Top data science trends of the decade 2022

Safalta Expert Published by: Vanshika Jakhar Updated Tue, 15 Nov 2022 11:20 PM IST

Businesses have modernized over time, implementing cutting-edge technology to increase productivity and maximize return on investment. The words that are currently in style are big data, artificial intelligence, data science, and data analytics. To improve decision-making and streamline business processes, enterprises want to adopt data-driven models. Because the pandemic disrupted industries all over the world, SMEs and large businesses were forced to quickly adapt to the new conditions. As a result, investments in data analytics and data science have increased.

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Source: Safalta

Nearly every organization now revolves around data. We observe new trends developing in the industries as businesses rely on data analytics to avoid and overcome several obstacles. The three main heads of the trends are the distribution of everything, operationalizing business value, and accelerating change.
This blog will examine the key data science trends for 2022 and explain how big data and data analytics are gradually becoming an essential component of every enterprise, regardless of sector.

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Table of Content

Trends in Data Science for 2022


Trends in Data Science for 2022

1. Cloud-based Big Data

There is already an abundance of data being produced. The challenge is assembling, categorizing, cleaning, organizing, formatting, and analyzing this enormous amount of data in one location. Data science and artificial intelligence come to the rescue. Data storage is still a problem, though. In the cloud, big data is used by about 45% of businesses. Businesses are increasingly using cloud services for data processing, distribution, and storage.

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2. A focus on useful data

If you don't know what to do with data in its complex, unstructured, and raw form, what use is it? The focus is on actionable data that combines big data and business processes to support your decision-making. Purchasing pricey data software won't help much unless the data is analyzed to produce insights that can be put to use. These insights aid in the comprehension of your company's current position in the market, market trends, challenges, opportunities, etc. You are better able to make decisions and act in the best interests of the company when you have access to actionable data. You can improve overall efficiency by organizing activities, streamlining workflows, and allocating projects with the aid of insights from actionable data.

3. Utilization of Enhanced Analytics

How do augmented analytics work? Using AI, machine learning, and natural language processing, AA automates the analysis of enormous amounts of data. Insight delivery that would typically be handled by a data scientist is now automated. Enterprises can process data more quickly and gain insights from it. Additionally, the outcome is more accurate, which results in better choices. AI, ML, and NLP help experts explore data and produce in-depth reports and predictions by helping with data preparation, processing, analytics, and visualization. Through augmented analytics, data from inside and outside the enterprise can be combined.

4. Cloud Services and Hybrid Cloud Automation

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are used to automate cloud computing services for both public and private clouds. AI for IT operations is known as AIOps. Providing greater data security, scalability, a centralized database, and a governance system of data at a low cost, is changing how businesses view big data and cloud services. The increased use of hybrid cloud services is one of the big data forecasts for 2022. A public cloud and a private cloud platform are combined to form a hybrid cloud. Public clouds are economical, but they don't offer very high data security. Although more expensive and not a viable option for all SMEs, a private cloud is more secure. The practical solution combines both, balancing cost and security to provide greater agility. The enterprise's resources and performance are improved by a hybrid cloud.

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5. Pay attention to edge intelligence

Data analysis and data aggregation that takes place near the network is known as edge computing or edge intelligence. Industries want to integrate edge computing into business systems by utilizing the internet of things (IoT) and data transformation services. As a result, the enterprise performs better due to increased flexibility, scalability, and reliability. Additionally, it quickens processing and decreases latency. Edge intelligence enables employees to work remotely while enhancing the caliber and speed of productivity when combined with cloud computing services.

6. Hyperautomation

Hyper-automation will be a significant trend in data science in 2022. Everything that can be automated should be done so to increase efficiency because hyper-automation is unavoidable and irreversible. You can enable a deeper level of digital transformation in your company by integrating automation with artificial intelligence, machine learning, and smart business processes. The fundamental ideas of hyper-automation are advanced analytics, business process management, and robotic process automation. In the upcoming years, the trend is expected to intensify with a greater focus on robotic process automation.

7. Increase in Use of Natural Language Processing 

It started as a subset of artificial intelligence and is now infamously known as NLP. Finding patterns and trends in data is now regarded as a part of business processes. Natural Language Processing will have access to high-caliber data, producing high-caliber insights. Not only that, but NLP also makes sentiment analysis available. By doing this, you will have a clear understanding of what your customers believe and feel about your company and your rivals. It is simpler to deliver the necessary services and raise customer satisfaction when you are aware of your target audience's and customers' expectations.

8. Using Quantum Computing to Speed Up Analysis

Quantum computing is one of the hot research areas in data science. Even so, there is still much work to be done on quantum computing before it can be adopted by a variety of businesses across various industries. Nevertheless, it has begun to emerge and will soon play a crucial role in business operations. By comparing data sets, quantum computing aims to integrate data for quicker analysis. It also aids in comprehending the connection between two or more model relationships.

9. Making AI and data science democratic

We've already witnessed how DaaS is gaining notoriety. Machine learning models are now used in the same way. It is now simpler to offer AI and ML models as a part of cloud computing services and tools due to the rise in demand for cloud services.  To use Machine Learning as a Service for deep learning, NLP, and data visualization, get in touch with an Indian data science company. Predictive analytics would work perfectly with MLaaS. You do not have to create a dedicated data science team within your organization when you invest in DaaS and MLaaS. Offshore businesses offer the services.

10. Machine learning automation (AutoML)

Automated machine learning can automate several data science tasks, including data cleaning, model training, result interpretation, and result prediction. Data science teams typically handle these tasks. We have already discussed how automated data cleaning will speed up analytics. When businesses adopt AutoML, the other manual processes will also do the same. 

In the years to come, data science will remain a hot topic. Data analysts,  Data scientists, and AI engineers will be in greater demand. Hiring data analytics is the simplest way to implement the most recent changes in your company. By implementing the data-driven model in your company, you can remain relevant in this cutthroat market. 

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