7 Examples of Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Vanshika Jakhar

She is an English content writer and works on providing vast information regarding digital marketing and other informative content for constructive career growth.

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Influencer marketing has become a cornerstone of modern advertising, transforming the way brands connect with their target audiences. Over the years, we've witnessed innovative influencer marketing campaigns that not only drive product sales but also foster brand loyalty and trust. In this article, we will explore seven remarkable examples of influencer marketing campaigns that have set new standards and redefined the power of influencer collaborations.

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7 Influencer Marketing Campaigns That Set the Bar High

7 Influencer Marketing Campaigns That Set the Bar High

  1. Daniel Wellington's Global Takeover- Swedish watch brand Daniel Wellington catapulted to fame through influencer marketing. By collaborating with micro and macro influencers, they successfully created a global presence. Their iconic, minimalist watches were featured in lifestyle shots, becoming a part of an aspirational Instagram aesthetic.

    Source: Safalta

    The campaign was so effective that it led to a 2017 revenue of over $230 million, primarily driven by influencer endorsements.

Key Takeaway: Daniel Wellington's campaign showcases how a well-executed influencer strategy can turn a relatively unknown brand into a global sensation, thanks to the reach and relatability of influencers.

  1. Glossier's Authentic Beauty Movement- Glossier, a beauty brand founded by Emily Weiss, has mastered the art of influencer marketing by focusing on authenticity. Glossier's marketing approach centers around "real" beauty, and they use everyday influencers who genuinely love their products. Their campaign #ITGTopShelfie encouraged people to share their skincare routines, turning every customer into an influencer. By nurturing a community of users who share their passion for the brand, Glossier has experienced tremendous success, creating a dedicated following and generating impressive sales figures.

Key Takeaway: Glossier's approach illustrates that authenticity and community-building are key to influencer marketing success. By empowering customers to share their experiences, a brand can foster trust and engagement.

  1. Nike's Unforgettable Colin Kaepernick Partnership- In 2018, Nike took a bold step in their "Just Do It" campaign by partnering with former NFL player Colin Kaepernick. This campaign aimed to raise awareness about social issues, particularly racial injustice, and sparked a significant social and political conversation. The partnership caused a momentous surge in brand mentions, a rise in stock prices, and a 31% increase in online sales. Nike showed that influencer marketing can be a powerful vehicle for aligning a brand with social and political movements.

Key Takeaway: Nike's collaboration with Colin Kaepernick highlights that influencer marketing can transcend product promotion and make a meaningful impact by championing social causes and raising brand visibility.

  1. Fenty Beauty's Inclusivity Revolution- Rihanna's Fenty Beauty is celebrated not only for its high-quality products but also for its dedication to inclusivity. When the brand launched in 2017, it introduced an extensive range of shades to cater to all skin tones. Fenty Beauty's campaigns have consistently featured diverse influencers to emphasize that beauty is not one-size-fits-all. Their collaborations have resonated with consumers, leading to remarkable sales and establishing the brand as a leader in the cosmetics industry.

Key Takeaway: Fenty Beauty's commitment to inclusivity in influencer marketing sets a significant example, demonstrating that brands can make a profound impact by celebrating diversity and representing a wide range of consumers.

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  1. Airbnb's Unique Travel Stories- Airbnb's "A Night At" campaign leverages influencer marketing to offer unique and unforgettable travel experiences. They partner with influencers and celebrities, allowing them to spend a night at extraordinary Airbnb listings. This campaign provides a fresh perspective on travel and lodging. The campaign's authentic and imaginative content, combined with influencers' endorsements, encourages viewers to explore Airbnb's unique accommodations. It brings the brand closer to the hearts of travelers and adventure-seekers.

Key Takeaway: Airbnb's influencer marketing approach showcases the importance of creating captivating and unique experiences to connect with the audience. It also illustrates how influencer partnerships can bring out the essence of a brand.

  1. BMW's Creative IGTV Series- BMW took a creative approach by collaborating with influencers to launch a unique IGTV series called "Unscripted." The series showcases various BMW models and their features through the eyes of influencers. BMW chose influencers whose content aligned with their brand's luxury and innovation. The series is a perfect blend of influencer content and product showcase, creating engaging, authentic content for BMW enthusiasts. This campaign reinforced BMW's image as a brand that embraces innovation and modernity.

Key Takeaway: BMW's influencer campaign underlines the power of multimedia content and innovative storytelling. Collaborating with influencers can breathe life into a brand's image and appeal to a diverse audience.

  1. Coca-Cola's Customized Christmas Campaign- Coca-Cola's "Share a Coke" campaign is a brilliant example of influencer marketing that spans multiple countries. The brand personalized Coke bottles with popular names, encouraging people to find and share their name on social media. This user-generated content campaign created a buzz, and people eagerly shared their personalized bottles, increasing the brand's visibility. By working with influencers across regions, Coca-Cola effectively expanded its reach during the holiday season.

Key Takeaway: Coca-Cola's campaign illustrates the potential for user-generated content in influencer marketing. By personalizing products and encouraging customer engagement, brands can create a sense of belonging and generate authentic, shareable content.


Influencer marketing has evolved into a dynamic and influential channel for brands to connect with their audience. The success of these seven influencer marketing campaigns demonstrates the power of authenticity, diversity, and creativity. From transforming small brands into global sensations to using influencer partnerships to address social issues, these examples showcase the versatility and potential of influencer marketing. As influencer marketing continues to shape the advertising landscape, these campaigns set high standards for the industry and inspire brands to leverage the influence of their trusted partners.

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What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is a strategy in which brands collaborate with individuals (influencers) who have a dedicated and engaged online following to promote their products or services.


Who can be an influencer?

Influencers can be individuals from various fields, including social media, blogging, YouTube, and other online platforms, with a significant and engaged audience that aligns with the brand's target demographic.


How do influencers typically promote products or services?

Influencers promote products or services through various content types, such as sponsored posts, product reviews, endorsements, unboxing videos, and personal recommendations.


How do brands find the right influencers for their campaigns?

Brands typically look for influencers whose target audience aligns with their own. They evaluate factors like the influencer's niche, follower demographics, engagement rate, and past collaborations to make informed choices.


What are some common influencer marketing metrics?

Common metrics used to measure influencer marketing success include engagement rate, reach, impressions, click-through rates, conversion rates, and return on investment (ROI).


What are the key legal considerations in influencer marketing?

Legal considerations include disclosure of paid partnerships, compliance with advertising standards, and copyright issues related to content usage. Regulations vary by country and platform.


Is influencer marketing only for large brands?

No, influencer marketing is accessible to businesses of all sizes. Micro-influencers (influencers with a smaller but highly engaged following) can be especially effective for smaller businesses with limited budgets.

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