What is BIMI? Definition with examples

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Email marketing is a constantly evolving field. Email services are constantly seeking ways to enhance their user interface or include an additional layer of security. Additionally, email marketers must constantly be flexible. Marketers started speculating whether BIMI, a new feature that is entering the market and offers both improved user experience and added security, is the next big thing when Google announced that they would support it. Learn about Digital Marketing- https://www.safalta.com/advance-digital-marketing-2022?src=home

Table of Content
BIMI: What is it?
How is BIMI implemented?
How do I interpret BIMI?

BIMI: What is it?

Brand Indicators for Message Identification are known as BIMI. In essence, BIMI displays your company's logo next to the marketing emails you send to your subscribers while they are in their inboxes.

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BIMI fulfills a few special functions.

Placing the sender's logo next to their emails, first increases brand recognition. Strong visual associations are made as a result.

BIMI also functions as a security feature. Your subscribers will be able to verify that this message is from you and not an imposter if your logo is displayed next to it.  

You can see why email marketers would find this to be a very appealing feature in an era where it's more difficult than ever to stand out in an inbox and when phishing emails are on the rise. Inbox brand recognition increased reputation protection, and improved subscriber experience are all benefits you receive.

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How is BIMI implemented?

Although all mailbox providers use the same technical components to pull the logo, they all have different BIMI requirements. Google requires a VMC and a copyright for its logo (Verified Mark Certificate).

Putting those components in place can take time, so BIMI implementation at Google is more than just a technical change.

You must fulfill the following conditions to get BIMI to function with Gmail:

  • Set up DKIM authentication for your mail streams using your domain.
  • Create a DMARC record using a different policy than p=none.
  • Your logo has a copyright.
  • For that logo, buy a VMC.
  • Make a tiny PS SVG version of your company logo.
  • Create a BIMI TXT record in the DNS for your domain.
  • Check your setup to make sure it works properly.

And after all of that, your logo can show up in the Gmail inbox next to your emails.

How do I interpret BIMI?

For marketers, it is appealing to be able to offer email validation and increase brand visibility in the inbox.

  • Check to see if these listed BIMI supporters are well-represented in a breakdown of your subscribers' email client usage.
  • Examine the specifications for each provider to see which ones you already meet.
  • Consider the setup requirements for the remaining components. Remember to take into account BIMI-setup-assistance services if they will aid in your initial setup.
  • A decision to implement doesn't have to be all or nothing because the requirements are currently specific to each email provider. Once you've decided to start, you can do so by fulfilling Yahoo's requirements.


Who uses BIMI?

Apple has informed users that BIMI will be a new feature of its Mail application in both iOS 16 and macOS Ventura. Apple will also demand a VMC before displaying a company's BIMI logo, similar to how Gmail does.



Who found BIMI?

Brand Indicators for Message Identification is abbreviated as BIMI. It is an open standard that several major email providers, including Google, Verizon Media/Yahoo, and Linkedin, jointly developed.


Is BIMI free?

It is free, that is true.



How do I check my BIMI record?

Enter the location of your domain's BIMI DNS record and click "inspect" to test your domain. The address [selector]. _bimi. [your-domain] contains a BIMI record.

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