Amazon SEO with Alexa: Complete Guide 2022

Safalta Expert Published by: Vanshika Jakhar Updated Sat, 26 Nov 2022 12:37 AM IST

To have your products appear at the top of Amazon search results, Amazon SEO is essential. Equally important for Amazon sellers is Alexa SEO. Why? because customers themselves bring the products that Alexa recommends. Amazon created a smart speaker named Alexa. You want to boost the sales of your products on Amazon as the owner of an e-commerce website, without a doubt. 

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Table of Content

What is Amazon SEO?

What is Alexa SEO?

What is Amazon Alexa?

What is the Amazon Echo?

What Can Alexa Do?

How To Do Amazon + Alexa SEO?


What is Amazon SEO?

Amazon SEO is a process that enables your products to appear as prominently as possible in the natural Amazon search results.

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As a result, more people buy your products, increasing sales and revenue.

What is Alexa SEO?

Using Alexa SEO will increase the likelihood that Alexa will recommend your products (Amazon smart assistant).

What is Amazon Alexa?

The e-commerce behemoth Amazon debuted the virtual assistant Alexa on November 6, 2014. It can be compared to a personal robot that you can control. The spirit that resides in the Echo speaker is Alexa. Similar to how an operating system controls a computer or laptop to carry out all of its tasks, Alexa controls the Amazon Echo.

What is Amazon Echo?

You can purchase Amazon Echo online and use it as a wi-fi-connected smart speaker in your home. It responds when you say "Alexa" and was created by Amazon. You can manage your smart home using this intelligent assistant, which is powered by artificial intelligence. Amazon accepts product orders. Alexa is the Amazon Echo's brain. It manages the smart speaker, which has excellent Dolby processing and dynamic bass response.

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What Can Alexa Do?

Alexa has the same communication skills as a human assistant.

  • Stream music.
  • Place alarms.
  • Listen to podcasts.
  • Describe the forecast.
  • Share the newest information.

Alexa uses artificial intelligence to power itself, allowing it to remember your regular orders.


How To Do Amazon + Alexa SEO?

1. Purchase A "Amazon's Choice" Batch For Your Product

The most important consideration in product selection is trust. Finding a product of interest becomes difficult for customers on Amazon because there are thousands of products listed under various categories. The program chosen by Amazon was started to make purchasing decisions easier. Customers who choose "Amazon's Choice" products can save a lot of time.

2. Encourage repeat purchases from your clients

Products that the customer has already ordered are recommended by Alexa. For instance, Alexa will advise you to place another order for ABC biscuits if you previously purchased a packet of those cookies and now want to purchase some more.

3. Conduct suitable keyword research

It comes as no surprise that Alexa will suggest products that are at the top of the search results for product categories where there are no Amazon's Choice options or previous order stock options. When performing Amazon Alexa SEO, pay attention to keyword research. To determine the most popular phrases for your products, conduct keyword research. Entering your product on Amazon and checking the top results is one way to find keywords.

4- Improve the product name

Improve the title of your product. The brand name, material or distinguishing feature, product category, color, size, and packaging or quantity must all be included in the product title. Put the most pertinent words in the title's first few words. If you look at the image below, you'll notice that each product has the word "blender" earlier in the title. The Amazon algorithm gives keywords that appear first in the title a higher relevance score.

5. Improve Product Bullets

The bullet points should contain any pertinent keywords that you didn't use in the title. As a result, Alexa will have an easier time using the keywords to identify the products. Optimizing product bullets is a great way to improve Alexa's SEO. Why customers should choose you over your competitors should be highlighted in your key product features (bullet points). Please adhere to these guidelines when writing the product bullets.

6. Maintain an inventory list

Make sure you have enough inventory to fill any incoming orders. Your Amazon rankings will suffer greatly if you are out of stock. For Alexa SEO, a decline in rankings is not good. Amazon wants to make sure its customers have the best experience possible. Customers won't likely have a good experience if your products are consistent or for an extended period out of stock. Your rankings will significantly decline as a result.

7 - Boost your sales ranking

Your product will rank higher on Amazon as more people buy it. It is important to consider when performing Amazon SEO. A product's sales rank, which Amazon assigns, indicates how well it is selling in comparison to other items in the same category or subcategory. On most (but not all) pages, the product details section is where you can find the sales rank.

8. Obtain the FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) badge.

The FBA badge appears to give products a ranking advantage over rival products. This is a simple Amazon Alexa SEO trick. Obtaining FBA has additional advantages, including free return processing, storage, shipping to an Amazon fulfillment center, and removals. To obtain the FBA badge, decide which products you want to send to Amazon, their condition (new or used), price, and quantity, then make your selections.

9. Increase The Number Of Reviews For Your Product

Amazon prioritizes customer satisfaction above all else. One of the most important elements of Amazon Alexa SEO is reviews. Reviews are the only way for online shoppers to determine whether or not a product is ideal for them because they are unable to physically inspect the item. As a result, items with more favorable reviews frequently show up first.

If you know how to optimize your product listings, Amazon SEO is not difficult. Without perfecting your Amazon SEO, you cannot do Alexa SEO. You have a good chance of further optimizing your products for Alexa SEO if you manage your Amazon SEO wisely.



Is Alexa a tool for SEO?

It's fair to say that a piece of information like Alexa rank can be helpful when comparing websites. Just keep in mind that it is not as accurate as something like Google Analytics, so don't base too much of your marketing efforts around it.

How does Amazon use SEO?

The A10 search engine plays a crucial role in Amazon SEO. A10, an Amazon subsidiary, created its search engine technology to assist users in matching their search terms with the most relevant products available on the Amazon platform.


What distinguishes Amazon SEO from SEO for Google?

Google SEO focuses on long-tail keywords while Amazon focuses on short-tail ones. These keywords have three or more words in them.

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