society. 

You can find all these parts of social science along with their chapters' names in the table given below.

NCERT Syllabus for Class 6 Social science 
Section Syllabus
  • What, Where, How And When

  • From Hunting, Gathering to Growing Food

  • In the Earliest Cities

  • What Books and Burials Tell Us

  • Kingdoms, Kings and an Early Republic

  • New Questions and Ideas

  • Ashoka, The Emperor Who Gave Up War

  • Vital Villages, Thriving Towns

  • Traders, Kings and Pilgrims

  • New Empires and Kingdoms

  • Buildings, Paintings and Books

  • The Earth in the Solar System

  • Globe: Latitudes and Longitudes

  • Motions of the Earth

  • Maps

  • Major Domains of the Earth

  • Major Landforms of the Earth

  • Our Country – India

  • India: Climate Vegetation and Wildlife

Political Science (Civics)
  • Understanding Diversity

  • Diversity and Discrimination

  • What is Government?

  • Key Elements of a Democratic Government

  • Panchayati Raj

  • Rural Administration

  • Urban Administration

  • Rural Livelihoods

  • Urban Livelihoods

Learn more about NCERT Syllabus for Class 6 Social Science, Click here.     

NCERT Syllabus for Class 6 Hindi

Hindi is our mother tongue. Therefore, Indian students should have a command of it. Keeping the same in mind, the National Council of educational research and training (NCERT) proposes Hindi as a subject for classes 1-12, though, in classes 11th and 12th, Hindi is an optional subject. 

There are 3 sections in the NCERT syllabus for Class 6 Hindi. These books are named as Dhruva, Vasant, and Bal Ram Katha.
 NCERT Syllabus for Class 6 for Hindi
Section Syllabus
  • पाठ 1: वह चिड़िया जो
  • पाठ 2: बचपन
  • पाठ 3: नादान दोस्त
  • पाठ 4: चाँद से थोड़ी सी गप्पें
  • पाठ 5: अक्षरों का महत्व
  • पाठ 6: पार नज़र के
  • पाठ 7: साथी हाथ बढ़ाना
  • पाठ 8: ऐसे – ऐसे
  • पाठ 9: टिकट एल्बम
  • पाठ 10: झांसी की रानी
  • पाठ 11: जो देखकर भी नहीं देखते
  • पाठ 12: संसार पुस्तक है
  • पाठ 13: मैं सबसे छोटी होऊं
  • पाठ 14: लोकगीत
  • पाठ 15: नौकर
  • पाठ 16: वन के मार्ग में
  • पाठ 17: साँस – साँस में बांस
  • पाठ 1: कलम
  • पाठ 2: किताब
  • पाठ 3: घर
  • पाठ 4: पतंग
  • पाठ 5: भालू
  • पाठ 6: झरना
  • पाठ 7: धनुष
  • पाठ 8: रुमाल
  • पाठ 9: कक्षा
  • पाठ 10: गुब्बारा
  • पाठ 11: पर्वत
  • पाठ 12: हमारा घर
  • पाठ 13: कपडे की दूकान
  • पाठ 14: फूल
  • पाठ 15: बातचीत
  • पाठ 16: शिलॉन्ग से फ़ोन
  • पाठ 17: तितली
  • पाठ 18: ईश्वरचंद्र विद्यासागर
  • पाठ 19: प्रदर्शनी
  • पाठ 20: चिट्ठी
  • पाठ 21: अंगुलिमाल
  • पाठ 22: यात्रा की तैयारी
  • पाठ 23: हाथी
  • पाठ 24: डॉक्टर
  • पाठ 25: जयपुर से पत्र
  • पाठ 26: बढे चलो
  • पाठ 27: ब्यर्थ की शंका
  • पाठ 28: गधा और सियार
Bal Ram Katha
  • पाठ 1: अवधपुरी में राम
  • पाठ 2: जंगल और जनकपुर
  • पाठ 3: दो वरदान
  • पाठ 4: राम का वन गमन
  • पाठ 5: चित्रकूट में भरत
  • पाठ 6: दंडक वन में दस वर्ष
  • पाठ 7: सोने का हिरन
  • पाठ 8: सीता की खोज
  • पाठ 9: राम और सुग्रीव
  • पाठ 10: लंका में हनुमान
  • पाठ 11: लंका विजय
  • पाठ 12: राम का राज्याभिषेक

Learn more about NCERT Syllabus for Class 6 Hindi, Click here.   

What is the significance of the NCERT Syllabus for Class 6?

  • Class 6 is one of the crucial classes in a student’s life. After Class 7 and 8, students reach class 9 with different subjects and big dreams in their minds. 
  • The topics covered in the NCERT Books strengthen the concepts of students, which help them in their high studies.
  • The National Council of educational research and training (NCERT) provides syllabus and books for the major subjects in Class 6, including, Math, science, English, social science, and Hindi.
The books based on the NCERT Syllabus for Class 6 have-
  • An introduction to the chapter
  • Explanation of the chapter
  • A detailed summary of the chapter 
  • Practice questions based on the chapter

What is the importance of the NCERT syllabus for Class 6?

This syllabus is helpful in preparing for the 6th class. In addition, NCERT Syllabus can also assist in cracking scholarship and entrance exams.

Can I get NCERT Class 6 syllabus in Hindi?

No, the NCERT syllabus is available in the English medium. However, you can find NCERT books are available in Hindi, English, and Urdu medium. 

How can I study the complete Class 6 NCERT syllabus?

After studying the syllabus, make a schedule and start learning precisely to cover the NCERT syllabus for Class 6. 

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