Important Days in November 2022 : Check here !

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Every year, we observe specific national and international holidays. These days are observed to remember significant historical events or to promote awareness of a certain subject. Several such days have been designated by various national and international organisations in November.Check here Free Current Affairs Magazine DOWNLOAD NOW  

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List of Important Days in November 2022

Here is the list of all the important dates in november 2022.


Important Days in November

1st November

World Vegan Day, All Saints’ Day

5th November

World Tsunami Day

7th November

National Cancer Awareness Day

Infant Protection Day

8th November

World Radiography Day

Guru Nanak Dev’s Birth Anniversary

9th November

National Legal Service Day

10th November

Transport Day

12th November

World Pneumonia Day

13th November

World Kindness Day

14th November

Children’s Day in India

World Diabetes Day

17th November

National Epilepsy Day

19th November

World Toilet Day,

International Men’s Day

20th November

Africa Industrialization Day

World Children’s Day

21st November

World Television Day

25th November

International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

26th November

Constitution Day or Law Day (India)

29th November

International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People

  • 7th november : National Cancer Awareness Day

Every year on November 7, India commemorates National Cancer Awareness Day in order to raise public awareness of the terrible disease. Dr.


Harsh Vardhan, the Union Health Minister, declared the day in September 2014. It marks the birth anniversary of Nobel laureate Marie Curie, whose research into radioactivity contributed to the discovery of a cancer cure.

  • 14th November : Children's day

Children's Day honours the future leaders who will form the foundation of civilization. The nation of India observes it on November 14 in honour of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, also known as Chacha Nehru.

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To advance children's rights and education, several educational and inspirational activities are organised all across the country. Children's Day is observed on November 20th worldwide. The U.N. issued the Declaration of Children's Rights on this day in 1948. 1959 General Assembly

  • 19th November : International Men's Day

International Men's Day, which is marked on November 19th, honours and celebrates the accomplishments of men and their contributions to society.

The purpose is to raise awareness of problems that men around the world experience, not to compete with Women's Day. These include higher suicide rates, mental health problems, and toxic masculinity..

  • 26th November : Constitution day

On November 26th, India celebrates Constitution Day, often referred to as Samvidhan Divas or National Law Day. The Indian Constitution, which was ratified on November 26, 1949, took effect on January 26, 1950. Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, who was essential in the Constitution's writing, is honoured on this day. It provides an opportunity to uphold the Constitution and promote Dr. Ambedkar's principles.

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