Get community tab on YouTube: Know how

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Rich media can be used for interaction between creators and viewers who have access to the Youtube's Community posts. Posts from the community may include surveys, GIFs, text, pictures, and videos. You can interact with your audience through community posts in addition to video uploads. They can also appear on the Home or the Subscriptions feed, as well as the Community tab. One of the best ways to achieve this is by developing a community and connecting with your audience. One significant method by which YouTube aids creators in connecting with their audience is the community tab.

Table of Content
What is the Community Tab on YouTube?
How do you activate the community tab on YouTube?
What can you post in the community tab on YouTube?
Where are the Community posts located?
How to create a community post on YouTube?
7 Ways to Use the Community Tab on YouTube

What is the Community Tab on YouTube?

Creators can interact with their audience in a more conversational manner outside of video using the YouTube Community Tab. A quick way to interact with fans in between uploads of videos is through this stream of updates, which can include text, gifs, polls, and images.


How do you activate the community tab on YouTube?

You need 1000 subscribers to access the YouTube Community Tab. It typically takes one or two weeks after you reach the threshold for the community tab to appear on your YouTube channel.

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Please take note that to display the Community tab option on your channel if you have more than 1000 subscribers, you must enable custom channel layouts.

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What can you post in the community tab on YouTube?

You can make community posts using the Community Tab that contain text, images, animated gifs, polls, or links to other YouTube videos. Subscribers' subscription feeds display community posts.


Where are the Community posts located?

Your Community posts can be found in YouTube Studio's Content section and on the Community tab of your channel. How to access your YouTube Studio posts:

  • Open YouTube Studio and log in.
  • Select Content from the left menu.
  • On the Posts tab, click.

Your readers will see your post in their feed once it has been published. They might also receive a notification that you've made a fresh post.


How to create a community post on YouTube?

Go to your YouTube channel and look for the tab to create a YouTube Community post on a computer or mobile device "Community." After that, you can write a post and include a poll, an image, or a video.

You can use mentions to say hello to viewers or other creators by writing the channel name after the @ symbol. When finished, click on "Post." You can schedule your community post for a particular day as well. Only members of a certain level may create posts if you have channel memberships.

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7 Ways to Use the Community Tab on YouTube

One of the most crucial YouTube channel analytics is engagement. More engaged audiences will watch more videos, share more, and return frequently. You can expand your audience and create a community around your content and brand if you make the most of the Community tab. How? Read on.


1. Share updates and behind-the-scenes material.

Even though your videos may have been carefully planned, scripted, and assembled, many viewers seek authenticity from creators. You can display more informal updates on your Community tab. Use this format for private updates or sneak peeks.


2. Pay attention to comments and replies.

Use a heart to show appreciation for a viewer's comments when perusing your community comments. The viewer might receive a notification letting them know that you liked their comment. Responding to comments sparks a dialogue and strengthens your relationship with your audience.


3. Highlight a noteworthy comment.

You can pin comments to the top of the comments when they really catch your attention or when you simply want to promote them. When other viewers check out your community posts, they'll be directed to them first.


4. Spread the word about a video you made with another creator.

Make sure you both post about your joint creation on your Community tab after you've uploaded it. It's a fantastic way to increase channel traffic and audience size.


5. Ask your viewers what kind of video they would like to see next.

Learn what your channel's audience wants to see. Inquire about their opinions on your upcoming videos or survey a forthcoming contest.


6. Use a @mention to thank a supporter or other creator.

To spread the love or attract more viewers to your videos, mention a fan or another creator. A fan is frequently chosen by popular channels to receive a shout-out after their video.


7. Share ‘members only’ posts.

You can decide to create posts that are only available to channel members if you offer channel memberships (a paid subscription to your channel where viewers pay monthly fees in exchange for access to exclusive content). This is a fantastic way to express gratitude for their support and to give them more reasons to interact with your channel.


Who has access to my YouTube Community posts?

Your Community tab will be hidden from your viewers if your channel's audience is set to "Made for Kids."


Do posts to the YouTube Community benefit your channel?

Community posts can increase your YouTube audience engagement and increase your reach.


Do YouTubers profit from user-generated content?

By providing a variety of benefits— videos, live streams, custom badges, posts, live chats, and more—and charging a monthly fee for your services, you can generate income with YouTube Channel Memberships.

When should you post something in the community tab?

Every day, publish one article. Funnel it out. Never overpromote your videos; leave that to YouTube's suggested videos.

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