How to create an Instagram grid layout with new content ideas for business growth

Safalta Expert Published by: Vanshika Jakhar Updated Wed, 21 Dec 2022 11:35 PM IST

The Instagram grid has become an important tool for individuals and businesses looking to establish a cohesive and visually appealing presence on the platform. By carefully curating and arranging their posts in the grid, users can create a cohesive theme or aesthetic that reflects their brand or business. In this article, we will explore the different ways that users can utilize the Instagram grid to create an effective and visually appealing profile. 

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Table of Content
What is an Instagram grid?
Why does your Instagram grid layout matter?
How do Instagram grids work?
5 creative ways to design an Instagram grid layout
Instagram grid Examples

What is an Instagram grid?

The Instagram grid is the layout of the photos and videos that you see on your Instagram profile. When you view your profile or someone else's profile on Instagram, you'll see a series of square tiles that represent the individual posts. Each tile represents a single post, and when you tap on a tile, you'll be able to view the full post.

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The grid is an important aspect of your Instagram profile because it determines how your content is presented to your followers. You can use the grid to create a cohesive look for your profile by carefully selecting and arranging the photos and videos that you post. 


Why does your Instagram grid layout matter?

The layout of your Instagram grid can be an important factor in creating a cohesive and visually appealing profile. When a user visits your profile, they will see your grid as a whole, and the layout can help to create a certain aesthetic or theme. A cohesive grid layout can also make it easier for users to quickly understand what your account is about and what type of content they can expect to see from you. In addition, an attractive and cohesive grid layout can help to make your profile more visually appealing to potential followers and make them more likely to engage with your content. Several factors can influence the layout of your Instagram grid, including the size and orientation of your images, the use of color and contrast, and the overall balance of your grid. By considering these factors and experimenting with different layout options, you can create a grid that is visually appealing and helps to effectively showcase your content.

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How do Instagram grids work?

Instagram grids are a way for users to display their photos in a cohesive, visually appealing manner. When a user posts a photo on Instagram, it is automatically added to their grid, which is a series of rows and columns that make up their profile page. Each grid cell displays a thumbnail of the photo, and when a user clicks on a cell, the full-size photo is displayed.

Users can rearrange the order of their photos in their grid by dragging and dropping them in the desired position. This allows them to create a specific visual flow or theme for their profile page. For example, a user may want to group all of their travel photos in one section of their grid, or they may want to alternate between portrait and landscape photos to create a visually balanced page.

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5 creative ways to design an Instagram grid layout

  1. Thematic layout: Choose a theme for your Instagram grid and stick to it. This could be a color scheme, a subject matter (e.g. travel, food, fashion), or a specific aesthetic (e.g. minimalism, bohemian, vintage). This will give your Instagram a cohesive look and make it easy for people to quickly understand what your profile is all about.
  2. Mix and match: Mix and match different types of content to create visual interest. For example, you could alternate between photos and graphics, or mix in some quotes or text-based posts.
  3. Use a consistent filter: Using a consistent filter can help give your Instagram a cohesive look and feel. Choose a filter that works well with your content and apply it to all of your posts.
  4. Play with layout: Experiment with different layout options, such as using a single image per post or creating a collage of multiple images. You could also try using negative space or incorporating lines and shapes into your layout to add visual interest.
  5. Use Instagram's built-in grid layout options: Instagram has a few built-in grid layout options that you can use to give your profile a cohesive look. For example, you can use the "focus" layout to highlight a specific image, or the "align" layout to create a grid of perfectly aligned images.


Instagram grid Examples-

  1. A fashion blogger's Instagram grid might consist of carefully curated and edited photos of their latest outfits, accessories, and style inspiration.
  2. A travel influencer's Instagram grid might feature stunning photos of their adventures around the world, showcasing different cultures and landscapes.
  3. A food blogger's Instagram grid might consist of mouthwatering photos of their latest recipes, as well as behind-the-scenes shots of them cooking and preparing meals.
  4. A fitness enthusiast's Instagram grid might include motivational quotes, before and after photos, and workout videos to inspire their followers to get fit.
  5. An artist's Instagram grid might showcase their latest artwork, as well as behind-the-scenes glimpses of their creative process and inspiration.

In conclusion, creating an Instagram grid that is visually appealing and cohesive is an important aspect of building a strong brand presence on the platform. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can plan and execute a grid that will attract and engage your followers. Remember to consider the overall theme, color scheme, and composition of your grid, and be mindful of the placement and size of your hashtags and captions. With a little planning and creativity, you can create a stunning Instagram grid that showcases your brand and attracts new followers.Grow your career in digital marketing: Click Here to Enrol Now

How do I create a cohesive Instagram grid? 

To create a cohesive Instagram grid, you can try to maintain a consistent color scheme, editing style, or theme across your posts. You can also try using a planning app or tool to help you visualize and plan out your grid before you post.

Can I rearrange my Instagram grid? 

Yes, you can rearrange your Instagram grid by going to your profile and tapping on the three dots in the top right corner. From there, you can select "Edit Profile" and then "Edit Grid." This will allow you to rearrange the order of your posts by dragging and dropping them into the desired position.

Can I change the size of my Instagram grid tiles? 

No, the size of the tiles on your Instagram grid is fixed and cannot be changed. However, you can change the aspect ratio of your photos by cropping them before you post. This can help you create a cohesive look on your grid if you have a mix of portrait and landscape photos.

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