IMO Exam- International Mathematical Olympiad, Check Registration process, Eligibility Criteria and other info!

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Here is the information about  International Mathematical Olympiad. You can give a read to this blog and get all the information about the same. 

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The International Mathematical olympiad (IMO) is an olympiad exam that takes place every year by the Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF). It aims to identify and improve mathematical proficiencies in young students. Candidates who are in Classes 1 to 12 and are studying on any recognized educational boards like CBSE, ICSE,  and other state boards can take part in the International Mathematical olympiad. Candidates can self-evaluate their Mathematical talent at three levels, i.e., school level, zonal level, and International level. Therefore, you should prepare well for this exam.


If you have a flair for maths subjects and are willing to participate in the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO), talk to your teachers in your school and register yourself for olympiad e exam. Here, in this blog, you can find the registration process for IMO, exam pattern, exam dates, eligibility, syllabus, and results dates. We advise you to go through the complete blog to gain complete knowledge about the International Mathematical olympiad.  Besides IMO, there are multiple olympiad exams that are held both on a national and international level. Candidates from a recognized educational board can take part in these exams and enhance their proficiencies in different areas and subjects.  

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The themes and chapters are similar for Levels I and II of the IMO 2022 syllabus. However, the difficulty level rises. There are two stages of the competition in the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO).

Table of Content
Highlights of IMO Exam
Regisration Process for IMO
Eligibility Criteria 
IMO Syllabus
Exam Dates and Formats
IMO Result

The IMO Level 1 exam Set A will take place on November 10, Set B on November 22, and Set C on December 13, 2022. The SOF IMO Level 2 exam will take place possibly in March. In Level II. However, in level 2,  only students from Classes 3 to12 can take part.

Highlights of IMO Exam

Full name International Mathematical Olympiad
Abbreviation IMO
Organizing Body Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF)
No. of times it takes place Once a year
Languages English
Application fee 125 Rs
Duration of Exam 1 Hour
Mode of submitting the application Offline
Mode of Exam Offline

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Registration Process for IMO 2022 

Below are the registration details for the IMO Exam-
  • The IMO exam 2022–23 application may only be submitted offline. Interested students should speak with their respective schools. The registration forms are delivered to the school administration.
  • Students must include an Rs. 125 application fee per student with their application form.
  • There is a $9 cost per student for those who are from abroad. No student can independently apply to IMO 2022–23 registration.
  • Any application materials supplied by students directly will not be accepted by SOF. Students should get in touch with their neighborhood schools to register.

Eligibility Criteria for IMO 2022

Below are the IMO 2022 Eligibility Requirements-
  • A student may take the SOF IMO 2022 exam if they are in grades 1 to 12.
  • Students in grades 1 to 12 can take the Level 1 Exam.
  • Grades 3 to 12 students who pass the Level 1 exam are invited to take the Level 2 examination.

IMO Syllabus

The International Mathematics Olympiad Syllabus for each class is divided into four sections, each covering topics and ideas specific to the curriculum and student understanding. 
Details of the IMO curriculum by class are as follows-
IMO Syllabus for Class 1
IMO Syllabus for Class 2
IMO Syllabus for Class 3
IMO Syllabus for Class 4
IMO Syllabus for Class 5
IMO Syllabus for Class 6
IMO Syllabus for Class 7
IMO Syllabus for Class 8
IMO Syllabus for Class 9
IMO Syllabus for Class 10
IMO Syllabus for Class 11
IMO Syllabus for Class 12


Exam dates and formats for the IMO

The Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) often hosts the International Math Olympiad in the second half of the year. The four sets or sessions of the SOF are IMO Set A, Set B, Set C, and Set D.
The SOF IMO has been conducted online with proctoring from 2020 because of the pandemic. According to a notice on the IMO's official website, the test will be monitored in the same way until otherwise instructed. The International Mathematics Olympiad is organized by the SOF on two levels. The details of the IMO Exam format are provided below.

Students in Classes 1 through 12 take the IMO Level 1 exam.
  • There will be a 60-minute exam.
  • For students in classes 1 to 4 students, there are 35 Objective-type (Multiple-choice Questions)
  • For students in classes 5 to 12 students, there are 50 Objective-type (Multiple-choice Questions)
IMO Level 2

The following students are eligible for the IMO Level 2 exam:
  • At class level: The class top student is identified when ten or more students from the class complete Level 1 and obtain a minimum aggregate of 50%.
  • At State level:  The top 25 rank holders from each class and zone are taken into consideration.
  • At Global level: Only the top 5% of candidates in each class who show up in Level 1 are taken into consideration.

IMO Result 

The International Mathematics Olympiad's syllabus, based on the course syllabus for the relevant class, is used to set the question papers. The questions vary depending on the lesson. Candidates can see the IMO result on the official site of the Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF). 
Other SOF Olympiads
  • National Cyber Olympiad (NCO)
  • National Science Olympiad (NSO)
  • International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO)
  • International English Olympiad (IEO)
  • International Commerce Olympiad (ICO)
  • International General Knowledge Olympiad (IGKO)

How could I get ready for the Math Olympiad in the best way?

The most crucial part of being ready for the Math Olympiad is to be familiar with the class's math curriculum. A student will benefit greatly from being able to practice problems from all three curricula. The reason is the IMO syllabus contains the CBSE Mathematics curriculum for a certain class. However, it also covers the syllabi of several State Boards and CISCE curricula.

Can students apply for IMO individually?

The IMO exam 2022 is not open to applications from individual students.

What is the registration fee for IMO exam?

It's 125 rupeees. 

What is the minimum marks to qualify IMO exam?

The Cut off decides the qualifying marks for IMO. 

How should students in Class 2 practice for the Math Olympiad?

The following subjects must be mastered by a student to be well-prepared for the Class 2 Math Olympiad-
  • Patterns
  • Measuring Units
  • Odd One Out
  • Geometrical Shapes
  • Ranking Test
  • Analogy
  • Grouping of Figures
  • Embedded Figures
  • Numerals
  • Coding-Decoding
  • Number Names and Number Sense (3-Digit Numbers)
  • Length
  • Weight
  • Capacity
  • Computation Operations
  • Time
  • Temperature
  • Lines

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