WhatsApp CRM: Know it's features

Safalta Expert Published by: Vanshika Jakhar Updated Tue, 15 Nov 2022 10:48 PM IST

We choose digital conversations in the modern era because they are more convenient and have a wider reach. Internet-based messaging services like WhatsApp are undoubtedly paving the way for this. Since its 2009 launch, WhatsApp has provided us, the general public, with free messaging services. WhatsApp currently outperforms all other social media platforms.
Due to this wide audience, businesses began to recognize the potential advantages of WhatsApp communications, and business owners began using their accounts as a tool for connecting with clients. Facebook was prompted by this to develop the WhatsApp Business App and WhatsApp Business API, two WhatsApp products made specifically for businesses.
While the WhatsApp business app partially addressed the aforementioned issues, it was still difficult for expanding teams to manage the enormous volume of messages they were receiving.

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To respond to the inquiries, they required a version of WhatsApp that can be used by multiple users on various devices. WhatsApp Business API was developed to address this issue. The API, however, lacked a formal application and required a strong user interface to improve the user experience and address business use cases. At that point, CRM systems entered the scene. Businesses can send and receive WhatsApp messages directly from the CRM while automatically capturing the contact information of potential customers with a CRM solution that integrates WhatsApp. For accessing the business more variable and more targeted engagement switch to a digital marketing strategy.

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Comparison between WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business App, and WhatsApp Business Solutions (API)

Which WhatsApp business solution is suitable for your business?

What advantages does WhatsApp CRM integration offer your company?


Comparison between WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business App, and WhatsApp Business Solutions (API)

WhatsApp launched its business and enterprise solutions in 2018: WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Business API.

WhatsApp: for personal use 

Our daily conversations take place on the free version of WhatsApp Messenger, which is only available for personal use. In other words, WhatsApp can be used to communicate with family and friends, but not for any type of business communication. The free version of WhatsApp Messenger is not compliant with any data protection regulations like the PDPA or GDPR, and if businesses attempt to use it for business purposes, WhatsApp may permanently block their accounts.

WhatsApp Business App: Free app for small businesses

WhatsApp Business is designed for small teams whose main need is direct customer contact. It is available for immediate download from the Playstore or Apple Store for no cost, and you can start chatting with customers right away. You can send free messages, notifications, and automated responses using the WhatsApp Business app. In other words, it has a few extra features that are helpful for businesses but are still similar to the fundamental WhatsApp messenger. These qualities include, among others:
Labels are used to organize your chats and messages and a business profile to list the key information about the company.
Simple messaging tools for prompt customer service.
You can share a direct URL using the short link feature.
Simply put, WhatsApp Business is the ideal messenger for sole proprietorships or small businesses with the ability to automate, sort, and respond to messages quickly.

WhatsApp Business API: WhatsApp Enterprise solution

The WhatsApp Business API is intended for fledgling businesses. It is quick, safe, and highly adaptable. You can scale up message sending using a WhatsApp Business API account. Several of the functions offered by WhatsApp's business API include:
A limitless number of devices are allowed for use by multiple salespeople to log in.
To send bulk messages immediately, create message templates.
Users on the team can be given access to specific chats.
The WhatsApp Business API and WhatsApp Business App are very different from one another. On your phone, it is not as simple to download. Instead, you must adhere to a procedure to apply for API.

Which WhatsApp business solution is suitable for your business?

The logical question after examining the distinctions among various WhatsApp account types is, "Which WhatsApp account is best for your business?" We've got your back.
The straightforward response to this query would be, "If you're a solopreneur or your team has between 1 and 5 members, engage with your customer through WhatsApp Business App; if your team has more members, WhatsApp Business API is the best fit for you."

What advantages does WhatsApp CRM integration offer your company?

This effective integration can help your business grow in a variety of ways. Here are some quick methods.
  • A centralized platform for managing all of your conversations
Connect WhatsApp to your CRM to access all of your conversations in one location. Conversations can be assigned to the appropriate staff members, leads can be generated, and chats can be responded to.
  • Message formats
Send pre-approved message templates to specific recipients or a larger audience with the WhatsApp CRM, such as booking confirmations and product updates.
  • Taking a broad view of the discussion
Before assigning, give your team the appropriate context for conversation. The CRM that is integrated with WhatsApp gives you a summary of the customer conversation. This enables your team to analyze crucial conversations and give your potential customers a personalized experience.
  • Optimal group cooperation
Invite and involve the members of your team to promote a cooperative sales process. When you require assistance, let the conversations know and assign them. To give the other team members feedback on the conversation, include closing remarks in the conversations.
  • Broadcast messages versus private messages
Use the broadcast message feature of WhatsApp Business API to easily send promotional messages to multiple contacts at once or conveniently send one-to-one messages to your prospects and keep the conversation going even after the 24-hour message window.

In conclusion, WhatsApp CRM can improve customer experiences and make work easier for team members. CRM that is integrated with WhatsApp can position your company for long-term success by doing everything from automatically capturing Leads to broadcasting media-rich messages. Book a free consultation session with us if you want to learn more about how you can integrate WhatsApp with your company.

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