Top 34+ best media to share your content wisely for making profitable market

Safalta Expert Published by: Vanshika Jakhar Updated Sat, 10 Dec 2022 11:31 PM IST

You may be a busy sales professional focused on achieving your goals and wonder if you can afford to read sales blogs regularly. After all, every minute you spend reading a post could be spent prospecting, coaching a salesperson, or creating a new qualifying framework that will enable your business to grow. To assist you in locating the sales blogs with the most useful information. 

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Table of Content
Best media to share your content

Best media to share your content

1. BizSugar
A social bookmarking website called BizSugar is dedicated to content in the marketing, startup, and small business niches. It's fantastic for sharing content in that industry to build your brand and win the trust of extremely competent business owners.

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Depending on the other community members you interact with, you might also discover outreach opportunities.

2. Slashdot
Another specialized bookmarking site with a focus on technology is Slashdot. Users who have accounts can post content about video games, security, hardware, software, and computers. If you work in the tech industry, it's great for your company.

3. We Heart It
Regarding social sharing websites, We Heart It is more similar to Pinterest because it prioritizes visual content. On We Heart It, images, graphics, and infographics that have an inspirational bent and are of high quality will perform well.

4. Scoop. It
Assisting with curation, analysis, and marketing is more geared toward professionals working in the field of content creation. Free and paid accounts are available, with the paid version targeted more at companies who want to share website content.

5. Trendiee
The main goal of Trendiee is to assist users in discovering fresh and interesting news. Users can also submit news and content that is reviewed before being published, and you can search for news by category or topic.

6. Diigo
Diigo is a link-sharing website with a strong academic focus. People who work or attend schools and universities can use the website or a plugin for their browsers to bookmark interesting articles. The ability to annotate content as you browse online PDFs makes it excellent for academics.

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7. BibSonomy
BibSonomy, which is designed for companies that publish scientific research, is possibly the most specialized bookmarking site on this list. Given the audience it serves and the niche in which it operates, your company is both very valuable and well-known if it operates in that market.

8. Pearltrees
A link-sharing website called Pearltrees enables users to classify the content they save into various collections. It also permits some degree of user collaboration thanks to a surprisingly straightforward and user-friendly interface. Its widespread use as a platform for content sharing is due to this.

9. DZone 
Because of its global reach, DZone is a great link-sharing platform for companies in the software development industry. A sizable user base frequents the site daily to share content and keep up with the newest developments and fashions in the development industry.

10. Medium
One of the best online venues for the best writers to publish original and captivating content is Medium. Even though the bar for quality is high, this raises the impact of any successful content you can get published on Medium.

11. Fark
A social news-sharing platform called Fark relies on manual submissions from content producers. To keep the standard of quality high, they are selective about the material they display. If you are successful in getting high-quality content accepted, your emphasis on quality may become a badge of honor.

12. Pinterest
One of the most popular "social bookmarking sites" is Pinterest. People "pin" articles to their boards that they like. It enables them to return to it later and tell others about things that interest them. It is one of the best image SEO tools available and is especially useful for sharing images.

13. Mix (previously StumbleUpon) 
The mix is a well-known social bookmarking website that is also very user-friendly. It enables you to share content and your bookmarked content with others, similar to Pinterest. A network of people who naturally share your work can be built by creating high-quality content, building a following, and promoting your work.

14. Dribbble
Dribble can be compared to a social bookmarking platform for graphic designers. It is one of the better sites to get backlinks and shares for your content if your company is in the creative industry (or if you create very high-quality visual content). Additionally, you might be able to locate other designers with whom to work on joint projects.

15. Delicious
The content you create can be shared on Delicious, a fairly standard promotion site, to increase traffic to it. It is significant and useful enough to be included in your strategy even though it is not quite as well-known as the larger platforms mentioned here.

16. Pocket 
Pocket is a website and mobile application that lets users "pocket" items they find on the internet or in an app they like. When you bookmark content on Pocket, you can fully access it even when you're offline. It is popular with tech-savvy individuals because of those added features, so bear that in mind when sharing content on the platform.

17. Digg
Another popular bookmarking site that enables users to personalize their content feed is Digg. They can search for content on a variety of topics and save it for later. To find more content that interests them, they can also curate the content they already have.

