How to Prepare for IAS: Check Tips and Tricks for the preparation

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Are you preparing for UPSC IAS? If yes then read this article for all the tips and tricks required to prepare for the IAS examination.

UPSC Civil Services is one of the most reputable exams in India. Every year lakhs of candidates appear for the exam. The UPSC exams require a high-quality preparation with a preparation strategy. This requires an all-around preparation apart from academic knowledge. The candidates should focus more on acquiring knowledge not on finishing the syllabus. Also, they should have deep knowledge of Current Affairs and the latest happenings. Millions of Indians aspire to work for the Indian Administrative Service (IAS). The same is true for services such as the Indian Police Service (IPS), the Indian Foreign Service (IFS), and others. The UPSC Civil Services Exam is used to recruit for around 20 services, including IAS, IPS, and IFS (CSE). In this article, we will be discussing all the tips and tricks and information related to How to prepare for IAS.

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How to Prepare for IAS Exam?

This section contains crucial UPSC preparation advice for novices. These pointers are intended to assist aspirants in developing a well-planned preparation approach for the upcoming UPSC 2022 exam.

1. Create a Time Table:

  • To become an IAS officer, you must be a well-organized officer with a well-organized daily schedule.
  • Set a reasonable timeframe for your preparation and stick to it.
  • Making a timeline will simplify and streamline your preparation. With deadlines, you would work more efficiently and finish the syllabus more quickly.
  • Analyze the IAS subjects on the curriculum and understand your strengths and weaknesses.
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2. Go through the Complete Syllabus:

  • For the IAS exam preparation, it is a must that you should go through the complete syllabus. With the help of the complete syllabus, we will be able to know the complete exam structure and the topics that we need to cover.
  • UPSC has released the detailed Civil Services syllabus for both Prelims and mains examination.
  • The aspirant should go through the complete syllabus for UPSC Civil service exam. With the help of the complete syllabus, the candidate will be able to select the best books for IAS preparation.

3. Read NCERT Books:

  • In past years, UPSC has directly asked questions from NCERT textbooks.
  • So, without a doubt, NCERTs are the ideal books to start your IAS preparation with. Here is a complete list of NCERTs required for the UPSC exam.
  • Aside from the NCERTs, you should also read a few advanced textbooks.
  • The NCERT textbooks from grades six to twelve are extremely important in IAS test preparation.
  • NCERT textbooks can provide aspirants with basic concepts and theories.
  • These books present the material in a very logical manner. Furthermore, they are trustworthy because the source is the government itself.
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4. Making Notes:

  • Making notes is the most important thing during UPSC preparation.
  • The UPSC Syllabus consists of a vast syllabus that will help the candidate track the portion covered and also helps during revision.
  • Keep separate notebooks for separate subjects. If you want to add notes to a topic then it will help to use the files.

5. Practice Mock Test Series:

  • Self-evaluation is an important element of UPSC preparation.
  • It can assist civil service aspirants in recognizing and learning from mistakes, determining what route to take in continuing their preparation, and identifying strengths and weaknesses.
  • Joining a mock exam series is highly suggested, especially if you are preparing from home. This will assist you in assessing yourself and assisting you further.

UPSC IAS Best Books for Preparation:

Below are all the best books and study materials for the preparation of UPSC IAS examination:
  • Safalta History Free E-Books
  • NCERT XI (Ancient & Medieval)
  • NCERT XII (Modern Indian History)
  • Indian Art and Culture by Nitin Singhania
  • India’s Struggle for Independence- Bipin Chandra
Indian Polity
International Relations
Solved Papers
  • IAS General Studies Prelims Solved papers- Vishal Publication

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Is 1 year enough for IAS preparation?

Yes, i year is sufficcient for IAS preparation.

Can I prepare for IAS at home?

Yes, with proper strategy and preparation plan you can prepare for IAS at home.

Is IAS exam difficult?

Yes it is one of the difficult government exams in India.

Is IAS a stressful job?

Yes the IAS job has greatest anxiety and stress.

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