Bing Webmaster tools: An Ultimate Guide

Safalta Expert Published by: Vanshika Jakhar Updated Wed, 30 Nov 2022 10:51 PM IST

Have you ever wondered how many clicks and impressions Bing Search is generating for you? The tool that enables you to view your Bing performance is called Bing Webmaster Tools. It will be challenging to monitor the effectiveness of your Bing SEO without it. Additionally, it offers data as a free SEO tool to assist you in troubleshooting SEO issues, particularly for Bing Search. For a clearer understanding of the context in which Bing Webmaster Tools best serves you, learn more about search engine optimization. As a web analytics tool, you can use the information to increase your website's visibility in organic search results and the quantity of that traffic coming from other search engines.

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We'll go over every feature of Bing Webmaster Tools that you can use to increase the organic traffic to your website and evaluate how well Bing Search performs as part of your overall digital marketing strategy in this article.

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Table of Content
What is Bing Webmaster?
How to Setup Websites For Bing Webmaster Tools
The Bing Webmaster Tools Features
Track Search Performance On Bing Search
Tools for Bing Webmaster SEO


What is Bing Webmaster?

To ensure that their websites are accessible on Bing Search, website owners and managers can add their sites to the Bing index using the free Bing Webmaster tool from Microsoft. You can monitor your results from the Bing search engine through Bing Webmaster, which also enables you to manage and troubleshoot your website's presence on Bing Search. Bing publishes a blog to inform webmasters of any updates and news regarding the tools, which is recommended to read from time to time.

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How to Setup Websites For Bing Webmaster Tools

You must first create an account. Begin by creating an account with Bing Webmaster Tools.

  • URLs can then be submitted and verified.
  • If Google Search Console has already verified your website, all you need to do is import the settings, and you're ready to go.
  • You can choose between three options for manual setup: Metadata in an XML file, HTML, or DNS, or adding a CNAME record
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The Bing Webmaster Tools Features

  • Keep tabs on Bing's search performance.
  • Look up the keyword you rank in.
  • Sitemaps for upload.
  • Send in URLs.
  • SEO Resources
  • Keyword analysis
  • SEO statistics
  • User administration.
  • URL examinations.


Track Search Performance On Bing Search

Tracking Bing search performance is likely the main feature that website owners and marketers are looking for. The tab with the same name allows you to quickly monitor the performance of your searches.

  • Sitemaps and URL Submission

The most important thing in this situation is to determine when Bing last crawled your sitemap and whether the crawl was successful. Additionally, you want to confirm that the number of URLs found and the number listed in your sitemaps are identical. If it doesn't match, you should submit it once more.

Keep track of the URLs that are missing if the issues persist so that we can submit them directly to Bing's crawlers.

Tools for Bing Webmaster SEO

Bing Webmaster Tools provides a suite of SEO tools you can use to track performance and identify optimization issues to address later for anyone improving their SEO performance to increase organic traffic to their website.

The available SEO tools are:
Research on keywords SEO Reports
Site survey
You can view all of the total referring domains, total referring pages, and anchor texts using the Backlinks tool. You can see which websites link back to you and which pages are being referenced. A similar site feature is a nice touch in the backlinks section. You can use it to assess how closely your backlink profile resembles that of your rivals by comparing yourself to theirs.

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  • Keyword Research With Bing Webmaster Tools

To find new keywords and keyword combinations for your SEO strategy or content marketing concepts, use the Keyword Research Tool in Bing Webmaster Tools. You can filter keywords by time range, device, language, and country. To get a better understanding of the importance of a single keyword on your website, you should combine the results from the keyword research tool with the Keyword Planner from Google Ads and look at the trend curves from Google Trends.

  • Site scans and SEO reports

The SEO reports let you know if there are any fixable SEO problems with your pages. It will display pertinent information about the errors and classify them as having a high, moderate, or low severity. It streamlines the process of identifying errors and provides instructions on how to fix them. It is user-friendly for beginners, and you will learn more while resolving these issues.

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  • Control Crawling, Block URLs, and Tester for Robots.txt

You have control over how Bing crawls your website through the configuration tab. The Block URLs feature allows you to prevent specific URLs from being indexed by Bing Search, which is pretty self-explanatory. useful for preventing traffic from Bing Search from going to duplicate content or unnecessary pages.

Bing Webmaster Tools is a great addition to your SEO toolkit because it's free and allows you to monitor the effectiveness of organic traffic from Bing. As the first step in Bing SEO, ensuring that Bing can crawl your website is critical. However, the suite of tools can still be useful to your websites and business even if you aren't actively increasing your presence on Bing.

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What is the purpose of Bing Webmaster Tools?

Using Bing Webmaster Tools, you can keep an eye on the overall health of your website and learn how visitors are finding it. You can find websites linking to you by using tools and reports to discover the keywords generating traffic as well as the impressions and clicks of those terms.

Is Google superior to Bing?

When handling simple tasks, Bing and Google both perform satisfactorily. However, technical searches for both have some variations on the more sophisticated search.

Bing Webmaster is it free?

To ensure that their websites are accessible on Bing Search, website owners and managers can add their sites to the Bing index using the free Bing Webmaster tool from Microsoft.

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