18. Reddit
Reddit has the potential to be a sizable but challenging content aggregator. The majority of it being user-generated creates a challenge. Because of this, it can be challenging to promote your content, but given the volume of active users, it's ultimately worthwhile.

19. Twitter
Twitter is a great platform for the social sharing of all kinds of content. As part of your social media strategy, you can interact both with influencers and with your followers. Twitter offers two advantages. first, to increase the amount of social media traffic you receive. Second, some of your followers could link to it from their websites.

20. LinkedIn
The best platform for sharing and posting content to a B2B audience has long been LinkedIn. Professionals benefit greatly from the input and participation of other experts in their field. It has a greater chance of receiving links from people who need information on your subject because of that audience.

21. SlideShare
For any slideshow-based content you create for conferences or webinars, Slideshare is fantastic. It was once independent, but after being acquired by LinkedIn, it now gives you access to a sizable professional network. That makes it especially helpful if you work in the business-to-business sector and want to promote your services to other companies.

22. Quora
At its core, Quora is a platform for people to ask questions. Then, those with knowledge in those fields can offer insightful responses. You can look through the queries people have in your specialty and use your knowledge to respond. You can link to a relevant article on your website that offers a more in-depth response if you have one.

23. TechDirt
A news content aggregator with a focus on technology is called TechDirt. Additionally, it enables its users to post their news if they have accounts. You can use it to share news articles you've written or for PR releases about new products you've created if your company focuses on technology.

24. Tracky
Tracky is a tool for teamwork that incorporates social sharing. You can make an account for free, and once you do, you can share content, save links to your online content, and more.

25. Zypid
Another general social bookmarking website that lets users share their bookmarked links with other users is Zypid. It focuses more on news-related material, and you can add your news item. Its links are DoFollow, which is an added benefit.

26. Facebook
Despite Facebook's enormous reach, its algorithm changes have made it harder to organically reach new users. However, given that it's a free platform, your social sharing strategy should take it into account.

27. Tumblr
Users can build their multimedia mini-blog posts on the Tumblr platform using content they want to share. You can also produce your content to share, enabling you to upload written or visual content to your Tumblr account.

28. Crazybacklink
A social bookmarking website called Crazybacklink was created to assist users in discovering new websites that they might find interesting. As a result, creating their bookmark list is made simpler for them. It's worth including in your sharing strategy because the website is free to use and is also very easy to use.

29. PiPiNews
PiPiNews is a platform for posting general bookmarks and links that enables users to post various types of content. You are free to distribute your news articles, videos, pictures, and infographics.

30. Scribd
Your articles, blog posts, and other text-based content can be published for free on Scribd, a platform for document-based link sharing. Additionally, it can convert your articles into PDF files and the other way around, allowing you to embed them on other websites to build backlinks.

31. Flickr
Flickr is a photo-sharing website where users can upload and share their best photos with other users. You can upload your original photos or custom images to Flickr to increase traffic and gain backlinks for your website.

32. Feedly
An RSS blog reader with more than 15 million users is called Feedly. It enables users to compile news and content from particular sources and influencers with whom they are affiliated. Additionally, there is a social sharing feature where users can communicate.

33. Instapaper
One of the best methods for people to save articles they find online for later offline reading is Instapaper. It's very helpful for people who have a long flight or commute on a train with poor data reception. You can put your content in front of a willing audience if your company has interesting articles to share.

34. Kirtsy
Kristy was once just a platform for aggregating stock content, but it has since grown to offer features for a wider variety of content. User can now distribute their highly visual slideshows. It's excellent for businesses with a strong visual component, like all kinds of designers.

35. LinkaGoGo
LinkaGoGo is a fantastic platform for bookmarking online content. Users have a lot of customization options, allowing them to curate the content and organize their bookmarks. Users can also use it to remind themselves to go to websites with regularly updated content.

Which content is most suitable for social media?

images, videos, and electronic books (eBooks).

Which kind of content is most effective?

In 2021, videos will surpass blogs and infographics as the most popular content type, according to Hubspot.

What kind of content is most frequently shared?

Shares of visual content are the highest. It is a known fact. As many as 32% of marketers believe that the most crucial type of content they produce is visual. The best type of visual content to produce if you want to gain shares is an infographic.

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