How to design converting landing page

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The public face of your brand is your landing page. It provides a digital introduction to the goods or services you provide and the issues you address for your visitors. Despite being very common among digital marketers worldwide, only a few top competitors in a niche are familiar with the specifics of building a landing page that converts at a rate comparable to the industry standard.

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What is a landing page?
Advantages of Powerful Landing Pages
9 Crucial Landing Page Components

What is a landing page?

A landing page is a separate page created to produce high-quality leads. You can use micro conversions on your landing page to accomplish this goal, like filling out a form, signing up for a free trial, expressing interest in a good or service, etc. Warm traffic is typically sent to a landing page by marketers.

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Your visitors may also come from other channels, such as email lists or pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements on social media. The conversion rates of landing pages vary by industry and goal. Setting a perfect conversion rate that applies to all industries is therefore unfair.

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Advantages of Powerful Landing Pages

Effective landing pages have a few advantages besides higher conversion rates.
  • Obtaining SEO Rankings
A particular group of search terms is the focus of landing pages. They are also promoted through the use of Google Adwords and other forms of paid advertising. Both of these increase the landing page's ranking and bring your product, promotion, or sale to the attention of users looking for related information.
  • Promoting a forthcoming item or sale
A landing page is dedicated to a single sale, promotion, or item. It has no place in the taxonomy of your website and only serves to convey one idea. This is advantageous because it brings a particular sale or marketing objective to the forefront for higher conversion and gives you the chance to focus on and monitor the performance of a specific product, objective, or group of keywords.
  • Improve the effectiveness of the subscription process
Simply put, a high-converting landing page serves as a gateway to more effectively move visitors down the funnel. Instead of people accidentally finding your CTA in the right rail or on your homepage, they find it right away on the landing page and continue to subscribe or make a purchase.
  • How to Build an Effective Landing Page
You must decide what you want your landing page to achieve before you start building it. Consider your message once you've determined your goal. How does your offer help someone with their issue?
You can then begin your keyword research. What search terms do people use to find solutions to the issues your sale, product, or newsletter can address? You can begin creating your landing page once you have determined your objective, message, and keywords. Begin considering the components you want to use, such as a CTA, a sales pitch video, or perhaps a form.

9 Crucial Landing Page Components

1. A Terrific Headline

Everything starts with a headline, including interest, attention, and understanding. It determines whether a visitor chooses to stay and find out more about what you have to offer.
What it must do is as follows:
  • The headline needs to catch the reader's eye.
  • The headline needs to be succinct. Never use more than 20 words, and ideally, no more than 10.
  • It's also important to keep in mind that you don't need to provide as much detail in the copy if your headline matches an illustration that describes the good or service.

2. Convincing Subheadings

The subheadline is the next component you require to build a successful landing page. The subheadline should entice readers to stay if the headline entices them to look. These two pieces of copy work together to give a landing page its one-two punch of power.

Here are some things to consider as you make yours:
  • The compelling subheadline is typically placed immediately beneath the main headline.
  • There should be some persuasiveness to the subheadline.
  • In comparison to the main headline, the subheadline can be a little more in-depth and specific.

3. Images

Landing pages that convert users must have visual content. The brain processes image 60,000 times faster than it does text. This implies that the images on your landing page will have an immediate impact on visitors.

As you choose and arrange your images, keep that in mind.
  • The images ought to be large.
  • The images ought to be appropriate for your service or product. Your landing page must include an image of the product if you are selling a physical item.
  • The main goal of the image, if you are selling a service, should be to catch the visitor's eye and show relevance.

4. A Justification

Your landing page must make it crystal clear exactly what you are offering. After all, you've already lost a potential customer if they don't understand the value of your product or service. Therefore, a clear justification is essential. You may be able to get away with just using your headline and subheadline if your landing page is for a straightforward good or service.

Whatever method you decide to use, keep the following in mind as you write your explanation:
  • You can combine your explanation with your headline or keep it entirely separate.
  • Benefits should be the focus of an explanation. Although explanations serve a purpose, that purpose ought to be the users.

