10 Most Interesting Taboola Ads examples: The Ultimate Guide

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Modern businesses currently use a variety of digital marketing strategies to promote their goods and services. The use of branded content, content marketing, and native advertising are the most popular ones. Native advertising is different from the other two in that it aims to place advertisements where the surrounding content and the product being advertised go well together. You will gain an understanding of how these native advertisements work by using the Taboola Ads Examples provided in this article. Join our digital marketing course to achieve your growth in defined inventions.

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Beko and Ingage Media">2) Beko and Ingage Media
3) Velasca
4) Square Yards
5) Vodafone
6) Pit Viper
7) StartEngine
8) AIG 
Nespresso">9) Nespresso
10) Sony Pictures

Adidas and MediaCom

Adidas is a major manufacturer of sportswear on a global scale. For Adidas, Taboola Creative Studio created eye-catching video content to educate viewers about the BOOST technology and ultimately encourage them to buy BOOST shoes. Taboola helped MediaCom increase CTR (click-through rate), raise awareness, and boost sales by 50%. The item displayed in the video went on to become a best-seller.

Beko and Ingage Media

The innovative Dem Tea Machine, a new product from the renowned appliance company Beko, was promoted through a partnership with the advertising firm Ingage Media. To launch sponsored content across premium publisher sites, Ingage Media turned to Taboola. Beko and Ingage Media observed a 75% increase in vCTR (viewable click-through rate) and a high proportion of new visitors learning about Beko's products.

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With its handcrafted, premium men's footwear made in Italy and sales to a global clientele made with a digital-first mindset, Velasca is a disruptor in the fashion sector. Velasca noticed a 15% drop in CPA and a 25% increase in the number of high-quality leads produced throughout their native advertising.

 Square Yards

India's leading platform for primary real estate is Square Yards, a technology-enabled real estate brokerage. Taboola was consulted to generate fresh leads. To increase conversions, they combined the use of sponsored content, retargeting, and SmartBid. Square Yards generated 50,000 leads and saw a 15% increase in conversion rate with Taboola compared to other marketing channels.


Vodafone Turkey, a subsidiary of the Vodafone Group, one of the biggest telecommunications firms in the world, provides mobile and content services while aiming to be a leader in digitalization technologies. Vodafone Turkey ran campaigns on Taboola to reach consumers with high-quality content in more original ways. Vodafone reduced their cost per sale with Taboola by 42% (MoM), and 11% of their sales came from display channels.

 Pit Viper

Pit Viper creates practical, jovial gear that is committed to treating life lightly. The largest and most effective Shopify Plus agency is The Stable. Pit Viper collaborates with The Stable to find fresh and exciting ways to connect with potential customers. To promote the Pit Viper product landing pages, The Stable started a Taboola-sponsored content campaign. To retarget people who had previously seen or interacted with ads, The Stable collaborated with Taboola on behalf of Pit Viper through The Trade Desk. The stable was able to double its ROAS target for Pit Viper with Taboola, achieving a 700% ROAS.


StartEngine was established to assist business owners in realizing their aspirations by removing funding constraints. The goal of premium beer brand Island Brands USA is to spread better, cleaner beer throughout the world. To assist Islands Brands in locating new investors away from search and social platforms, StartEngine turned to Taboola. They collaborated to launch a sponsored content campaign that was distributed across Taboola's network of premium open-source websites, including blogs, news sites, online magazines, and other digital properties. Taboola's image and motion ad creative formats were used in the campaign, which had a 113% ROAS impact on Island Brands.


American International Group, Inc. (AIG) is a major international insurer that offers clients in more than 80 countries and jurisdictions a broad range of property and casualty insurance, life insurance, retirement products, and other financial services. AIG was eager to increase consumer demand for its mortgage insurance by utilizing digital marketing techniques to inform consumers. AIG Israel discovered through Taboola that, out of five digital marketing channels, Taboola was the place where 50% of those who made purchases after viewing this campaign began their purchasing process. The campaign also increased purchase intent by 30% in just 30 days and reached 400,000 people.


The Nestlé Group's Nespresso Company is an independent, internationally managed business. Nespresso has offices in more than 60 nations, employs over 12,000 people globally, and has been in Thailand since 2015. With the distribution of advertorial content outside of conventional distribution channels like search and display, the brand needed to reach new audiences. Taboola provides 85% of the traffic to Nespresso Thailand's advertorial pages. In comparison to other channels, they also experience twice as long sessions and a 10x lower average cost per page view.

Sony Pictures

A division of Tokyo-based Sony Corporation, Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) is a division of Sony Entertainment Inc. After almost 20 years as a partner in a joint venture with Walt Disney (Thailand), SPE (Thailand) Ltd. opened an office in April 2017. SPE Thailand sought to significantly increase public awareness of and demand for the upcoming films Venom, Goosebumps: Haunted Halloween, and Spider-Man into the Spider-Verse. To reach a wider range of target and potential audiences on premium publisher sites across tablet and mobile devices, they collaborated with Taboola. Taboola has generated over 411,000 impressions and over 194,000 completed video views for SPE Thailand.

What are Taboola ads?

With Taboola Ads' strong Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology and a large volume of unique content consumption data, many advertisers can seamlessly reach their target audiences with engaging native ads.

Are Taboola ads worth it?

The Taboola network consists of excellent websites that are comparable to our own. This indicates that we can draw in readers of high caliber and that the impressions are not wasted on random internet users. 

What does Taboola pay for each click?

Taboola is a network that only pays publishers for clicks, making it a pay-per-click platform. The typical cost-per-click (CPC) price is between 2 and 5 cents.

Taboola: Is it clickbait?

Few would want to turn down the revenue, so publishers like CNN, Vox, Huffington Post, and countless others find it difficult to say no to platforms like Taboola. As these websites eat up programmatic ad dollars, the other side of the clickbait wormhole could be a global billion-dollar industry.

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