The Father Of Biology: Aristotle

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The Father of Biology: Check all the information about the Father of Biology, Aristotle here. 

The Father of Biology: Biology is a very important branch of Science. It mainly deals with living and non-living organisms and their study. Aristotle is regarded as the father of biology. He developed biology as a new discipline in the 4th century BC in Lesvos. He has established a name for himself in the world for introducing us to this important branch of learning. Here we have provided all the information about Biology and the father of Biology, Aristotle. If you are preparing for competitive exams and looking for expert guidance, you can download our General Knowledge Free Ebook Download Now.

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The study of life and its processes is connected to this field of science. The fathers of the majority of the biology branches are covered below. Biology is further divided into many divisions.

Father of Biology: Aristotle

Biology is the study of living things with the goal of better understanding or foretelling natural or other events.

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It is separated into several branches, including botany, zoology, and others. The table below discusses the Father of many fields of biology. Many competitive tests include questions from the founder of a certain field; among them are those pertaining to biology and its subfields.
Subject Father
Father of Biology Aristotle
Father of Zoology Aristotle
Father of Botany Theophrastus
Father of Vaccination/ Father of immunology Edward Jenner
Father of Anatomy Herophilus
Father of Mutation theory Hugo De Vries
Father of Western Medicine/Modern Medicine Hippocrates
Father of Homeopathy Heinemann
Father of Blood Circulation William Harvey

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Who is the Father of Virology?

W M Stanley is the Father of Virology.

Who is the Father of Biology?

 Aristotle is the Father of Biology.

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