5. Something Concerning Pain

This subheading might cause you to think, "Something about...? Isn't that a little ambiguous?
Yes. However, this point is purposefully vague because there are many different ways to interpret the concept of "pain." The psychology of pain is as follows: The wiring of humans is to avoid pain. Every good or service has the potential to lessen suffering in some way. You can increase the likelihood that someone will convert if you can get them to consider their suffering because they will subsequently seek unconscious relief from it.

The following is how to make that happen on your landing page:
  • Mention the person's losses as well as their gains.
  • Incorporate references to pain throughout the rest of the copy and in your testimonials. Real human testimonies are frequently very effective at reliably conveying this pain because pain is a potent human emotion.
  • Make sure to numb the discomfort. The remedy for the suffering is your good or service. Never state a problem without also offering a fix.

6. A Remark on Pleasure

Humans are pleasure-seeking animals as well as machines designed to avoid pain. Every person is driven by the need to experience pleasure, which can take many different forms.

You can incorporate this into your landing page in two ways:
  • Show how using your product or service will please you.
  • Show how your product goes beyond its intended use to satisfy an emotional need.

7. Communication Channels

Contact information on some of the most effective landing pages may include a phone number, physical address, email address, and contact form. Some even have pop-up windows where a customer service agent enquires about my needs. These greatly contribute to boosting my confidence in the business and removing any obstacles in the conversion funnel.

As you add contact details to your landing page, bear the following in mind:
  • Give some reassurance that your business is legitimate. include a phone number and a physical address.
  • Pop-up live chat features can be useful. The use of live chat is debatable. Do your research if you must use one.

8. A Guarantee

Customers adore promises. No matter what it is or how it is presented, a guarantee can reassure visitors while they are on your landing page. The word itself increases the chance of a conversion.

Consider the following as you design one for your landing page:
  • There are numerous types of guarantees. Select a guarantee type that is appropriate for the nature of your business.
  • You can offer a different kind of guarantee in the absence of any explicit product guarantees, for example, "100% No Spam Guarantee.
  • Your guarantee statement should be placed close to the CTA. This proximity will give the potential customer one last assurance and make them more likely to convert.

9. An Activating Call to Action

This is the most crucial component to make a landing page that converts well: the call to action. Your call to action is more crucial than any other component mentioned in this article. Because of this, the remainder of the page's content is intended to draw attention to this element.

A few CTA necessities are:
  • Gain prominence. In general, bigger is always better.
  • Make sure your copy is engaging. The CTA itself is the most important piece of copy on your landing page.
  • Employ a button. The CTA has been conditioned to be perceived as a button. Don't try to use anything other than a button to push back years of anticipation.
  • Use a color that stands out. Your company, your website's landing page, your style guide, and your designers all have favorite colors. Your landing page's color scheme is present.

  Any industry's best landing pages frequently convert visitors at a rate that is double or triple that of the sector as a whole. If your landing page has an average conversion rate and you're using PPC advertising to generate these leads, you might be paying nearly three times as much for each lead as a rival. You are undoubtedly at a significant strategic disadvantage as a result. However, there is a bright side. The companies in your niche that operate high-converting landing pages didn't develop those landing pages by accident. They have undoubtedly used careful testing to gradually increase the conversion rates of their landing pages.

What are some examples of high-converting landing pages?

Wall Street Journal: The headline is consistent with the ad copy.
Constant Contact: Simple, Clear Supporting Headlines.
Acxiom: Perfect Grammar


What are the three elements of the conversion path for a landing page?

Create leads from website visitors.
Turn Prospects Into Clients.
Convert clients into devoted clients.

How do I create a landing page? What app can I use?

A whisk is a fantastic tool for quickly and effectively creating landing pages. The app features an incredibly useful live preview and supports HTML, PHP, CSS, and JavaScript.


What is a landing page for conversions?

Your landing page conversion rate reveals the proportion of visitors to your page who followed your call to action.

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