The Ultimate guide to Google Analytics remarketing

Safalta Expert Published by: Vanshika Jakhar Updated Sun, 20 Nov 2022 02:09 AM IST

The effectiveness of remarketing in the context of paid acquisition cannot be disputed. Interacting with users who have already visited your website can greatly speed up the development of your product. The potential value of remarketing can be maximized, though, using a more effective technique. Surprisingly, despite being cost-effective, GA Remarketing is still underutilized by the majority of marketers for Paid Acquisition.Click here to buy a course on Digital Marketing-  Digital Marketing Specialization Course.

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"Google Analytics Remarketing" – what is it?
3 Easy Remarketing lists.  

"Google Analytics Remarketing" – what is it?

Remarketing lists in Google Analytics can be created based on virtually any Google Analytics metric, unlike standard Remarketing lists generated in AdWords, which can target audiences based on "Page Visited." The GA Remarketing list can be created using both broad criteria and specific behavior-based narrow criteria. You can use a GA Remarketing list you've created to launch a remarketing campaign in AdWords or DoubleClick Bid Manager.

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3 Easy Remarketing lists.

#1 List of users who had more "Pages / Session" than converters.
#2 A list of users who searched for your product name but didn't convert is the second list.
#3 List of users who spent longer on average on a page than converters.

#1: A list of website visitors who looked up your product name but didn't buy. One of the simplest and most effective lists for GA Remarketing newcomers is this one. Visitors who have acknowledged your product by searching for your company and services are more likely to convert than other visitors. Therefore, it is clear that this audience list merits attention since it has a higher CPA.
  • Click on the "Admin" tab.
  • Select "Remarketing" from the "Property" column, then select "Audiences."
  • Select "+ New Audience."
  • Decide on a view and a final account.
  • Select "Create New."
  • Click "Apply" after choosing "Traffic Sources" and entering the name of your company or product in "Keyword."
  • Choose the "Audience name," "Lookback days," and "Membership duration."
  • Press "Save."

#2. The number of pages a visitor viewed is indicated by "Pages / Session." Converting websites typically receive more page views than other websites. You can easily imagine that your converts are more likely to check various pages if your website has several pages about your product, customer cases, and pricing. Therefore, we can infer that users are more likely to convert if they have viewed more pages.
  • You must first check the converters' "Pages / Session" settings. Click "Acquisition" on the "Reporting" tab, then "Channels" in "All Traffic."
  • Select the "Converters" section and press "Apply."
  • The "Pages / Session" of converters will then be visible.
  • After that, proceed to "Create New" as in Step 1.
  • Choose "Conditions" 
  • In "Filter," choose "Users" and "Include," then choose "Pageviews" and "per user."
  • Enter the converters' "Pages / Session." Choose ">."
  • Click "Apply" and follow Step 1's instructions for the remaining steps.

#3. This list is also based on the concept of average session duration, which refers to the typical length of time a visitor spent on your website. Staying longer on your website indicates that users may have looked at several pages or paid close attention to your content. Because the average session length of converts is typically much longer than that of other users, we can also assume that the longer a visitor stays on a page, the more they will convert.
  • Like #2, you must check the "Avg. Session Duration" of converters.
  • Select "Behavior" after moving to "Create New" as in Step 1.
  • Choose "per user" and ">," then type "Avg. Session Duration" (seconds) of converters.
  • Click "Apply" and follow Step 1's instructions for the remaining steps.

How do I remarket using Google Analytics?

You must choose the audience criteria and the advertising accounts for which you want to use the audience before you can create one.


What are the advantages of remarketing using Google Analytics?

By targeting the right audience across the web with remarketing in Google Analytics, you can increase conversions. As a result, you can display messages that are extremely relevant to your audience thanks to Google Analytics segmentation capabilities.


Is retargeting and remarketing equivalent?

Retargeting mainly focuses on paid advertisements. Remarketing is concentrated on email campaigns and contacting people with whom you've already interacted, enabling more targeted upselling and messaging.

What does Google Analytics remarketing not offer?

Google Analytics remarketing does not have the advantage of enabling customers to quickly reorder goods they have already purchased.

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