50+ SEO Ranking Statistics 2023

Vanshika Jakhar

She is an English content writer and works on providing vast information regarding digital marketing and other informative content for constructive career growth.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) remains the cornerstone of online visibility and success. As we move into 2023, the SEO landscape continues to evolve, presenting new challenges and opportunities for businesses and website owners. In this article, we'll explore over 50 crucial SEO ranking statistics for 2023, shedding light on the strategies, trends, and practices that will shape the future of search.

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Table of Content
SEO Ranking Statistics for 2023

50+ SEO Ranking Statistics for 2023: Unlocking the Future of Search

1. General SEO Statistics

1.1. As of January 2023, Google holds the largest share of the global search engine market, with over 91% of the market share.


Source: Safalta.com

Bing and Yahoo! remain the second and third largest search engines, accounting for 2.29% and 1.6% of the global search market, respectively.

1.3. 70-80% of users ignore paid advertisements and focus on organic search results.

1.4. Voice search continues to rise in popularity, with over 3.25 billion voice-activated digital assistants in use by the end of 2023.

2. Mobile SEO Statistics

2.1. Mobile devices accounted for 54.8% of web page views worldwide in 2022, surpassing desktop views.

2.2. Google prioritizes mobile-first indexing, meaning it predominantly uses the mobile version of the content for ranking and indexing.

2.3. The Core Web Vitals update from Google in 2021 underscores the importance of mobile-friendliness and page loading speed for SEO.

2.4. 53% of mobile site visitors abandon a page if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load.

2.5. Mobile optimization is critical as Google's mobile-friendliness is a ranking factor.

3. Content and SEO

3.1. Content that averages 1,700 words or more tends to rank higher in search engine results.

3.2. According to Backlinko, the average Google first-page result contains 1,447 words.

3.3. High-quality, relevant, and informative content is essential for SEO success, with 61% of marketers considering it their most effective strategy.

3.4. Blogging can increase website traffic by up to 97%.

3.5. Long-form content generates 9 times more leads than short-form content.

4. Backlinking and Link Building

4.1. Backlinks remain a significant factor in Google's ranking algorithm.

4.2. The number of referring domains is more critical than the total number of backlinks.

4.3. Guest posts, influencer outreach, and content marketing are among the most effective link-building strategies.

4.4. On average, websites on the first page of Google have over 3.8 times more backlinks than pages on the second page.

4.5. The quality of backlinks matters, and links from authoritative websites have a more significant impact on rankings.

5. User Experience (UX) and SEO

5.1. Google's Core Web Vitals, which focus on user experience metrics, are now a key ranking factor.

5.2. Sites with poor UX, including slow load times and mobile-unfriendly designs, risk lower rankings.

5.3. 70% of marketers believe optimizing user experience is vital for SEO.

5.4. Mobile-friendliness and responsive design contribute to a positive UX, aligning with Google's preferences.

5.5. 47% of users expect a webpage to load within 2 seconds or less.

6. Local SEO Statistics

6.1. Local searches account for 46% of all Google searches.

6.2. 72% of consumers who perform a local search visit a store within 5 miles.

6.3. Google's "Google My Business" is crucial for local SEO, with 56% of local businesses not claiming their Google My Business listing.

6.4. Customer reviews are essential for local SEO, with 72% of consumers trusting businesses with positive reviews.

6.5. "Near me" or "close by" searches have increased by more than 900% in recent years, indicating the importance of local optimization.

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7. E-commerce and SEO

7.1. The global e-commerce market is projected to reach $4.9 trillion in sales by 2023.

7.2. 51% of online shoppers use Google to research a purchase, making SEO a crucial factor for e-commerce success.

7.3. Product page optimization and schema markup are essential for e-commerce SEO.

7.4. E-commerce websites that blog regularly have 434% more indexed pages, improving their visibility.

7.5. "Best" and "top" keywords are popular in e-commerce searches, highlighting the importance of quality product reviews and rankings.

8. Technical SEO Statistics

8.1. Google processes over 5.6 billion searches per day, emphasizing the importance of search engine optimization.

8.2. The use of SSL/HTTPS encryption has become standard, with over 90% of first-page search results employing this security protocol.

8.3. Schema markup can boost click-through rates (CTR) by up to 30%.

8.4. Over 53% of visits are abandoned if a mobile page takes more than 3 seconds to load.

8.5. 92% of marketers consider the quality of their data for SEO as a crucial factor in success.

