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International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) Result 2022-2023

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Here is the information about IMO Exam Result. You can give a read to this blog and get all the information about the same. 

International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) Result 2022-2023

The International Mathematical Olympiad is a mathematics competition organized by the Science Olympiad Foundation. The SOF IMO is a test that evaluates students' mathematical aptitude and knowledge. Students who participate in the IMO should have an understanding of the subject and aptitude for solving different sums evaluated at the school, local, zonal, and international levels. The International Maths Olympiad offers students a chance to evaluate their performance and an opportunity to win a number of prizes and scholarships.

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The Science Olympiad Foundation will announce the sets A, B, and C results for the IMO 2022–2023 in January 2023. The results of IMO 2022-23 for all Classes, ranging from 1 to 12, are made public on the same day. The SOF IMO results for level 1 are available online at and

Table of Content
How to Check Level 1 IMO Results for 2022–2023
2022–2023 IMO Cutoff
Results Details
IMO Results Criteria for Level 1 Tie-Breaking in 2022–23

How to Check Level 1 IMO Results for 2022–2023?

Students can either view the results of the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) 2021 online or get the results from their school along with a Student Performance Report (SPR).

You can follow these steps-
  • Go to the official website
  • Click the IMO result 2021–22 link by going there. (It will be offered upon the official announcement.)
  • Enter your roll number in the format school code-class-section-roll number in the new box that displays.
  • Once you've responded to the security math question, click "View Results."
  • The Math Olympiad results will appear on the screen, including section-by-section scores and qualification status.
  • Take a hard copy of the mathematics International Olympiad results for your records.

2022–2023 IMO Cutoff

The IMO results cutoff varies from year to year.

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The number of candidates who took the exam determines the cutoff. The cutoff automatically increases as more children sign up for the competition. Additionally, factors including the exam's level of difficulty and the availability of reputable coaching programs to assist students with preparation also impact the cut-off.

The level of preparation students do at a particular school for the IMO test also play a role in determining the cutoff score. In addition, the IMO threshold is also determined by the performance from the prior year. Students should thus use the internet to seek up how to compute cutoffs.

Results Details from the SOF IMO 2022–23 Level 1 

The International Mathematics Olympiad online result mark sheet will include the student's name, roll number, and other crucial information.

Students should double-check the data presented in the IMO results 2022–2023. The IMO 2022–23 outcome will include the following information-
  • Student name
  • Class
  • Roll no.
  • Section
  • Marks scored
  • School name
  • International award won
  • International rank
  • Zone/ state rank
  • Zonal award won

IMO Results Criteria for Level 1 Tie-Breaking in 2022–23

The section-by-section scores of any students who receive the same grade in the IMO 2022–23 results will be examined in order to assign them a unique rank. According to the above criteria, points will be awarded. 
Main concern Division
1 Higher grades in Achievers division
2 Higher scores in Mathematical Reasoning
3 Higher grades in Everyday Mathematics
4 Higher scores in Logical Reasoning

Where can students check the results of the IMO?

Participating candidates are advised to check the official website for their IMO exam results. The official website will produce a reliable source for SOF IMO results. If there are any modifications to the IMO result, students should often check the official website.

What is the relevance of the IMO exam?

The International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO) is a school-level competition where students in grades 1 through 12 compete against one another to demonstrate their mastery of mathematics.

It helps pupils recognize and develop their mathematical creativity. The IMO test is designed to provide exposure to the students to a wide variety of challenging mathematical issues that need an understanding of several courses and good analytical abilities.

What will be covered in the IMO's final report?

A scorecard containing the SOF IMO's findings is made public. The final score includes each candidate's overall score and their points for each section. The students' qualifying status based on their results is also included in the IMO result sheet.

Based on the results of the Level 1 IMO exams, the scorecard also shows whether students in Classes 3 through 12 are qualified to take the IMO Level 2 exams.

What is the course's passing score?

A score of 38 out of 100 is required to pass Level 1 of the IMO 2022. However, because the cutoffs are rising each year, it is advised that students study hard for the topic.

Does the test take place in English?

Yes, English will be used to administer the test.

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