Which is Better NDA or IAS?

Safalta Expert Published by: Kirti Singh Updated Sun, 06 Mar 2022 03:41 PM IST


If you want to know Which is better NDA or IAS? and what the differences are between both of them then read this complete article for all the details.

NDA Officer and IAS Officer both are playing a valuable role for our nation and both are an important part of our life. Both have different duties, challenges, and services but one thing is the same they both are serving their nation. These are some of the topmost and prestigious jobs in India. They are working for the betterment of our country. But, every job has its pros and cons.

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As the sides of two coins, NDA and IAS both have some plus points and minus points. Hence, in this article, you will be reading the comparison between an IAS and NDA. You will get to know which is Better NDA or IAS and with the help of this, you can be able to choose one of them as your career option. So, let’s read all the details related to all the pros and cons of being an IAS vs NDA officer below in this article.

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Difference between the Qualities of NDA and IAS:

There are different qualities required to be an IAS or NDA Officer. Hence, below are mentioned the difference between the qualities of an NDA officer and an IAS Officer:
Qualities to be an NDA Officer
Qualities to be an IAS Officer
1. If you are a person who loves challenges and want to serve your country then NDA is a good career option for you.
1. If you have an administrative ability and can carry out all the administrative work with everyone then IAS is a good career option for you.
2. NDA Officers are highly motivated human beings, had high tolerance power, and are physically fit.
2. An IAS Officer has a great leadership quality with decision-making skills and is knowledgeable.
3. An NDA Officer has a great Reasoning ability. They have to solve various complex situations.
3. An IAS officer has to do tedious and difficult work. They have many responsibilities in various fields.
4. An NDA Officer has great social adaptability. They sacrifice all their comforts for the sake of their country.
4. An IAS officer needs to think out of the box. They have to meet various targets on a limited budget.
5. An NDA Officer needs to have Courage and Determination. Determination is the key to success and if you have the courage then nothing can stop you.
5. An IAS Officer has to be honest and has exemplary work ethics. Honesty is required to cope with corruption and work ethics will help to do your work better.

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Difference Between the Preparation of NDA and IAS:

There are some differences between the preparation strategy of an NDA officer and an IAS Officer. Hence, below are mentioned the difference between the preparation of both the exams and it will let you know which is Better NDA or IAS
Preparation of NDA
Preparation of IAS
1. You can apply for NDA after completing your 12th exam with a minimum of 60 % marks in Science and Mathematics
1. For becoming an IAS officer you need to be Graduate from a recognized university.
2. The age limit at the time of Joining should be between 16 ½ to 19 ½ years.
2. The age limit for becoming an IAS Officer is 21 years to 32 years.
3. The questions are asked generally from Mathematics, General Ability, English, and General Knowledge.
3. The questions are generally asked from General Studies, English, Optional subjects.
4. The ideal time for NDA preparation is 6 months before the release of notification.
4. The ideal time for the preparation of IAS is 1 year.
5. Every day you need to study for 2-3 hours for NDA preparation.
5. Every day you need to study 6-7 hours for IAS preparation.

Difference between the Lifestyle of NDA and IAS officer:

There are ample differences between IAS and NDA. Below is the list of differences between NDA and IAS Officer's lifestyles:
 Lifestyle of NDA Officer
Lifestyle of IAS Officer
1. NDA Officer jobs have a lot of job security. They get several health care benefits for themselves and their family as well even after retirement.
1. An IAS Officer also gets the security of a job that no other private job can offer you.
2. The salary of an NDA officer can range from Rs.56,000 to Rs.2,50,000
2. The salary of an IAS Officer can range from Rs.56,100  to Rs.2,50,000
3. Indian Army will provide you with Foreign Courses and postings as well
3. IAS Officers also get foreign postings for seven years.
4. NDA Officers get Government vehicles, houses, and other facilities.
4. An IAS Officer also gets a bungalow with staff and a government vehicle for official purposes.
5. An NDA Officer has less family life as they have to be on service for 8-10 months.
5. An IAS Officer can meet their family members periodically. There is no such boundation to meet their family.


After the analysis of the above difference between NDA and IAS, it is clear that if you want a better family life with responsibilities toward the nation then the IAS job is best for you. But if you want the betterment of your professional life then NDA services are the best. Both contribute to the nation equally. It depends on your quality of interest and nature that you are selecting NDA or IAS. After reading the above article we hope that it will be easier for you to select one of them as a career option.

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NDA exam is tougher than IAS.

Which is more powerful IAS or Defense Officer?

IAS is more powerful with highest power.

Can NDA Officer becomes IAS?

Yes, you can prepare for UPSC after getting into NDA.

Who has more salary IAS or army officer?

The salary of an NDA officer can range from Rs.56,000 to Rs.2,50,000 The salary of an IAS Officer can range from Rs.56,100to Rs.2,50,000

Who is the first NDA Officer?

Major General Thakur Mahadeo Singh, DSO

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