Top 10 video marketing KPI's

Safalta Expert Published by: Vanshika Jakhar Updated Sat, 19 Nov 2022 06:02 PM IST

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There are so many tools available today that are designed specifically for creating high-quality videos and promoting your brand on social media. With so many online video maker apps available for various purposes, businesses begin to produce their own marketing content. It can be challenging to determine what is effective by looking at the number of views when there are so many brands sharing video content. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), which are measurements for comparing results to goals, are what you should rely on for better understanding. These metrics let you know whether your content goals were met and whether you need to repeat your efforts in the future.

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To create your video performance indicators, you must collect your marketing data into a single marketing analytics tool. 

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Table of Content
The key performance indicators for video marketing  

The Key Performance Indicators for Video Marketing

1. Number of Clicks

Every content producer wants their videos to receive a lot of clicks. The wider the reach, the higher the number. Even though this number is high, you cannot become complacent. The click rate figure cannot be ignored even though it is not the only factor in success. First and foremost give a general idea of how readers react to your content. However, you must exercise caution because this is not the only indicator and does not indicate the caliber of each click. To verify the caliber of your videos, you must compare the number of clicks with the bounce rate, the view-through rate, and the conversions. You can take the following actions to increase the number of clicks on your videos:
  • Make sure the location of your video on your landing page is appropriate.
  • Make a succinct but intriguing video title to grab viewers' attention.
  • A concise video description that encourages viewers to watch the whole thing is a must.
  • Make sure the title and description contain your keywords.

2. Bounce Rates and Video Engagement

Because it shows how relevant your video is to your target audience, this KPI is crucial for video marketing. This statistic will show you how many viewers and at what point they stop watching your videos. It might aid in your evaluation of your materials to see if there are any delivery problems. Perhaps the audience is uninterested or didn't comprehend all of it.
Try the following to keep your audience loyal:
  • Make a 5-second hook in the introduction.
  • Pop-ups that ruin the user experience should be eliminated.
  • Pay attention to the sound because poor audio detracts from attractive images.
  • Use original storytelling techniques and up-to-date content.
  • Make value-adding CTAs that are compelling.

3. Clickthrough Rates

The likelihood that viewers will stick around until the very end increases if you pay close attention and polish your work. This is implied by the view-through rate, a crucial indicator of whether your video gave the answers your audience was seeking. You must divide the total number of viewers who stayed until the very end by the total number of views to arrive at this number.

Naturally, you want a high percentage because it would indicate:
  • That you recognized the purpose of the search made by the viewers
  • That your video was produced in a high-quality manner
  • The video was broadcast on the appropriate channels.

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4. Shares on Social Media

An intriguing statistic regarding video marketing and its significance on social media is as follows: Over 8 billion hours of video are viewed on Facebook every day by 500 million users. Today, having a high social media sharing rate translates into having a larger audience and more people aware of your brand because every like, comment and share makes your video visible to the network of your viewers. If you make a well-made video, you'll get more views, so before posting, make sure the video is properly cropped and resized for Facebook.

5. Repeat Customers

Once your video has been uploaded, you will see frequent or returning users. Viewers frequently revisit and rewatch your video several times. Based on the details of your session, Google Analytics assists you in identifying these users. Then, over some time, this is counted numerous times. For instance, the month of January is being evaluated, and the user clicked on your video once per week. This results in four counts for the user. There are two categories for repeat customers:
  • Little Understanding: These people lacked comprehension of the subject. As a result, they watch the videos repeatedly. Take note of this because it might indicate that your videos aren't sufficiently clear. As a result, you must pay close attention while editing.
  • Refresh Memories: When users return to your video after taking a break from it, it is clear that it had an impact. Since they find it to be interesting, they remember it and want to review it in their minds. To repeat your success in similar ways in the future, analyze what you did in these kinds of videos.
Look up the specific user's viewing time and date to distinguish between the two. It's possible that the user needed more time to comprehend and process the content if they watched the entire video on successive days. Users can return and rewatch after a break of several months if they want to refresh their memories in the meantime.

6. Rates of Video Conversion

Your video conversion rates demonstrate how many new leads, potential customers, and paying customers your campaign generated. Every video has a different objective, such as:
  • Gain more supporters
  • Describe how to utilize a product.
  • Share your knowledge of the industry's top techniques.
  • Gain more newsletter subscribers
  • Drive more traffic to the website
  • Purchase a real good.
  • Obtain an ebook
This conversion rate will show you how well your video met its objectives. Developing a solid strategy for future content will be made easier by understanding which videos have the highest conversion rates. Having a solid foundation from which to build quality content that appeals to your target audience is helpful. To determine what is effective and generating beneficial results, it would be beneficial to modify your video strategies and review earlier KPI results from prior campaigns.

7. Special Users

Compared to impressions, this metric is more detailed and precise. It takes into account the discrepancy between the total number of impressions and the proportion of viewers who watched your entire video. This will enable you to assess consumer interest in your brand as part of the marketing funnel. For instance, if you have a lot of views but a small number of unique users, only the same viewers are likely to watch your video repeatedly. This may indicate one of two things:
  • They keep reviewing your video because they were impressed by it.
  • To draw in more visitors and create fresh leads, you must work harder to produce more videos.

8. Consideration Lift

This is a great way to gauge a specific video's contribution to brand awareness. It is a crucial KPI for determining the likelihood that viewers of that particular video will convert. This will enable you to determine which of your landing page's videos is the most interesting and provides the highest conversion rates. Generally speaking, consideration lift is calculated as the difference between viewers' positive responses before and after watching your video. This result may be your bottom-line conversion or the number of users moving forward in the buying process. However, this entails more work because other metrics must be taken into account when conducting customer research.

9. Favorability Increase

Measure the favorability lift instead of the aforementioned KPI if you're going to extra trouble in your research. As the name implies, this metric measures whether or not viewers of a particular video have a favorable opinion of your brand. You should conduct a perception survey on your video to get good results. It would be beneficial to ascertain the variance in favorability between various videos and to identify the videos that receive the most positive feedback. The findings will support the mapping of upcoming content.

10. CPL

The CPL (Cost per Lead) is related to the monthly quantity of qualified leads. This metric displays the price associated with acquiring a new prospect. You must determine how much energy, cash, and time were devoted to creating marketing videos over a specific time frame. CPL is then calculated by dividing the total investment by the number of leads acquired during the period. You can determine how successful your changes have been by comparing them to the average CPL from periods that were the same length in the past. You can evaluate and plan your next steps with the aid of the results. You can use it to determine which marketing initiatives are most effective at reaching your target audience.

  As a result, these ten KPIs give you the data you need to evaluate the effectiveness of your video marketing strategy. You must keep in mind, though, that this cannot be evaluated solely by one metric. Because it provides more information and enables you to assess the bigger picture, it requires the interaction of different KPIs.

What are the video marketing KPIs?

  • Impressions.
  • Views.
  • Distinct users.
  • Advertisement lift


How is video content evaluated?

  • Rate of play.
  • Reactions, Shares, Likes, and Comments.
  • Rate of click-throughs.
  • Observe Time.


What is CMS in a video?

An organisation can centrally manage and securely deliver video online with the help of a video content management system, or video CMS. Anyone in your organisation can easily locate and stream all of your video assets online with Panopto's market-leading video CMS, from any location in the world.


Which video metrics are reliable?

  • Views count.
  • Engagement.
  • Rate of play.
  • The timer.

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