9. Video and SEO

9.1. Video content on webpages can increase organic search traffic by up to 157%.

9.2. Videos are 50 times more likely to appear on the first page of Google compared to text-based content.

9.3. YouTube is the second-largest search engine globally, with 2 billion logged-in monthly users.

9.4. Video SEO includes optimizing video titles, descriptions, and tags to improve rankings and visibility.

9.5. Pages with videos tend to have a lower bounce rate, indicating a positive impact on user engagement.

10. Voice Search and SEO

10.1. Voice search adoption is on the rise, with 55% of households expected to own smart speakers by 2022.

10.2. 20% of mobile searches on Google are voice searches.

10.3. Voice searches often return featured snippets as results, emphasizing their importance in SEO.

10.4. Voice search queries tend to be more conversational and question-based, influencing keyword research and content creation.

10.5. Local businesses can benefit from voice search with optimized content, as voice searches often include "near me" queries.

11. Social Media and SEO

11.1. Social signals, such as likes, shares, and comments, impact SEO rankings to some extent.

11.2. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can help drive traffic to websites and improve brand visibility.

11.3. Content shared on social media can enhance content discoverability and potentially lead to backlinks.

11.4. Engaging with users on social media can increase brand authority and trust, indirectly impacting SEO.

11.5. Over 3.6 billion people worldwide use social media platforms, making them a valuable channel for content promotion.

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12. AI and SEO

12.1. AI-powered tools are increasingly used for keyword research, content optimization, and SEO analysis.

12.2. Google's RankBrain, an AI algorithm, plays a crucial role in search engine rankings.

12.3. AI-driven chatbots and virtual assistants are changing user interactions, influencing SEO strategies.

12.4. AI can analyze vast datasets quickly, allowing for more effective SEO strategies based on user behavior and preferences.

12.5. The use of AI in content generation and optimization is on the rise, offering new opportunities for SEO.

13. Ethical SEO Practices

13.1. Ethical SEO emphasizes transparency, authenticity, and compliance with search engine guidelines.

13.2. Black hat SEO practices, such as keyword stuffing and link schemes, can lead to severe penalties and loss of rankings.

13.3. Maintaining ethical SEO practices is essential for long-term success and reputation management.

13.4. The need for ethical SEO practices aligns with consumers' growing demand for authentic and trustworthy online content.

13.5. Ethical SEO can positively impact brand image and customer loyalty, making it a strategic choice for businesses.


The SEO landscape in 2023 is marked by continuous evolution, with search engines refining their algorithms and users' behaviors changing. To stay competitive, website owners and businesses must adapt to these shifting dynamics. Embracing mobile optimization, providing quality content, earning high-quality backlinks, and focusing on user experience are critical for SEO success. As new technologies, such as AI and voice search, gain prominence, SEO professionals must stay informed and adapt their strategies accordingly. Ethical SEO practices are becoming more important than ever, as consumers seek trustworthy, high-quality content in a crowded online world. With a data-driven and user-centric approach, website owners and businesses can unlock the potential of SEO and thrive in the digital era.

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How do search engines determine SEO rankings?

Search engines use complex algorithms to rank web pages based on various factors, including content quality, relevance, backlinks, user experience, and more.


Why is SEO ranking important for websites?

SEO ranking is crucial because it directly impacts a website's visibility to users. Higher rankings can lead to more organic (non-paid) traffic, which can be valuable for businesses and content creators.


How can I improve my SEO ranking?

Improving SEO ranking involves optimizing on-page elements (keywords, meta tags, content quality), acquiring high-quality backlinks, enhancing user experience, and providing valuable and relevant content.


What are some common SEO ranking factors?

Common SEO ranking factors include the quality and relevance of content, website speed and performance, mobile-friendliness, backlinks, user engagement, and technical SEO aspects like meta tags and site structure.


How long does it take to see improvements in SEO rankings?

The time it takes to see improvements in SEO rankings can vary widely, but it typically takes several weeks to months for SEO efforts to have a noticeable impact.


Is it possible to guarantee a top SEO ranking?

No, it's not possible to guarantee a top SEO ranking, as search engine algorithms are complex and constantly evolving. SEO efforts aim to improve rankings but cannot promise specific positions.


Are there tools to help monitor and improve SEO rankings?

Yes, there are various SEO tools and analytics platforms available, such as Google Analytics, Moz, SEMrush, and Ahrefs, which can help you monitor rankings, identify issues, and optimize your website for better SEO performance.

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