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Indian Coast Guard Salary 2021: Check Post-wise In-hand salary here!

Safalta Expert Published by: Silky Joshi Updated Thu, 07 Oct 2021 10:51 PM IST


Get details about the Indian Coast Guard salary 2021. Know in-hand salary, job Profile in detail and also check the career growth and allowances for Coast Guard.

Indian Coast Guard has released their notification for the post of Navik(GD), Assistant Commandant, and Yantrik on their official website. Indian Coast Guard salary is a handsome amount and along with that officers are entitled to receive various allowances and benefits. The aspiring candidates who possess the required eligibility can fill the application form from the official website of the Indian Coast Guard i.e, Indian Coast Guard net salary lies in the range Rs 22,000-Rs 25,000. In this article we have explained all the details regarding Indian Coast Guard salary such as basic pay, allowances and more. If you are preparing for competitive exams and are looking for expert guidance, you can check out our monthly FREE Current Affairs Ebook- Download Now.

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Indian Coast Guard Salary

As per the recently released notification, the basic pay of Navik(GD) and Navik(DB) is Rs. 21,700/-. Whereas the Pay Scale of the Indian Coast Guard is Rs. 29,200 with Rs. 6,200 rewarded as dearness allowance. The candidates who opt for the Navik post will be paid with pay-level 3 and for the Indian Coast Guard, it will be pay-level 5. The candidates can be promoted to the higher level of Pradhan Adhikari/ Pradhan Sahayak Engineer with a pay scale of Rs. 47,600/- along with Yantrik pay of Rs. 6,200 as DA. They are paid with a pay level of 8.

Salary Structure in Indian Coastguard

ICG Coast Guard salary

Pay in Rupees


Rs 21,075

Dearness Allowance


House Rent Allowance

As per the rules of IAF

Transport Allowance

As per the rules of IAF

Professional Allowance

As per the rules of IAF

Special Personal Allowance

As per the rules of IAF

Gross Salary

Rs 25,000- Rs 28,000

Net Deduction

As per the rules of IAF

Net Salary

Rs 22,000-Rs 25,000


Indian Coast Guard Salary: Annual Package

The annual salary of Indian Coast Guards depending on their post is as follows:
Indian Coast Guard Post Annual Salary (excluding allowances)
Navik INR 2,60,400
Assistant Commandant INR 6,84,000
Yantrik INR 3,50,400

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Indian Coast Guard Salary: Allowances

  • Free ration 

  • Free medical treatment for self and family

  • Accommodation provided by the Government

  • 45 days of earned leaves and 8 days of casual leaves per year

  • Leave Travel Concession for self and family

  • PF and Gratuity on retirement

  • Canteen facility

  • Loan facility

  • Post-Retirement ECHS medical facilities


Indian Coast Guard Job Profile

The candidates can check out the ICG Coast Guard Job Profile in the space below:

  • The work of an Indian Coast Guard is to protect the artificial islands, installation and offshore terminals and other major points in the maritime zone.

  • They help in the preservation and support of the fishermen in distress.

  • Their work is to maintain and guard the marine ecosystem, which includes regulating marine pollution.

  • They help the customs and other jurisdictions in anti-smuggling acts.

  • Indian Coast Guard implements the Maritime Zones of India Act with full power.

  • They are responsible for taking steps to preserve the sanctuary of life and assets at sea and accumulate scientific data.


Indian Coast Guard Career Growth

  • The candidates applying for the Indian Coast Guard can be promoted to the rank of Pradhan Adhikari where they will be provided with the basic salary at pay scale of Rs. 47,600/- ( Pay level 8)

  • The candidates at the Assistant Commandant post can be promoted to the Director-General rank with a pay scale of Rs. 2,05,400 ( Pay level 16)

  • The candidates at the Yantrik post can be promoted to the Pradhan Sahayak Engineer post with a pay scale of Rs. 47,600.

Indian Coast Guard Salary 2021 FAQs

Ques 1: How much does an Indian Coast Guard make per month?

Ans 1:  A Indian Coast Guard  makes at least Rs 22,000 to Rs 27,000 per month

Ques 2:What is the basic salary of an Indian Coast Guard?

Ans 2: The basic salary of an Indian Coast Guard is Rs.21,075. 

Ques 3:Which is the minimum pay scale for a Group X in IAF?

Ans 3: The minimum pay scale for a Group X in IAF is a pay scale of Rs. 47,600/- 

Ques 4:Do you get a salary after the Indian Coast Guard exam?

Ans 4: No salary is only received once the candidate joins the department as a Group X and Y employee.

Ques 5: Is there any career growth for the Indian Coast Guard?

Ans 5: Yes, the candidates can appear in the internal exam and seek promotions to the posts of Pradhan Sahayak and Pradhan Adhikari.

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